Jealousy consumes man


…⁠⁠⁠he set himself on fire after seeing wife dancing with other men

A 35 year old man who was mentally challenged has died after setting himself on fire.

The man did this after noticing that his wife was dancing with other men at an Initiation ceremony in Mangochi district.

Mangochi police deputy spokesperson Amina Daudi has identified the man as Maganizo Wilson of Tikhiwa village, Traditional Authority Njema in Mulanje.

Daudi said that the deceased was staying together with his wife at Malamia village, Traditional Authority Makanjira in Mangochi and on the night of September 17, 2017 he started fighting with his wife whilst accusing her that she was dancing indecently with other men at the initiation ceremony (chinamwali) which took place in the village.

“The matter got out of hand and the deceased went to report to the Group village Headman Malamia who settled the matter and united them,” Daudi said.

“Surprisingly the next morning the deceased went to buy petrol and set himself on fire.”

The Police rushed to the scene after being informed and took him to Makanjira Health centre where he was referred to Mangochi District Hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

Postmortem conducted at the same hospital revealed that death was due to severe burn wounds.



  1. yuo write and i quote amentally challenged man” end of quote, so why are you concluding that he has set himself on fire becoz of jelousy and not his mental problems

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  3. I would have called him stupid;but I understand he had mental problems,hence I prefer calling him a victim of circumstances.

  4. just to collect you, its not jealousy can you accept your wife to be doing that with other men or accepting her to be holding with other?. you don’t know what jealousy is I should say so.

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