PAC meets Chakwera


Public Affairs Committee (PAC) met Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera in a meeting where future elections featured highly.

Of utmost importance to the two parties was a discussion on the implementation of 50+1 percent system of electing a president.


PAC meeting Chakwera,

At the meeting, PAC Chairperson Dr Felix Chingota and Chakwera also discussed issues surrounding Local Government Act (LGA) reforms.

In his remarks, Chingota said the country would like to see 50+1 implemented since it will allow Malawians to have a leader chosen by the majority of voters.

Chingota added that the religious body would like to see implementation of Local Government Act reforms which among other recommendations would see removal of Members of Parliament’s voting power at council level.

In his response, Dr Chakwera said MCP is in full support of LGA reforms because MCP’s goal is to see a functional local government that serves people even if it means that MPs will lose some privileges they have at council level.

On Implementation of 50+1, Chakwera said MCP has always been in favour of 50+1 voting system and this has been said many times in the August House.

He said he is in agreement with those who say that the country has to be led by a leader who is voted by the majority not just a small number of people.

The 50+1 system of electing a president provides that the winner should get over 50 percent of the total votes and that a run-off be held in a situation where there is no winner.

The Malawi Law Commission adopted the use of the system and recommended that laws on electing the president be changed to allow for the implementation of the 50+1 system.


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