By August 11, 2017

An audit inspection of the financial records of the Office of the Vice President has revealed K196 million cashgate at the Office of the Malawi Vice President, Saulos Chilima.

“An examination of payment vouchers and their supporting documents revealed that management processed and passed for payment vouchers totaling K45,567,098.03 without supporting documents” reads a report compiled by the Auditor General, Stephenson Kamphasa, that has been submitted to Parliament.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima: Millions untraced at his office

According to the Auditor General, the auditors could not ascertain the validity of the expenditure at the office of the vice president in the absence of the supporting documents.

In addition, the Office of the Vice President ignored Procurement procedures as set out under the Public Procurement Act that, among other things, requires that procurement of goods and services to be authorized by the Internal Procurement Committee (IPC) and also requires at least three competitive quotations from different suppliers.

“Contrary to the requirement, the Office of The Vice President procured items worth K8,053,671.22 without IPC approval and without sourcing at least three quotations”.

The audit shows that fuel amounting K83.5 million was unaccounted for at the Veep’s office; and that over K55.9 million of funds had been misallocated.

“The audit review disclosed that K55,862,648.36 was misallocated and utilised on transactions not related to relevant sub-items in the budget. There was no evidence that Treasury authority was obtained to vire the funds” reveals the Auditor General.

The total of funds that were paid without clear documentations at Chilima’s office amount to K196 million


  1. Was that part of REFORM?

  2. Eeeeish koma mbaba izi guyz mmmmhhh ayi mwaonjezano machende anu mwamva!!! Chomchi boma lingakhale ndi ndalama economy nkubwelera nchimake

  3. khamolera banda says:

    iyayi sanabe ameneyi,yaChaponda ena amalesanso lero ndiizo,munthu ameneyo mbiri yake siyandale or pang,ono koma munamutengabe,chomwe chimakulimbisan mtimacho muchigwira tsopano,mumamuchemerera kut ndioziwa zamacomputer uyu,tamuuzen asokoneze imformation ya Auditer yo,mukanafasa kae sanamalizetu uyu,akusungira mpamba wake,wachita bwino ndmalipiro ake amenewo coz anasiyisidwa ntchito yomwe amalandira ndalama zambirimbiri ,analimba mtima bwanj’? follow him well

  4. Tiyeni tikalembese za umzika kkkkkk

  5. Xiko la mlw silixapita pasogolo

  6. Zinalakwika poyamba democracy izi. Approach.

  7. Boma liziba zabwino kwambili, anthuwa mchimodzimodzi

  8. zoona kuwala kumadana ndi ku unika chilima. sangapange zimenezo ai asamulakwile. zadale. majibozi

  9. Sivuto mumayang’ana mtundu chipembedzo komanso kochokera

  10. Malawi is knwn by corruption everyday cashgate news

  11. Zawo nzimodzi awaa akudxiwana

  12. Soon Malawi will be declared as a Failed Nation…believe that

  13. Kkkkkkkkkk……….wabwinowabwino ndani???? Black missionaries siging

  14. Hahaha!!its unbelievable how come Mr Chilima the one was my favourite fan,which means all politicians are corrupt we betta not trust them looks to de new blood who are not Politicians,otherwise corruption will not end in Malawi

  15. Bon Njez says:

    Zmalizdwemo bas osafooka

  16. Only?? Awa! Ma Change Amenewo

  17. Only?? Awa! Ma Change Amenewo

  18. Nyamakumutu says:

    So what we know what you want to tell us. But that will not help you just put the records straight.

  19. OK!!!! So what now!

  20. Then who is good? Who should we trust? Aren’t you ashamed when Malawi is ranked in the top ten of the poorest countries of the world??

  21. Musiyeni chilima.musayimupitsire mbiri. I doubt if chilima can do this.just politics basi.this cash gate started with dpp long way back.chipako chongopakana basi.

    We need New blood basi mwina zinthu nkusintha.all those long stayed politician’s need to be evacuated.basi.and restart this nation as to old days of kamuzu.

