Maternal health gets the eye of urban music

Piksy,BGM to perform for maternal health.

The fight for a better maternal health situation for Malawians has not escaped the eye of urban musicians who have also decided to take a part in the good cause.

Bossaro Music Group (BMG) will on September 23 take a giant leap in its bid to contribute positively to the society with Legends Party at Blue Elephant in Blantyre to support maternal health in the country.

This is according to BMG manager Amos Mngoli who said part of the proceeds will go towards a newly established organisation called Improved Midwifery Care Access Initiative (IMCAI).

Mngoli further said artists in Malawi should play a role in changing the society from negative to positive.

He said some of the artists who will perform at Blue Elephant are BMG, Hyphen, Blak Jak, Barry Uno and Piksy.

“We just want to play our role and appeal to Malawians to have interest in what is happening around them. Safe motherhood is one of the areas that we are focusing on and I am glad that IMCAI decided to collaborate with us so that together we can make our society better,” said Mngoli.

Reacting to the development IMCAI Executive Director Dan Kawaye, said he he was very thankful that BMG has organized that event in support of maternal health.

He further added that injustice when it comes to quality maternity care access motivated him to establish IMCAI.

“When an expectant mother fail to access quality maternity care services due to the geographical location, that’s injustice. When she fails to access quality maternity care due to status and education that is injustice. And when an adolescent fails to receive special maternity care that is injustice,” Kawaye said.

He further said the aim of the organisation is to increase access to quality sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health services through midwifery to help end preventable maternal deaths.

Furthermore, Kawaye said they want to help to address the inequalities in health outcomes and quality maternity care access especially for rural communities and says they want to empower women by enabling them to make healthy and informed choices.

Acknowledging the challenges midwives face, Kawaye said IMCAI would also wish to support and motivate midwives to provide the high quality maternity services.

He continued by saying the duty to achieve the health goals does is not for government only but individuals, companies, non-governmental organisations, artists, local and church leaders have a part to play to complement the government efforts.


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