Man steals fuel


A 33-year-old man identified as Alick Majawa is being kept in custody at Balaka police for being found with 11 Jerry cans of fuel containing 20 litres of diesel each belonging to Mota Engil.

According to Balaka police spokesperson Edith Kachotsa, police received a tip that the suspect was transporting fuel to unknown destination.

Following the tip, officers on duty patrolled along Balaka – Khwisa road where they ambushed the suspect driving the motor vehicle registration number MH 3770 carrying 11 jerry cans with each can containing 20 litres of diesel.

“When interviewed the suspect alleged that he bought the fuel from Mota Engil employees who are constructing Balaka-Bilira road.

“In the course of the arrest, Majawa also tried to bribe the officers with K30, 000 cash in order to be released,” Kachotsa said.

Meanwhile, officials from Mota Engil have identified the fuel and investigations are still in progress to arrest the alleged employees.

The suspect will appear in court to answer the cases of theft and bribery.

Alick Majawa hails from Mponda village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka District.




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