    Kodi inu ma graduates aku chancol munapanga political science can’t you join and try to campaign?we need a change.

  22. What goes around comes around

  23. What about at Office of President?

  24. Malawian people crasted pipo, poor pipo&we are still doing thingst that leads to decrease the develpment of ths country malawi Plz God Help

  25. Thus Why U Ledt A Twelve Million Saraly Airtel Job To Come And Steal Ur Taxpayers Money Eti!

  26. Kodi umbavawu koma udzatha???? Titani kodi ndi atsogolere osakhulupilikawa??

  27. Dont forget Lucias Banda sang a song Said : MCP pochoka dziko muno idama ndalama .UDF did the same .PPM did the same .DPP did nso de same .so which is a good chipan chingazabwere osaba ndalama zathu zamisonkho mmalawi muno eee ?

  28. Guys hw many politicians were steal malawian money ? And those pipo whr thy r nw ? Wat i knw z this is our culture to stealing malawian money .Our government they r doing nothing .

  29. Ohooo, ndamva nanga big bwanji?

  30. Asernal Home ground

  31. Ndiye malawi ndikumudziwa ine sazalongosoka kumati dziko la nkaka ndi uchi bola nyasaland analibwino

  32. Ndiye malawi ndikumudziwa ine sazalongosoka kumati dziko la nkaka ndi uchi bola nyasaland analibwino

  33. #WARNING!!! Malawi is not a safe place 4 investment if you love your money….

  34. Yang Son says:

    Njira Yomuchosera Chilima Pawu Vice Isakhale Yimeneyi

  35. #WARNING!!! Malawi is not a safe place 4 investment if you love your money….

  36. Just becouse he comes from the central Region he has become a victim of circumstances.
    These are dirty shenanigans influenced by Chaponda who has missed his ambition of becoming the DPP presidential candidate.
    These finacial investigations if they were credible they would included the office of B. Msaka, J. Mwananveka and others.

  37. Arsenal 4 – Leicester 3

  38. mwina ndizifukwatu izi

  39. Eeeeeeeerrrr shit!!!!!!¡!!

  40. Kwa Gondwe nde kungapezeke mavuto tu mpaka trillion imene

  41. Kkkkk lies? The National Audit Office came up with those findings. They did the math.

  42. Thats Malawi we know,even donors out there knows Malawians are good at stealing, kumangokhutitsa mimba zawo zokhuta ndi ulemelero kalezo.

  43. This thug looks quite like a sheep. Am so surprised

  44. We really need new party with new leaders . We are tired of these old parties full of old corrupt leaders

  45. My suggestions; when you read the bible you would see that in those days kings were chosen by God and not the public.for example; David became king of Israel after God had chosen him.These politicians are failing because they don’t fear God!they are so rude that they can’t even seek God with their hearts but mouth!they call men of God names instead of seeking advice!

    To Malawians; we don’t fear God.even if we had a leader like moses of the bible we could still murmur.

    Let’s live a life that will please God and ask him for guidance before we tick on the ballot paper.

    Good night.

  46. ryoryoryo a cheya hoyeeee

  47. Mwatumidwa? Ipitsani mbiri ovota ndife.

    • Innoch says:

      Yes ovota ndife koma in reality we r not,coz they will purge each other coz of factional battles until their preffered candidate appears on the slate,we vote following party lines n these parties have an obligation to nominate someone who will save its interests not fight it hence our party loyalistic voting patterns deems us blind voters responsible for the dipping economy of Malawi

  48. Another thief in style

  49. Are these leaders of ours chosen by God or Satan? Why fond of stealing taxpayers money that would be used to buy meat but getting tired of eating nsima with okra. Is this realy a God fearing country ? Iam very sorry with my mother Malawi .

  50. Typing……………….

  51. tinatopa nazo zimenezo.mukuyamba dala kenakonso muzizati zalowa ndale.mukufuna zifane ndi za amama apasidya aja?

