Phewa dance pioneer coy on future


Musician Robin Hau has opted out of self judgement as his musical path keeps getting brighter.

Robin Hau
Robin Hau: My fans can judge my music.

The rapper who is known for a song tittled Phewa Dance said

With the song in question enjoying airplay, his feeling about his music career progress has been much sought after.

“I’ll let my fans decide that since they have power to judge,” said Hau.

However, he said this does not signal pessimism on his part as a musician.

He believes the variety that enriches his music is enough a dose for overcoming boredom.

“There is variety in my work in terms of lyrical content and production. Some of the projects are deep and full of emotion with an easy on ears type of beats.”

When asked about people’s response to Phewa dance, he said it is quite promising although he called for more support from Malawians.

The 25 year old has recently dropped a track called “party tonight”. Having worked with some of the country’s big guns in the industry like the Daredevils and Yesaya, he is confident on dropping more good music.

“This year I have released my first single titled Wa Ine, and my fans should expect more great vibes from their boy.”