Stitch Fray speaks out on being a chameleon


He has been changing colours and this has confused some of his fans, now the musician has come out to comment on his chameleon-like traits.

Musician cum producer Stitch Fray has come clean on his music speciality following speculations on his possible switch to Afro pop from Reggae Dancehall.

Stitch Fray
Stitch Fray: Am a Reggae/Dancehall and Afro pop artist just like 2face.

There has been confusion on his fans as to what type of music they should identify him with.

The Blantyre based artist is known as a Reggae Dancehall artist despite releasing a couple of Afro pop songs lately.

In an interview with Malawi24, the former Trap Squad member said he would rather be identified by both genres just like other international musicians.

“Am a Reggae/Dancehall and Afro pop artist just like 2face, Patoranking, stonebwoy, kiss Daniel and many,” he said

Meanwhile, the former Trap Squad member is basking in the glory of Afro pop sounds with his two songs, Zoti Ndimakukonda and Wamupeza proving too hard to silence.

In the past years he was equally noisy with his Reggae Dancehall vibes, Ndinalota and Wa Minibus. People have argued that he is good in the aforementioned types of music despite confusing them.

One of his fans, Chinsisi Matemba from Blantyre emphasised on the need for artists to be flexible with genres.

“In this era musicians should not confine themselves to a particular genre. Its about doing music that is trending as long as one can manage, to remain hot on the market,” said Matemba

Stitch Fray, real name Steven Chibwanzi is not the only musician embracing more styles of music. Another renowned musician Tay Grin is also an expert in genre-switching.

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