  52. Mwayambaso Kuba Bas Achilima Panyopanu Adpp

  53. Propaganda at its pick!

  54. Inu a DPP mwayamba chibwana…ngat mufuna kuchotsa chilima ingonenani osati mpaka kunamizira choncho…koma muziwe kut #ntcheu mwatilira

  55. Mwana wang’ombe amaonela make kudya

  56. If God Has Prepared Fire For Sinner Fire For Politians Must Be Special One

  57. Mukuti VP wa joina people’s party ?

  58. iiiii malawi wawola basi.

  59. Its High Time Malawi Need A New Party With New Youthful Leaders That Have The Welfare Of Their Country At Heart If United Together We Can No One Will Come Abroad And Say This Is Ur Country A Journey Starts With A Step We Are Tired Of These So Called Recycled Politicians We Need New Blood With New Names Withov This We Wil Always B Crying Now And Then Dzuka Malawi Dzuka

  60. That’s the dairy song about this govt

  61. Apa Chakula Ose Ndi Aphawi Ndi chifukwa Chake Fanz Yi Ikuba, Ine Ndikut 2019 Tikavotele Bushili Bax, Chifukwa Ali Ndi Chuma Kale Sangalimbane Ndikuba Ayi, Koma Chitukuko, Galamukani Amalawii

  62. Akubelatu akadzachoka asiye mulibe ndalama

  63. Hmm za boza, akufuna VP. Akhale ofanana ma records ndi chaponda; kumuyipisira mbiri.

  64. Offce yake whether its him or nt, he is the incharge of that offc

  65. Tabwelani muzaphunzile kuyendetsa boma from the arabs of UAE or the kingdom Saudi ask them if there is corruption in gulf region

  66. why cash gate is a song of the day in Malawi?

  67. Kusiya ganyu wabwino braz kuthamangira njuga kkkkk ndale ndi dirty game ukadya then patsogolo umasamzaso lero izi

  68. Those who are better in english gona analys the word “Inspection”what does it mean.Give us clear report after inspection not this one.

  69. Malawians dont understand their brains.

  70. Good work…..but do the same with state House…. Tionenso


  72. Bodza la nkunkhuniza..

  73. Witch hunt I guess nothing else.

  74. Ndi chilima amweyo adayika malawi pamoto kupusa udzaba mpaka liti mavot ube ndalama ube upusa umawonangati malawi ndiyako yokha.belatu uziwona wakula watha.

  75. another money rapist!!…shame

  76. Tipaseniso report la OPC pliz..

  77. lf malawians fail to curb corruption,its better to be recolonised for our own betterment.Trump is ready for that.

  78. Nde ife titani kodi?akadya or kuba mesa kuli ndende?mesa mumati dpp siyakatangale kodi?basi ovutikafe tingopitilila nkuvutika nazoni kungovomeleza basi nde ndaleyo imeneyo.

  79. Mmmm Nawoso Ayamba Kudyaso Kkkkk Koma Yaaaa

  80. This is to damage the image of vp

  81. Am contesting this coming elections and i will win like this 23years old Kenyan boy.

  82. Mmmmmmmm Ndakaika Ngati Ndichonchodi,i Know Malawi 24 Very Well

  83. Also audit the office of President and cabinet.

  84. Never Malawi to grow up because of this stupid

  85. Speechless as of today

  86. Maye Ali says:

    Akudya nawo zaopusa

  87. Arsenal vs Leicester city lelo za cashgate zanu izo zisandikhudze

  88. ngati wang’inoyu akutchola ka 199 wankulu bambo mwana wachepa basi

  89. ngati wang’inoyu akutchola ka 199 wankulu bambo mwana wachepa basi

  90. kusowa zolemba eti.

  91. ACB igwire ntchiti basi

  92. If they dent his image, he will survive. If they dump him, he will go solo. If stands independently, he will crash them triumphantly. If he wins, Malawi will be a land where citizens will be able to wine &dine. He is visionary He is change in progress He is a natural leader He is youthful He is the nation’s only hope #Team_Saulos_Chilima Moto kuti buuuuuuu!!!!

