APM congratulates Kenyatta, Kagame


President Peter Mutharika has led Malawians in congratulating Uhuru Kenyatta and Paul Kagame who have been re-elected as presidents of Kenya and Rwanda respectively.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Mutharika hailed the maturity shown by people of Kenya and Rwanda during elections in the two countries.

Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru congratulated.

“On behalf of our great Republic, I extend our hearty congratulations to Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Paul Kagame of Rwanda for their re-election to the high office over the past two weeks,” he said

Mutharika also commended people in the two countries for taking part in the whole process both as candidates and voters. The Malawi leader said Africa should value democracy during elections.

“Our satisfaction as a continent comes when democracy is enriched in the will of the people through democratic and legal means such as elections,” he said.

Malawi’s first citizen then called on Africans to pray for continued unity among political leaders in the two countries as they forge ahead to serve their citizens.



  1. Peter,apanga zitukuko zambiri monga chaponda kuba ndalama komaso akufuna kumanga joce banda ,anamangatso kasambala ndi lutepo

  2. Bird of the same feathers flocked together through E – hacked results. Where there are corrupt rulers , the subjects bear the risk. I don’t even talk about Rwanda 3rd term after he will still seek forth term because they have no other credible candidate and the seat of president is now a birthright to kagame that’s why the people refuse to use or try other brains. Africa.

  3. U think A P M can loose forget about it guys he has already win the election through N I D deal you will believe me just wait and see

  4. Both Paul kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta developed their countries unlike Peter muntharika.. Paul kagame lifted Rwanda from poverty to prosperity unlike Malawi we are still living in 16th century..Kamuzu said to be educated it’s not only going in class but also traveling. Muziyenda kuti muzikaona agalu amichombo.

  5. Osatengako zitsanzo zomwe azanu apanga dziko mwao, panopa dziko LA Rwanda ndi Kenya ndi maiko onyaditsa osati mbwerera mukupanga inuyo Ku Malawi.. Rwanda yatukuka pakanthawi kochepa ndipo Kenya ndi dziko lotukuka Ku east Africa..

  6. Akhalira yomwe yoyamikila azakeyo koma asaganize kuti 2019 ena adzamuyamikilako akunama kulamulira kwake kumeneku? Sindili kuona chitukuko chili chonse chomwe chabwela ndi iyeyu

    • Those president developed their countries unlike Peter muntharika, kagame lift millions lives of Rwandans from provety to prosperity and again Uhuru Kenyatta built biggest railway and highways in Kenya… You can’t compare Uhuru Kenyatta and Paul kagame with sick Peter muntharika ..

    • Idiots like you that’s why Malawi will never developed.. people in other countries they do chose president because what he/she has do done or what he/she is going to do.. Not just because he is coming from same place with me ,komaika photo ya graduation ngati zenizeni Ali manya okhaokha.

    • This young Man calling by himself J Kay Luciano is doing cheap and social media politics. Go on the ground, politics is not what you think. You have to understand African politics in real views and don’t panic as others comment their opinions. Who chose Uhuru in Kenya? Who chose Museven in Uganda? Who chose Mugabe in Zimbabwe? And who chose Magufuri in Tanzania? If not all these mentioned presidents rigged the Elections! Get matured in politics don’t be like your fucken former mama President Joyce Banda who just stayed half a term on power. Get your eyes open and see the direction of African politics.

    • #MichealZuze simple Question, can you compare developments both Uhuru Kenyatta and Paul kagame done respectively in their countries with Peter muntharika? Simple Question without abusing somebody ,patiently waiting for the answer sir..