Malawi’s upside down flag at UN causes social media storm

Malawi Flag UN

A purported Malawian flag at the United Nations headquarters in New York has become the centre of social media talk.

Malawi Flag UNMalawian netizens have since made a meal out of the flag which is hoisted upside down at the world stage at which President Peter Mutharika is currently for the UN General Assembly.

Commentators have mostly said that the flag being hoisted upside down is just symbolic of the state of things in the country.

However, some quarters have dismissed the poetic justice talk and have insisted that it is just a human error that led to the flag being held upside down and Malawians should stop reading too much into the error.

Other quarters still have dismissed the upside down flag as ‘fake news’, generated through image manipulation.

241 thoughts on “Malawi’s upside down flag at UN causes social media storm

  1. Of course, the real issue is – why is Malawi in the UN? The UN is a satanic organisation, the embryo of the one world government as foretold in the Bible.

  2. Lack of patriotism will make y’all misunderstand this issues. This is the highest form of disrespect! You would know if you knew who puts national flags on poles and why do they fly high.

  3. Every thing here in Malawi is UPSIDE DOOWN.
    Be it Education, Economy, Development, Democracy, Politics, Business, Security, Health etc
    So the UN is trying to tell the Malawi Nation the Truth in a POLITE way.
    What is UPRIGHT here is CASHGATE and KORA AKA SONO.

  4. This is a sign of showing that u have given this country to foreigners who doesn’t know about their own system what a shame


  6. NOT WORTH NEWS…LETS DISCUSS MAJOR ISSUES HERE.. We understand in China they want to restrict all cars which use fuel replacing thenm with electric cars now instead of thinking kuti kunoko ndimagetsi ake amenewa titani kuti tisazavutike ndi galimoto zi we are here discussing about flag z opanda ndi mchere omwe….a flag doesn’t speak

  7. This author of the article surprises me a lot. I don’t see an issue here to raise an alarm. Mistakes are all over the world and are not of great concern. We have issues in this country worth publication for the development of our country but our cheap journalists are interested in issues that have no impact to this country and the world at large. No matter the flag was upside down still it represents Malawi. How did he he recognize it as Malawi’s Flag?

    I am very sorry for this author I hope school hasn’t done any good to him. We want pertinent issues and not issues of no significance to the nation. Even you Malawi 24, what do you think Malawi will benefit from this article? I am disappointed with you. Be resourceful so that you should publish articles that will change peoples’ mind.

    1. This is news. Anywhere in the world it would have been terrible news. You are so pathetic indeed….This is news. A flag of Malawi was raise upsiden-down….The sun was no longer rising….that is news. Malawi flas tiptoed….thats news my brother/………..wa DPP iwe eti.,..?

  8. That would ironically mean that things in Malawi are upside down. So never make it a mistake to think that it is a mistake because this is not the first time Malawi has participated in international conferences and UNGA in particular.

  9. Though things may seem to be upside down as some are trying to make us believe, I refuse to be included in such sayings. My mind is right, I walk upright and everything around me is upright not upside down. Don’t tell me my thinking capacity is shallow that I don’t know what they are trying to mean. The message to take home should be : people, animals, cars, tress and whatever you may name are upright kkk

  10. Yah! The sun is no longer rising but setting in Malawi symbolising how dark the country has become. Corruption from top to bottom, left, right and center.

  11. How can a national flag be hoisted upside down? If it realy happened,then malawi should investigate the reasons behind this.why malawi’s flag only?

  12. Soon this country will no longer have that flag anywhere coz everything is turning from bad to worse look at the poor currency which still dwindles the prosperity of life

  13. Eish, this is not good at all, any it even happens anywhere

  14. Everything in the country is topsy turvy. Are you surprised any way? Look at Jean Kalirani welcoming APM in New York. She is in full DPP attire. Jean Kalilani is DPP even in her DNA.

  15. U news reporters learn how to write positive stories about ur country. UN IS LIKE A lion without teeth, it can roar but it cant bite. Many people are suffering world wide but UN Keeps on a blind eye. How long will people continue to suffer under UN?

  16. Mbola man,such kind of things wouldn’t have happened had it ben we were in kamuzus era,malawi yapotoka,bad governance,kuzondoka kwa all manifest Kutu leadership ndioyozondokanso..apanga dala kut ma citizen tizipsa mtima..dpp yazondoka..kkk

  17. I see nothing wrong here let us be positive about our beautiful country…..this I suppose is due to lack of knowledge by those flying the flag. This shouldn’t be an issue at all and I hope they are sorting it out so soon.