  93. If they dent his image, he will survive.
    If they dump him, he will go solo.
    If stands independently, he will crash them triumphantly.
    If he wins, Malawi will be a land where citizens will be able to wine &dine.
    He is visionary
    He is change in progress
    He is a natural leader
    He is youthful
    He is the nation’s only hope

    Moto kuti buuuuuuu!!!!

  94. Komatu osawanyengerela bavazi zimangindwe basi

  95. Anthu akungogawana ndalama zaboma koma zili Ku Malawi!!!!! Shameee

  96. Civic education highly needed about audit issues I think…

  97. It’s not stranger we are ruled by thieves, D.P.P is full of corrupt…but most sad thing is that Malawi is full of dull people..just wait they will be elected again in office because where they come from are more triblist..

  98. The way of Pushing Saulosi off DPP bus

  99. Njira yofuna kumuchotsera ku DPP anayamba ndikale amasowa poyambira

  100. Please Bushili come and rule Malawi we need new blood now Zambia is a better country now because of young president not Malawi the gogos are hiding money but they dont know that their days to stay on earth are numbered

  101. Dont post anything you dont know you better go there and get what its all about but not what you heard from people

  102. zabodza izi
    musadese mbiri yake. pa ma vice onse apitawa chilima Ali nambala one.hard working man

  103. Malawi is a road to no where

  104. Politicians have different names but one surname.even if a new party can take over.munthu is a problem.

  105. Alenje ndi omwe aja angosintha maphedwe…. Boma ndi lomwe lija langosintha mabedwe

  106. Thats why I call it DAMON CLASS…Poor peapl remain poor while r

  107. mad people you have nothing to say if it is true please bring on your witness on that issue

  108. People were wondering to wy aman could quit ajob as managing director of the whole airtel Malawi, where he was receiving 12million amonth. So hau much do u think this kind of man was looking 4?

  109. Andy Andy says:

    Nde warrant of arrest yili kuti for these new cashgaters…?kkkk

  110. Atsogoleri aku Malawi ndi choncho samafika kumapeto ndi ma VP ao. Tisadabwe.

  111. Caka cino munya muona. Unless mufune njila xina xobela ma vote not ija yomwe adandiuxa agogo anga. Mukayang’anisisa peter naweso uli involved Kumbali yakuba mowonekela.

  112. Tiyeni tiziomberabe mmanja, yathu ija a Malawi

  113. Chilima is too intelligent for that.

  114. Timanena nthawi zonse kuti onsewa ndi mbava palibe wandale amene osaba never

  115. Ntchewe zabwekabweka za dpp

  116. Heeeeee! Koma there!!! Kkkk

  117. That’s y Malawi is on the list of poorest country in the world and the most corrupt country and it’s leaders

  118. Galu imeneyo tinadziwa ife kuti iyonso nde mbava yothelathu

  119. So what next!?????????¿¿?¿

  120. ARSENAL vs Leicester city

    zikuyambika lero

  121. Ndale izi kufuna kulimbana ndi Chilima chifukwa cha Atupele, bwanji ma Auditors osapita ku OPC? if you really fighting with corruption bwanji osamanga Bakili Muluzi? Bwanji osatibwezerako ndalama zomwe anatibera Bingu? This is fake

  122. Thats our country Malawi when things happen like this no one exist to follow up and put actions. All tax payers are quiet. Malawians it time to own our country no one will come to tell us that this country is ours. My fellow youth, this is our time to take a lead for the betterment of our country. Lets forget thier motivation statement that we are leaders of tomorrow while they dont leave positions for the youth.

    • AJ Majawa says:

      Skut szizmatipweteka kma a2 amaopa kufa osaywala 6yrs bak a2 anafapo nde kut a2 apange react zkumakhala zovuta dats y zmangopitrirabe chomcho kma khan nd new blood bass cz or mene ndlili ine pandekha skut ndngavute mpaka kubweresa kustha impossible bt zkufunika tose

  123. eeeeeeeeee baaaaaaad not that’s alot of money

  124. Malawi Malawi Malawi Malawi leaders why you keep on doing this to as ??
    (2) what is leadership

  125. Cashgateeveryday

  126. Koma why my country….but chodabwitsa come 2019 tidzawavoterabe akubawo. Malawians together we can change our Country, “DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA”

