Miss Blantyre counts her achievements

Miss Blantyre

Miss Blantyre Hannah Mhone has shared her success as her term of office edges towards exhaustion.

The City queen smilingly spoke about her indelible achievements last week. This was in response to a million dollar question posed by Malawi24 on what she will live to cite as her achievements once her term expires.

According to the city queen, she can flood chapters and chapters with her achievements during her period of service. But there is always one contribution she feels is outstanding.

Miss Blantyre
Mhone(middle) thanks BCC for it’s support.

Hannah feels proud to say she has put Miss Blantyre beauty pageant on the map. She stresses, her involvement has given a great deal of weight to the project thus it is now recognised countrywide.

“What I’ve achieved so far is putting Miss Blantyre on the map, there are a lot of people who had no idea that there is a beauty pageant called Miss Blantyre but because of the places, events, functions I’ve been to and attended have made it possible for Miss Blantyre to be known to most people,” she said

She on the other hand acknowledged efforts made by stakeholders in helping her achieve her objectives.

Blantyre city has been given credit for allowing her to work with its Mayor, his Lordship Wild Ndipo. In a number of initiatives which Miss Blantyre carried out, the Mayor had his input.

Mhone most notably worked with the Mayor on a sanitation exercise at Limbe market, where they swept.

The city assembly has been supporting Miss Blantyre projects, making its operations run smooth. During Noel Chalamanda’s era, the council also worked hand in hand with Miss Blantyre in a campaign aimed at keeping the city clean.

This year’s beauty contest is just around the corner as auditions were conducted last Saturday. The date as to when Hannah Mhone will surrender her crown in another colourful ceremony, will be communicated in due course.

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