  18. Even it goes up side down . she is my country . It’s me to make it up right. (Zivute zitani) untied we are, we Malawian she is warm heart of Africa and beautiful home. Next year I will go home to eat my usipa and konkhowoli.

  19. Hahahahaha! This only reflect on how we do our things here in Malawi. Just imagine those people who work at our embassy in UN dont know how our flag looks like. Job opportunities are not on merit but according to who is at our side politically, shame!

  20. What a coincidence!!! Perhaps te audiences in the meeting should not listen to a 100 paragraph speech of Muthalika but rather humbly and honorably come out of the UN building and see the flag. Thats exact reflection of our country Malawi.

    Wait a minute, maybe its a ritual ceremony of his(president)

  21. hahahaaa don’t make me laugh….actually thats how exactly things are being run in Malawi..atlist that tells us that going to parastatals and force them to fund party functions when the parastatals can’t even repair a water pipe line is running government upside down. in other words….. “backwards” some say its a mistek? Mayb the country is run by mistek. I hope Mr president will set a Commission of Inquiriy

  22. ts quite shocking 2 our nation coz evn do dngz r nt upright bt UNGA ppo must rspect de Malawi’s citizens.UNGA z conveying bad message 2 de world about MW.

  23. i got a reason; its because they never include us in UN..,lets turn it upright they ‘ll soon include our nation. but this upright setting should start from our country Malawi!…….,i Malawi the warm of Africa

  24. It’s jus amedia set dus na such thing da flag canna only go one direction don’t make it an issue mine your kids need uniform instead for buying data bundles

  25. Flag must be respected every where vc is total mistake its like our nation too have the same image……. too bad for us…..zosakhala bhoo

  26. Surely it’s an insult, it’s not a mistake we can not Lough at ourself because God does not look us down, may this big shame reversed to them times 7

  27. Nothing Strange Pamenepa Likewise Kuno Ku Malawi We R Already In Upseted Stuation,azingobwerako Akungoononga Mitsonkho Ya Amalawi Za Zii Instead Of Transforming His Country Into A Good Image Not As It Is Of Now.

  28. The problem with our journalist is that they do not ask the relevant authorities to confirm the story before publishing it,the picture is fake because the flags are arranged in an alphabetical order from Albania to Zimbabwe,secondly, the picture was taken last year

    1. @ gonani,it looks like u know much of these issues on how frags r being arranged in new york,but my point is,it may look like u r contradictin urself,over the information u r tryin to give us here,firstly u r sayin the pic is fake,secondly u r also sayin the pic ws taken last year,so which is which

    2. …l dnt think the same pic which is fake can also at another time became real,in the sense that,was taken last year,infact how do you know it was taken last year

  29. ndibodza limeneli anthu kufunila dziko lanu lomwe minyama ana asatana!!! Maflag amakhalapo nthawi zonse kuli msokhano !!!!olo kulibe

    1. Were doing fine my bro;was in south@frica last week but its unfortunate that we stayed almost the whole without electricity,,,but here I don’t think we have ever experienced such situation,,we shouldn’t put blame on our leaders but we’re to work hard

    2. Jacob Matomola how can we work hard while some are there buzy pulling down???wat they care most is to misuse our taxes buzy divert our money into their pockets.Do u think if they are doing best???

    3. My bro lets pray hard to almighty God that we elect a good leader because since Democracy there have been massive destruction of resources

  30. The message is clear. That’s exactly how Malawi is right now, upside down. I have a bottle of coke for the erector for the job well executed.

  31. Where is our ambassador at UN? This error could be sorted out by our embassy officials before the opening of UN general assembly.
    It is a minor problem, but our seriousness is required.

  32. We all can see it’s a mare mistake but stupid media just making a meal out it because they want to get attention thy don’t deserve

    1. Mistake do happen guys you think those people got agenda with our country off all the rotten countries in Africa? Just that our country Malawi is is in a bad state I don’t rule out personal vadata though

    1. Am sure most of the replies here r cming frm thoz of us aged btween 20-35yrs.this z a clear indication kut achinyamata sizikuenda nt bcoz we dnt try bt we were born n a coutry whre we r nt gven reasons 2b partriotic hence”every man for himself”z a strategy we go by.Shameful..MW z dry to most however the flag z positioned whereva it is means nothing cz even f t wz put uprght initially stil our own tax monies wud b given as allowances to malawian attendees.Who cares

    1. Flag upside down not an issue? This country has no patriots indeed. This is mockery of our country. But my guess this is just a mistake

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