  127. Kkkkkkkkk!! Kkkkkkkkk!!! Ndaseka ine zanu izoo!

  128. Nde nkumati amayi abwele azatani

  129. Y Only The Vp? Nanga Akulu Enawo In The Upper Office? Kaya Musova!

  130. Samadziwa ndani kut a MALAWI 24 News nd a MCP

  131. All they politicians they are selfish, I mean they are not there for helping people, they there for working in there pocket, don’t trust them

  132. These are just tips in an iceberg, what about the office of the President and cabinet,corruption in Malawi has no signs that it will come to an end.

  133. nyimbo ya cashgate pa malawi sizatha.

  134. Thats malawi i know ndiye what about mr president in his office?……

  135. kkkkkkk Malawi walelo

  136. To a solve a problem is to change the law so that it protect the worthy of the nation from greedy politician and some government arm need to strengthen so that they are independent from the high office so that they can do their job without fear or favour

  137. Eish Mmmmh my malawi

  138. kumuipisa kumeneko kkkkkk

  139. komazili kuno sindizo ,,malawi sazava

  140. Politics in Malawi is big business, we elect them to milk us, why because we are too weak to react, they even make us drink sewage and we smile and say its alright

  141. tikukamba za ofesi apa osati za chilima.ngati kuli katangale ikafufuze basi ACB.No appeal for pity or sympath.let government institutions work.let appreciate the work of the audit team.dept. disaster & risk management must extensively audited.akuluakulu sangachoke ku capital hill kukagawa mpunga ku machinga.

    • Amwene mukuganiza kuti ngakhale atafufuza chilungamo chidziwika? My friend you are still dreaming ,D.P.P is full of thieves.. Ngati mumafuna Malawi kuti atukuke ,simungasekelele zonyasa ngati izi..

    • kuchita audit maofice aboma ndizosafunikira? nkhani si ya dpp apa.tikuti ofesi ya auditor general igwire ntchito paliponse posayang’anira ndale kapena mpingo.ndinaona ndalama za fuel akugawana ma officers aku disaster and risk management imene ili pansi pa office ya vice president.nanga ameneyo ndi chilima.i hav direct evidence.

  142. wat nosense r u trying to say a Malawi 24? inu ndi anthu opusa hvy u rush posting things that r not official. in addition zosintha maina a university pamene sizili choncho kod mumaona ngat ife ngini zititha kufufuza?

  143. Nanga pamepa pali joyce Banda?

  144. Koma mwawerenga nkhaniyo?

  145. Please malawian dont worry,it is small matter,it’s part of reforms.

  146. No wonder this country was called “Nyasaland”…

  147. Komatu ndalamazi tidzigawana nafenso tikudzifuna ndiyesa zaphweka kubomakooooo

  148. Political propaganda dpp gvt amalawi anachenjera panoooooooo just bcoz campaign is around the corner mwayambapo aaaaah dzitsiru

  149. #Chilima=K196 million!
    #Peter=??? Agalu inu!

  150. What about in mr President’s office?

  151. Kungofuna Kumuipitsira Mbiri Munthu. Malawi Politx? I Dont Understand. Kuteroko Ndi Njira Yoti Aikepo Runningmate Wina. This Is Why I Dislike Politx In Malawi. It Is Indeed A ‘Dete’ Game. My Prayer, Justice Should Flow Here. I Know ‘Klaus’ Is Clean. Amayi Maria Mutifungatire.

  152. İzo zokulimbana ndi JB anthu wa akutipusisa nazo. İwo ali busy ku solola.

    And, why vp is audited why state house not? Hopefully, there is so much happenings @ plot #1

  153. Ooooo Malawi where is my favourite flag on fire.

  154. Kungofuna kumutchula Chilima yotu

  155. If chilimas office = k192 mill cashgate there4 muthalikas office =k…less or more?

  156. Like Father like Son

  157. They want to bring him down they have started no vp will take over in Malawi while the incumbent is alive.

  158. Hans Geluk says:

    people in Malawi only go in politics to get rich quickly so why are you surprised when you find out that they are stealing like crazy!

