18 Malawians to study in UK


Eighteen Malawians have been awarded UK-funded Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships to study at universities in United Kingdom.

Speaking during a pre-departure briefing on Tuesday at British High Commission, Director of the British Council in Malawi Reena Johl congratulated the scholars on their selection for the awards.

Malawians to study at universities in United Kingdom.

“I am personally delighted to see the geographical spread of the universities and institutions you have selected – Scotland, Wales and the north, south and Midlands of England are all represented as well as London. As such you will truly get to experience the diversity, creativity and innovation which the UK has to offer,” said Johl.

She added that the awarding of scholarships to 18 Malawians this year demonstrates the quality of the applications Malawians made.

“We know that over 400 Malawians have been awarded Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships since the early 1970’s and have undertaken post-graduate studies in the UK,” Johl added.

She encouraged the scholars to learn the opportunities that abound in the UK like travelling, making friends and doing business apart from obtaining academic and professional qualifications while in the UK.

The eighteen Malawians will study programmes such as epidemiology, molecular medicine, international and rural development, renewable energy, forestry management and anthropology.

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) was initiated by Act of UK Parliament in 1959.

The objectives of CSFP are to provide opportunities for commonwealth students to pursue advanced academic study in other countries.