Judiciary staff to report govt over police assault

Judiciary Malawi

Support staff for the Judiciary in Malawi have disclosed that they are to drag government to International Labour Organization (ILO) for directing police officers to block the Judiciary workers’ sit-in.

Government over a week ago directed police officers to block the industrial action by raiding court premises across Malawi and evicting the court workers.

Judiciary Malawi
Police raiding court premises in Blantyre

Further reports revealed that police assaulted female staff as they tried to disperse the striking workers who blocked court entrances for over three weeks.

The harassment angered the workers who disclosed that they are to drag government to the labour organisation for using the police to intimidate them.

Spokesperson for the support staff Andy Hariwa disclosed that they have advised their lawyer to file a case at ILO.

“Judiciary members of staff believe in the rule of law, now we feel that the executive arm’s stand in this whole issue is outside the context of the law considering that it was just an industrial action how could they bring in the police,” he said.

Judiciary support staff who include drivers, interpreters and court clerks downed tools to force government to start paying them house allowances just like magistrates, Judges and other senior officers.

The strike witnessed the justice system being crippled for close to a month in the country.



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