  159. malawi the hot heart of Africa

  160. Zimenezo Nde Ndale Zapa Nyasaland !

  161. Kkkkk koma Ngoni King!!!!!!!!!

  162. mmmmm, amalawi, kungokhala amilandu nthawi zonse kayaa

  163. democracy has failed we just nid to go back to one party rule cZ da next pipo WL do da same

  164. African politics are useless every country is now avoiding vice president to succed Zuma is doing the same

  165. Mmmmmh kod apo mwati eeeeeeh…..alipo wabwino pa malawi pano koma

  166. Dziko Latikanika ili azitsogoleriwa akufunika deliverance

  167. Siuja anthu amamuyamikira pompano osadziwa nzawo zidayera kale kwatsala nkusangalasa thupi basi kkkkkk

  168. Eish,nanga amenewa awachita bwanji?

  169. Medi Banda says:

    Anthu munachoka Ku DPP kupita kukalamula Malawi ndinu akuba kopanda manyazi dziko lapasili tizingokhalila kuvela ife ndikubako ayi kuthakoko muguleko mazowe ndithu

  170. Achita kumupangila mwana kulakwa kwambiri no that is the self chilima who assisted you to win elections!!!! kuwala kumadana ndi kuunika

  171. Nkhani sikuti Saulosi ai,koma office yake,ndekuti amene amayang’anira office yake ndiamene ali connected ndikatangaleyu.

  172. Kkkkkkkkkk koma dziko lino ayi ndithu, zikanakhala kuti wakufa amalankhula ndithu utha kumufunsa Kaye kuti kwanu kumanda mumakhala mmoyo wake utiwo? Atakuuza kuti ndikwabwino kopanda Cashgate ayi ndithu mpaka utasamuka kupita kumanda ndithu kuti mwina kapena nkhani xokuba ibazi ikakhale nkhani yakale, aaaah komanso mukamati cashgate mu office ya Chilima mukutanthauza chani?; kapena wazabanso ndi Joyce Banda? Mesa ndi munthu wanuyi mumamena kuti wakuba ndi Joyce Banda? Kulankhula kopusa kumeneko ndipo kopanda tsogolo, ibani misonkho yathuyo NDE zioneke pothelatu zimwezo

  173. It is only God that can save us better


  175. Kumusakira malo Atupele kkkkkk chipani chi chizabweleranso ku UDF ndithu kkkk

  176. Rex Kika says:

    Bola pamenepo, kwao kwa ma gates kumbukilani cashgate, maize gate

  177. mu office mwa pitala bwanji?

  178. I’m leaving this cow~tre %-)

  179. zonama izi big laya

  180. I have read the story, but there is no any evidence of cashgate and no connection to chilimas involvement. so dont rush to pointing out people without strong evidence coz its not fair for the reputation of the vp.

  181. My opnion: Malawi will never be a safe place to stay unless really new blood in politics. Tili ndi ma graduate ochokera pa zombapa who did their studies in politics cant you just come front? we are ready to support. No more MCP, UDF, DPP coz anthu ake ndi omwe aja

    • U’re spoken well bra voto la dziko lanthu lino vuto president akamapanga apoint ma minsters amangosankha ngati akusankha munthu oti ayendetse mwambo wamaliro zoti ndi dziko anta siziwakhudza we need cabinet yoti apitako Ku sukulu za ukachenjede and akudziwa bwino za ntchitoyo

    • With the old guards in the driving seat do you think they can pave way for them ?

    • I think its time now to fight again for our freedom. Only freedom we have is for this idiots to force us poor people to pay high price when we want to buy things in our own land we are more than slaves.and this professor whatever he calls himself he is just sit there and doing nothing kumangokanda magwelu

    • U r entitled to ur opinion but i beg to differ that putting well educated young people on higher echelons is the only solution. There are plenty of young graduates who are involved in cashgate and some are still stealing up to now

    • Peter Chikweza form a new party even with out a penny we can make a new move party. Make party’s by-law to brock any old politician to join it. It is fact that Old politician can bring their viruses to crash that new party system. And there we go!

