I didn’t join DPP: PP MP denies moving to ruling party

Opposition People’s Party (PP) legislator for Mzimba South Makwenda Chunga has denied joining ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) arguing he greeted President Peter Mutharika at a rally to avoid embarrassing him.

The sentiments follow announcement by DPP secretary general Greselder Jeffrey at the launch of integrated urban water and sanitation project by Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) in Mzimba district that Chunga is among the ten people who had joined the ruling party.

Maquenda Chunga
Chunga: I did not join DPP

Chunga then was seen to have gone where President Mutharika was to give him a greeting as sign for defecting to the ruling party.

But Chunga has denied joining the party arguing he did not want to embarrass the president by snubbing him.

“I left my seat to greet the president after my name was announced that I was joining DPP to avoid embarrassing the president as the head of state, people from my constituency should believe me, when I will be changing the party I will consult them,” said Chunga.

At the launch of the project in Mzimba, DPP authorities cited a number of projects that the party has spearheaded during its era and urged people to vote for it during 2019 general elections.

The party also claimed that it is to win the elections since it has developed the northern region through equal sharing of projects among all the three regions.



  1. Makwenda….good choice.ili si boma lakathu dpp inali ya Bingu.inde ndizona xull anapita nawo patali koma m”mutu muja mphatso yautsogoleri mulibe.

  2. one interesting thing most of you ur social media supporters. u talk and talk come voting u dont participate and most of you omwe mumatokota shit your in south africa..ur just facebook fans

  3. It’s very sympathetic that all of us here have left our trades and we are now practising political journalism . Let’s the likes of Dausi and chakwera play their dirty games . Let’s work hard to improve our livelihoods . It’s a great concern that we are putting much focus on politics yet we are not politicians

    1. nda john tembo okha ankakwanisa kulimbana ndi boma enawa sangakwanise amthalika alowabe 2019 popanda wopikisana naye mwabata. dpp ili ponse ponse what are talking about nyani iwe undisamale.

  4. Let us not be deceived my people, this man joined DPP, but soon after he received some calls from other PP bosses asked him to come back so that they’ll give him money and other goodies. Aaaaah! this is not time to make us fools

  5. the problem with dpp ili paliponse…in north,central it exist in percentages which even can compete with mcp but am telling you if ur to win…convince southern region which is the base of dpp and mcp exist in small percentage which is far to compete with dpp…come 2019 u wll see peter taking an oath


    2. Chris nkhani apa sikudya bwino ndi dpp,kma uone wekha mmene ndale ziliri pamalawi pano,usayembekeze kubwera tsogoleri wina kudzkunamiza kt athetseratu umphawi ambiri ukuwaonawa ndiadyera ndiudindo basi ndikudzikundikira chuma okha,umve Mau awina walowa chipani china chija nkhani akufuna udindo basi osati kukonza malawi

  6. I totally respect my president. Koma mayi uyuyu uyu,, m, seem to be somehow insencetive.

    Believe me , such type of people are the ones that mislead our leader when they come closet to the leader.

  7. Mbuzi iyi,who r u? Makwenda Chirwa? ?????even in PPs reign I never heard of this name. Achitsiru, oro Peteryo akukudziwani atudzi inu

    1. Chigona ukafuna kunena mbuzi nena price osati Peter kumaphunzira kulemekeza tsogoleri,ndale zisatiiwalitse kuti ndiife opemphera chonde amalawi azanga

  8. good move Mr mp this government is long and too much theif Cash gate is their maize gate is their Passport gate is their political gate is their mmmmmmxxxxxxxx

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