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By August 11, 2017

Former Flames player Peterkins Kaira has alleged that officials at Football Association of Malawi (FAM) do not want him to play any role in local football.

His remarks have come following a caution statement given to Chitipa United by the football mother body over the use of unqualified coaches.

Peterkins Kayir

Peterkins: FAM hates me

On Monday this week Kaira was seen on the touchline of the relegation threatened side giving instructions to players during their encounter against Dwangwa United in the top flight league.

Kaira says he feel that what FAM is saying is immature since they do not know what role he plays at the club because some teams on their technical bench have been featuring their general secretaries who have no qualification in football.

“What they are saying is very childish, they don’t know what they are saying, and they could have asked why I was on the bench.

“I am a vice chairman for Chitipa, our Coach went to attend a funeral at his home, so I was wrong to give instructions to the players?” he said.

Meantime, FAM’s Club Licensing Manager Casper Jangale has told Chitipa that they should never allow this to happen again since what they did is contrary to rules and regulations of the elite league.

“They did this without consulting us, If their coach was ill and wouldn’t be available they were supposed to tell us that and we would advise them what to do but they just did this on their own as if it is not the big club,” said Jangale.

Club licensing recommends that the head coach of a Super League team should possess at least Caf B licence.

Kaira who is a strong critic of the current FAM leadership is said to have been hired so that he should help save the so called Lions of Chitipa from being relegated.

The Kondwani Mwalweni boys are languishing at the bottom of the TNM Super League table with eight points putting themselves on a position prone to the axe if they do not pull up their socks.



  1. Honestly Peterkings Kayira is a legend and in all fairness he deserve to be given a role to play in soccer development. In other Countries Legends are respected and given roles for the development of soccer.If you look at those are given roles at FAM such as Gerald Phiri,Peter Mponda and many others honestly they are not better than Kayira,Lawrence Waya and others who knows soccer no wonder the Country is not moving in the right direction in terms of Soccer .FAM is a rotten Institution they want to engage only puppets and handclappers and not those who have principles like Kayira.There is not need of an overhaul at FAM,its only fair to give a chance to people who contributed and put Malawi on the map so FAM stop your nepotism and favoutism ,engage people on merit.Why using the very same people on under 17,20 and senior team that’s total madness.

  2. so why is lawrence waya on the picture?

  3. U talk much per media

  4. It is good that he knows that they hate him. Anyway Peterkins is simply expressing his personal opinion

  5. I DON’t agree but what I know is that he does not want to start from where most colleagues start.can’t he start with coaching div clubs or club positions
    He can talk much but can’t achieve without actually doing.

  6. Ambiri pagulu safuna ozindikila

  7. Tell them peterkins

  8. peterkins amayankhula chilungamo chokhachokha thats why amadana naye

  9. Why not coach clubs then possibly from fruits from that people can nominate you to FAM position

  10. Ndizoona amadananso ndi Nthukwa Shaba

  11. Aaah ine koma Abambo awa sindimadziwa kuti vuto lawo ndichani,ndipo chomwe amadanilana ndi Fam sindichiona Zimaphwekatu zili kwawina, tayesako iweyo utaona

  12. Tom Banda says:

    Why do they hate you

  13. Nyamilandu akuopa umalanda Mpando si aPhoka nokhanokha inu.. You are too toxic anthu inu…

    • Aphoka okha okha kkkkkkkkk

    • What if I call them that for today’s heading…I guess Phokas are from North,so still that qualifies them to seat for Phoka litmus test. ..kkkkkk

    • mmmmh dont missinterpret #makwalo all of rhem are not phoka’s

    • Walter from Nkhatabay or Nsanje?

    • Ambuye #Siwale kucheza uku basi…nangatu ndiyomweyi yoti ticheze nkhani chifukwa silitha tsiku mumva gvt has misused another 4.4 billion,ministry of health and Agriculture too have squandered in dubious allowances iiiiih nde bola iyi ikukoma kucheza…KwaLero ndi mmene zililimu mtumbuka nzao kudana naye there must some repelling like terms so both being from North I thought of #Phokas…#verytoxic

    • Waka Suma says:

      Nyamilandu isn’t from North
      He got that name when his mum remarried Walter Nyamilandu Manda from Nkhatabay.
      He is from Nsanje as Patrick Chikonzero Jnr.
      Get facts!
      His blood is clean from home boy syndrome
      Was only adopted in marriage.

    • #Mr Suma sir…respect..you said that he ain’t fully from north…meaning he isn’t 100% pure from either one side rather he shares the percentages…that implies that that whether small percentage or titre,though no genotype of #Phoka but phenotypically it has been proven the Phokaship….kkkkkkk

  14. Komatu ku fam kuli atumbuka anzako

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