Lilongwe based thieves who terrorised Mzuzu netted


Police in Mzuzu have arrested criminals from Lilongwe who terrorised Mzuzu for months and stole items worth millions of Kwacha.

According to Mzuzu Police public relations officer Martin Bwanali, the two thugs were arrested on Tuesday.

He identified the criminals as Charles Banda, 28, and Patrick Monjeza aged 31 who stole items worth over K4 million.

Stolen items.

Bwanali said the criminals were involved in a spate of robberies that rocked Mzuzu City for the last few months.

“Between May and July 2017 they targeted dwelling houses and cars outside different shops in the City of Mzuzu where they stole ten laptops and two plasma televisions all valued at over 4 million kwacha,” said Bwanali.

Following their arrest, the two suspects who were commuting from Lilongwe to Mzuzu to steal led police detectives to Lilongwe to places where they sold the stolen property.

The items were recovered and some people who bought the items were also arrested.

The criminals will appear in court as soon as full court operations resume to answer charges of burglary and theft while three other people will answer the charge of receiving stolen property.



  1. The fact that Mzuzu police managed to capture them and Lilongwe didn’t is an indication that they have very good relationship and connections with some Lilongwe police officers

  2. I had a chat with a friend the other day 2016 on recent spate of burglary n theft in mzuzu city. A thing which this city is not associated with.

    My friend reasoned: “these are thieves who have just come from elsewhere… not our sons here”. And I agree with him now

  3. Thank u police, may be they r those that stole K5 million from my sister in- law’s car. Thank u Malawi police you deserve a 21 gun sulite, may GOD BLESS you all ance again I thankyou.

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  5. we will soon hear on 15th October that the head of state had pardoned hundreds of prisoners as part of commorating mothers day.some of them among those one’s

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