    • Violet Chimwemwe Stephenson i like that ideas. That’s what we call a constructive debate whereby everyone comes with his/her idea to make a change. Your point is real a good one. However, i just think that if there are some graduates who are involved in public forums malpractice is simply because these old morons use their power to missuse them.

      Remember if resourse is being missused the problem is not availability of resourse but rather the one who is handling them.

    • Another suggestion is that parliamentary term should be limited to 10 years. Just imagine there are other MPs who have been in the chamber since 1994

    • komaso vuto ndife amalawi kt abwere graduate lero ambiri aziti ndi mwana mu ndale ameneyu, koma titati tisinthe kaganizidwe kanthu mundale zitha kuyenda, kma ukunenazo ndizoona

    • being educated does not translate to u being a good leader

    • Being educated helps to understand a modern world easily. Maybe you meant being more educated? Yazin Yasin

    • so y dcdg 2 arest JB if ths post is opinion,if ths rulg ddp can lose in dis coming election,,cashgate cases ‘ll b mo dan durg jb,s tym,i hope a lot ov tigs r hapeng bt they r shieldg themselves since they r d ruler.

    • Marium Chilongo your point is slightly going out of track. My opnion wasnt based on measuring/comparing the innocence of anybody ie amongst old politicians. Onsewa palibe wabwino as i already said kuti anthu ake ndi omweaja. Amazungulira ukoo nkudzakumananso. Some of them ndipachimulamu or anabapo limodzi in a certain regime…we cant expect anything good from them.

    • is this young man old blood? greedy and selfishness is what matters most.. even the new blood, would want to get Rich ryt within the very 1st term

    • Emmanuel Mtisunge Kachepa Jnr ,perhaps refer to my suggestion at Violet Chimwemwe Stephenson. It seems can answer your question in perspective

    • musamakhulupirire mwana wa munthu amene mulibe chilungamo mwa iye (muzinena kt awa adyako abwere ena alemerekoso)

    • If u take a look current minister’s of munthalika they are all graduated but check what they are doing nothing

    • Good observation Ken C Chapotela! Though my point was mainly on ‘new blood’ which are both wisdom and intelligent. The academic qualification was added advantage regarded as experience attained in class. I stand with your point with one leg up in logic of ‘ if it is some then not all’ contex.

      Let me also highlight my prwvious point to say …sometimes these resources(graduate) might be misused by old politician and get polluted.

      I even wonder kuti ugraduate wa azigogo amenewa sunabwere atakhala kale mu ndale?*** I think they were doing online courses lol*** ~that might be joke of mine😂😂

    • Ndichibwana dziko kuilowesa mwachinyamata nyamata eee

    • Degree of politics will not help us what can help us is the love of our country. If we get get a leader that loves the country like Kagame of Rwanda or Magufuri from Tanzania.

    • And we need to come with suggetions that may lead into action at grassroot level.

    • Kkkk wht is to be agraduate my friend? kkk, half baked graduates for that matter with no integrity. Dont be cheated its about leadership skills with passion. Full stop

    • Wowo u speak my mind is chilima not a graduate mmmmm?

    • A Salome Mukala ndi a Mtesha Manyamula Mtesha dziwerengani mwachifatse bwinobwino. It seems u av just read where ur eyes landed on first. I wonder why u cant grasp the point to say a graduate can be polluted if he/she is being misused by corrupted people. And i said perhaps it may be good to form a new party and make ur own by law to prevent these old politicians to come and join coz they may infest it with viruses…eish

    • and he is a new blood in malawi politics, zovuta

    • Its not a degree in politics that brings political sanity! Its ones consciousness, integrity and moral values accumulated overtime! Let’s agree that during kamuzu era thievery was unheard of! These things started during muluzi era and have continued todate! One major cause is that our society has developed the knack of leaving beyond its means and to maintain the status quo kuba at all cost is the solution! No wonder opportunity to steal z optimised all the time! And its the very youth leaders that are at the core of all money gates! Forget about these stealing youths as leaders! Full stop!

