Bullets fined yet again: ‘Juju practice’ in Malawi’s football

Bullets FC Malawi Football

…fan gets season long ban

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) is not joking anymore. In a quest to bring sanity to the game of football, the FA has fined Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club and banned one of its supporters, Malawi24can report.

According to a press statement which Malawi24 has seen, the team has been fined for misconduct during their Carlsberg Cup match against Cobbe Barracks at Balaka Stadium on 13th August 2017.

The FA says Bullets were found guilty of failing to take precautionary measures to control their supporter Lyton Thobo Kabuwaza who bullied Cobbe Barracks players when he poured liquid substances on them – in an apparent practice of ‘juju’ during half time.

Bullets FC Malawi Football
Juju believers

The FA’s Competitions Sub Committee also says that Bullets’ Supporters Committee aided Kabuwaza to escape arrest at the stadium.
Bullets have since been fined K500,000 which is to be paid before the team’s next fixture.

Kabuwaza whose conduct according to the statement is contrary to article 24.12 of the Rules and Regulations of the Carlsberg Cup has been banned for the rest of the 2017/18 season from taking part in any football related activities.

As part of the ruling, Bullets have been urged to see to it that the ban imposed on Kabuwaza is adhered to.

Bullets and Kabuwaza have 48 hours to appeal at a fee of K500,000.
Bullets won the match 1-0 with Kondwani Kumwenda on target for the Blantyre based side.

Recently, the FA also fined Bullets in line with incidents that happened during the team’s Carlsberg Cup Round of 16 match against Kamuzu Barracks.



  1. Zopusa basi mukuwona ngati mpira umayendera mankhwala? Nanga bwanji timu ya Malawi simawina?

  2. Kodi mmesa a Tobo muli ndi nkhani yinanso yoba malatata pa Stadium and you have not been coming to the ground for fear of the arrest?

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