Performing Arts – a way of developing girls’ self-esteem


Performing arts can help in developing girls’ self-esteem and performance in school, a Mulanje based local Non-governmental Organization has revealed.

The organization Othakarhaka Foundation made the revelation recently during the graduation of 42 young girls from a weeklong girls arts empowerment camp aimed at boosting the girls’ ability to stand against challenges in life.

Idah Puliwa
Puliwa says arts are essential to the girls.

Speaking during the event, Managing Director and Founder for Othakarhaka Idah Puliwa said through arts such as music, poetry, short story writing and dancing the girls are able to discover their true capabilities and are able to express themselves thereby being able to stand up for themselves in time of oppression.

“A girl child who is able to stand in public and perform may be better placed to stand firmly against male chauvinism and all forms of violations against her rights than the dormant one, that is why we are encouraging the girls to be active in arts and show their creativity,” explained Puliwa.

She added that apart from boosting their morale, the girls may also be able to discover their hidden talents.

Among other things Othakarhaka assists over 50 needy boys and girls from  in their education needs.

One of the girls who took part in the camp Zikomo Kamwana said through the initiative she has attained valuable lessons that will keep her strong in school.

According to Kamwana who is 16 years old, many are the times when boys in her school try to make girls feel inferior in class, a thing she said leads to poor performance among girls, but with the lessons she has acquired from the camp she will be able to stand all the depression that comes with such torments.

“I have learnt that whenever something is troubling me I can release my anguish through singing or writing, and really this has proved to work with me,” she added.

During the event, renowned Gospel Musician Ethel Kamwendo Banda encouraged the girls to work hard in school and ensure that they rise above their poverty through good performances in class.

Othakarhaka Foundation is an education focused local NGO, currently implementing agricultural, agroforestry, education bursary and tailoring school programs.




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