Ex-MYPs threaten to move vigils to Capital Hill


Former Malawi Young Pioneers (MYPs) have disclosed that they will start holding their vigils at Capital Hill to force government to pay them arrears and gratuities.

Young pioneers will hold vigils at Capital Hill

This follows government’s delay to settle the money it owes the ex-MYP officers who have been holding vigils at Memorial Tower in capital city Lilongwe for the past five weeks.

Representative of the former MYP officers Franco Chilemba disclosed that they are to hold vigils at government offices in Lilongwe.

Chilemba added that they have lost hope now following government’s failure to start paying them on 16 August as promised hence the decision of vigils at Capital Hill.

“There is no sign that people are to get the money and we are waiting for Monday to see if people are to get the money through their bank accounts. If there is no money on Tuesday they should expect that ex-MYPs are to gather at Capital Hill,” said Chilemba.

Government owes ex-MYPs over K1 billion in arrears and gratuities following Operation Bwezani that witnessed the grouping being dissolved.

Human rights campaigners have been backing the former MYP members arguing they suffered during Operation Bwezani.


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  1. Koma inu musatinyase apa! mwaiwala zoti mumazunza anzanu? Kapena mukufuna tiyambe kukuzengani milandu?

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