Sex workers to hold demos

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Sex workers in Malawi have threatened to organise protests to speak out against the abuse they face.

National Coordinator of Sex Workers Association of Malawi (SWAM) Zinenani Majawa said at a sex workers interface meeting held in Salima district last weekend that the sex workers will organise a protest if they continue to face abuse at the hands of law enforcers and health service providers.

Sex workers threatens to stage demos.

Majawa called for protection of their rights, claiming a majority of the group is still facing a lot of abuse from various sectors of the society.

She said it is worrisome that the sex workers continue to face a lot of abuse and discrimination and when they seek help from police and hospitals they are just exposed and have no privacy.

“In two weeks’ time we have arranged a meeting with police and the ministry of health to present our complaints and if we are not assisted after that, we will hold demonstrations across the country” she said.

Centre for Human Rights District Coordinator for Salima, Macc Issa said his office received a lot of complaints from sex workers alleging abuse by police officers and medical practitioners.

He therefore asked Salima District Hospital and the police to investigate the matter instead of ignoring the complaints.