Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta declared winner in August 8 poll

Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya Election: President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has been declared winner of the polls the country had on the 8th.

An official announcement from the country’s electoral management body, the IEBC, has declared Uhuru as the winner after ammassing over 8 million votes while his closest contender Raila Odinga amassed close to 7 million votes.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru wins

In a system that Malawi is set to adopt in which the winner of a Presidential election is expected to get over 50% of the votes, Mr. Kenyatta got 54% of the votes.

In his speech, he has called on the opposition leader to work together with him.

However, leader of opposition Raila Odinga has since challenged the results and is highly expected to go to court to lodge a complaint.

Kenya election
Odinga defeated



  1. Mu Africa mkungovutika kuvota. Simzasangapo munthu wakumtima kwanu. Nthawi zonse amalamula ndi amené waposa mmabedwe. Democracy ndi yakuAmerica. Anthu akudafe tizipikisana ufiti ndi kuba basi

  2. Mind you Kenya is so different to other African countries, tolerance is not there amongst tribes. Tribalism plays a big role and Kikuyu’s are in majority no matter what happens the Luas or Luos can not rule Kenya unless they revert into old system of dictatorial when we saw Daniel Arap Moi took over from late Uhuru’s father because Moi comes from a very small tribe that in these era of democracy he couldn’t have that chance to be president. The Odinga tribe are just freedom fighters for the Kikuyu’s to be presidents of Kenya and mark my words, Kenya tribalism is just too much, tribal remarks are heard elsewhere even in offices.

  3. Some comments on fb are very funny. Previously we saw an opposition party winning elections in a certain African country, the guys were flare up relating to what predicts our Malawian elections in 2019. Today, Kenya election results are declared that Uhuru Kenyatta has retained the seat, big mouths guys, the few haters have waggled their tails and vanished in thin air. They are nowhere seen within the vicinity. So because you were the first to celebrate the victory of elections in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gambia,…and other countries. Now your friends are saying in 2019, it’ll be DPP again. MCP will waggle its tails and warm the same benches they are warming in parliament. Does that raise your hair on its roots? Forget about MIA. That’s a battle lost in the sponge. Unless MCP retains Richard Musowoya as running mate, their oracles will give them a nod.

    1. Gerald Zungu or whatever your name is you have no right to tell MCP as to who should be the presidential candidate let alone the running mate. The issue of Sidik Mia seems to have sent a lot of shivers in DPP spine. Kuti a dpp zikuwaweni kwambiri MCP ikutenga ma parliamentary seats onse during the forth coming by elections. And 2019 will just be a walk over if dpp will maintain mr. ibu as the presidential candidate. Mind you people in Kenya have their own reasons to reinstate Kenyatta as the president and we Malawians have our own reasons to chose MCP and Dr. Chakwera for president in 2019.

  4. Indeed on my behalf & peace-lovers of AFRICA, extend my congratulations to YOUR EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT-ELLECT OF KENYA UHURU KENYATTA, for being re-ellected to the presidency: With humility, I welcome your acceptance speech you called all KENYANS TO WORK & BE TOGETHER FOR THE SAKE OF BUILDING KENYA: “ELLECTIONS COME & GO BUT KENYA REMAINS,” Indeed what a lesson to AFRICA & OTHER LEADERS OF THE WORLD!! GLORY & PRAISE BE TO GOD FOR THAT WISDOM!! BRAVO UHURU KENYATTA!! BRAVO & LONG-LIVE KENYA!! BRAVO AFRICA!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL. {A peace-lover}!! THE REV. CHALU CHIBISA BANDA.

  5. All the best Uhuru, rule Kenya without fear or favour.Raila Odinga’s controversial speeches are just kicks of a dying horse.Move Kenya to higher levels.

  6. nw lets foresee our politicians,,the oppostion says the ruling party has rigged the votes,check on B B C Africa.ryt nw…Wat if oppositions win cn it b visavesa?thus african’s politics being influenced by westens,hence they dnt vote 4 africans,bt africans votin 4 africans! lets take somthing out of this.

    1. the winning of rulling parties does not always mean abera zisankho. mind set imeneyi tichotse coz it is not always the case. thats y we see some ruling parties losing also. kuno pp sinaluze ? mcp sinaluze ?

    2. U say like that but you know that’s the truth .Yes in some isolated cases the opposite happens but on scale of one to ten…..Chances kut zipani zolamula nkuluza it’s almost 0/10

    3. @kondwani harawa, Ys no dffrnc….. Good example our/ur own pp lost to dpp..joyce banda ndikt analuza, ngwazi to muluzi, late michael sata won in zambia over mwanawas, anc to da in sa metros, muslim brotherhood in egypt(n. Africa) bfr military coup in that country…..imeneyitu ndiyo Africa mukufunsa inuyo

    4. Ndipo mpaka pano akumati trump anabera chifukwa ruling party inaluza….in france independent candidate is ahead of state nw…..inshort so easy to lose the ruling party ngati mumasata politix bwino bwno baba:)

    5. PP wasn’t a rulling Party. The System that they found was designed by DPP For DPP. And point of correction …Sata took over from a certain Lupiya Banda . Had it been kut Levi Mwanawasa was Alive SATA sakanakhala president . Micheal Sata won because of unpopularity of Lupiya Banda Same thing ndi Kwathu Kuno .

    6. Hahaha musapeleke Zitsanzo za Maiko aa Zungu .Coz i wont argue with that . Apa focus ikhale kwathu kuno ku Africa . Ndi pobvuta ku Chipani Cholamula chiluze Malume.Ngati zimachitika its very rare

    7. Hahaaaahahaha pp siinali yolamula? Mcp siinali yolamula? Anc siikulamula panopa? Egypt sikwazungu ndiku Africa, ku zambia ko analuza aja sanali olamula?????? Tsono kuluza komwe mukufuna inu ndikt koposa uku??????? Fgt america nd france ok simwati azungu ayi kmabe azungu wo nawo mpaka pano akulimbanabe kt anaberedwa kkkkkk koma ma exampl onse ali mwamba wo ndi African contnent blv it or nt

  7. Mi 2 am vry interestd with the speech of presdnt elect! ‘politician we go but Kenya is here 2 stay! Malawian poticians must learn somethn!

  8. Wellcome to Africa..

    Where ruling party alwez win…

    Tough for Odinga to accept this results…

    We dont want blood in Kenya….

    Long live Kenyata although u have Chisamani ku I C C.

  9. congrats and I like his speech he has made….’politicians come and go out Kenya shall always remain Kenya…let us always join together as one Kenya and develop the nation

  10. congrats and I like his speech he has made….’politicians come and go out Kenya shall always remain Kenya…let us always join together as one Kenya and develop the nation

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