  182. Ai mwina amene wapangitsa ndi jb……sipaja mumat kalikonse jb?

  183. Kod Mbwiyache Che Pitala_wa Tinene Kt Iwowa Sanabemo M’menemo? Asaa!! Utofuna Kuziyeresaa Uti? Iyaa Tikuphopha Iwee!!

  184. The gvt must walk on this case siriously without smiling to him

  185. #mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #CHAAAAAA!

  186. Chilima is a business… He is too smart as much as i know the guy he is not used to a loss…. nothing strange… DPP must Fall

  187. We alreay knew, ali ku airtel inali mbava iyi pomwe amalowa nboma ndinamvera chison amalawi za misonkho yao. Kuteleku chna coming elections azamusankha. Wake up MW.

  188. English Premier League ikuyamba lero

  189. Nanga tisankhe ndani kodi?

  190. Amangidwe naye iyaa

  191. Another secret killer on duty.

  192. Kaya muzipindereza tikakumana kutsogolo mukuganiza or ahina kasambala akumva bwino?

  193. Mungofuna Kumuyipisira Mbri Ndpo Mukuziwa Kt 2019_yi Akuphwanyani.Makapee!! Mbuzi,atonkhwetonkhwe,abwantasa,akanyimbi,ankhadwe,akang’wing’wi,zima_dragon.Muzafa Infa Yowawa.

  194. All offices must be audited including that of he President

  195. Rose Roben says:

    From the look of things all Goverment Departments are rotten to the core with fraud.Fire and arrest anybody involved.

  196. Mbuzi zimenezi zikuonjeza…

  197. Campaign circuses. Who is next. That’s brave like a man who take off all clothes when its cold and wear a condom. Tiyeni nazo

  198. Koma zikukoma bwanji,,,,kofunika tikafufuze kwa pitala ko

  199. Aliyense zimusata palibe wamuyaya mulungu sangakondwe ndi kulira kwathu, misonkho ya amphawi

  200. If That Is A case ACB Invest. And Arrest Him

  201. Mmmm kuyambapotu uku poti ma elections alipafupi. Kufuna kumuipisila mbiri wina

  202. Tsar Jet-b says:

    koma kumeneko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. That’s the kind of lawlessness that we are talking about. Malawi may as well be described as “hell on earth.”

  204. I think its in our Blood Malawian’s, can’t U see!!!!!!! they all the same on em tops……

  205. My mother malawi my land
    Where gates are famous to the been-to s but only the people with little power are arrested
    & sentenced

  206. really is not a better government

  207. Udzu wamera mkhola, tione mmene zithere tsopano, akuba ndi ambiri osati mayi Joice Banda okha ayi

  208. Eishi it’s hard now for him

  209. Mmmmmmmm Malawi kayaaa mavuto alipo bola inu kumeneko mukukunenepa

  210. mwayambapo kumusakano chilima kkkkk koma anthu andale

  211. Malawi,dziko lokomela anthu andale ,..amphawi kumangofinyidwa ndi misonkho basi.

  212. then Chilima deserves death by hanging

  213. Ngoni King says:

    Malawi is not a better place for humans but for animals, and it would have been better if this country was changed to National Parks or any game reserve

  214. phakamani mahlambi says:

    nanga kuofesi kwa bwampini nde mwapezako cashgate ya ndalama zingati?????

  215. GEORGE KACHERE says:


  216. Nambewe says:

    Is there anywhere in Malawi where cash-gate is not happening. Then you say Malawi is poor. NO Malawi is not poor but Malawians have poverty of thought! Stealing never developed a country! Stealing is an act of gross selfishness! Services will fail! the same thieves and their relatives will suffer because services are not available in the country! Please Malawi stop stealing !

  217. Mahera says:

    I cannot believe this until MBC report this matter. Because our President has been claiming there is no Cashgate happening under his watch. This is the office of his vice, what how much do we expect from his office?
    I cry for my mother Malawi for entrusting thieves with leadership.

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