Aford up in arms against quota

Enoch Chihana

The Alliance for Democracy (Aford) has disclosed that it is will lead fresh calls for the abolishment of quota system of selecting students into public university.

Speaking at a political rally in Karonga, Aford president Enock Chihana said the party is to have fresh calls for the abolishment of quota system arguing that the system is “evil”.

Chihana further said the system of selecting students that Malawi has at present is meant to punish people from Northern Region of the country.

Enoch Chihana
Enoch Chihana speaks against quota system.

He added that once Aford gets more Members of Parliament (MPS) it will table a motion to adopt federal system of government.

The Aford leader argued that the federal system is to help in sharing the national cake of development for the three regions of Malawi.

Quota system received criticism from various quarters since it was implemented as it is described as a block against students who deserve to be in public universities.

The Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) is on the record to have condemned the selection criteria as unfair since it denies deserving students their right to education apart from infringing upon international statutes that the country pledged to uphold.

Malawi MHRC  Chairperson, Justin Dzonzi, said government has been ignoring advice to replace the system.



  1. Stupid Tumbukas, first learn to build houses in your village. Then those bushes will extinct, that is what we call development.

  2. Aford was PP bedfellows in Govt never talked of quota, I equally blame it for this devil and it’s double standards at its best. This clearly tells us how Aford leaders are greedy and always look for personal gains

  3. If the Central & Southern Regions sleep again this time on the mighty QUOTA SYSTEM then their Children should not believe they have Parents who realise their responsibilities. The QS was meant to put a STOP to CHEATING by the Northerners who their dominance in the system has favoured them on University selection for the past 50+ years. It doesn’t mean that they are brighter than the rest but the fact is that there’s been a lot favoritism & cheating when taking advantage of the other’s negligence on the future of their Children & Generations to follow.

  4. Stupid afford………….u were in power but you did not abolish the quota system… you are claiming to abolish it………

  5. Quota system for which universities, you mean these eneffient, expensive good for nothing puplic universities which are constantly distrupted by strikes? I would rather go to a pvt university.

    1. A bird in hand is worth two in the talk of pvt universities coz you can afford it but people are bathing in unspeakable poverty yet intelligent.

    2. Dont you know that the govt extended a hand to students in pvt Universities, they can now access govt loan just like those in public universities. More over there are numerous institutions/ organisations offering free scholarships to needy students. Open up your eyes my brother and think out side the box. Gone were the days when you could only dream of going the the public universities.

  6. Quota system goes to any district why hate it?.The public University is meant for students from all regions. It’s unfair for people from one region to benefit more than the other regions. I hate the Tumbukas more than the devil himself. These people don’t see other tribes as equally important. They think are superior over other tribes. Their tendency of favouring each other is killing Malawi. You can’t get employment if the Manager is from North. He makes sure that those around him are from North as well.What sort of living is that? I blame God for mixing us with these Philistines.They are killing us in all aspects of life. There is nothing good comes from them but insults all the times. You can’t be proud that you have met your fellow Malawian in United States, United Kingdom, German, Russia or even South Africa if he is from North. He doesn’t see you as a person just because you’re not from Northern region. I now understand why Kamuzu Banda used to hate these people. They are troublemakers in the country.

  7. This idiot is a goat! He has no guts.. and now hes behaving a recycled floppy politician…all he talks about is quota,fedalism…hes full.of trush!! The quota system is a way to go….without quota,mwana wanga saakanapita ku am happy,all areas must be represented..Big up MIGHTY DPP..GOD BLESS APM

  8. Afford is getting it all wrong, kusowa chokamba pacampaign, alibe mfundo that’s why they are bringing an outdated issue on the ground. Quota is not for northerners only its about the whole nation. All considered amakhalak kuti have fulfilled the requirements for university education but because sangatenge onse due to limited space, quota is used as a tool to equitably share the little space country wide, then whats wrong with that? Kodi bamboo uli ndi k6000 koma uli ndi ana atatu, chanzeru ndi chiti; kugulira mwana mmodzi zovala zambiri ndi ndalama yonseyo kapena kugulira mwana aliyense chimodzichimodzi? Quota is here to stay as long as university space remains low that it can not absorb all deserving students at once

  9. For all northeners, u can see how much hatred has been and will always be perpetrated against you! The only solution to this is to fight for federalism where each state is controlled by a governor like in RSA, USA etc failing which fight for full secession from Malawi to form one own! Wars have been fought because of racial discrimination world wide! Remember the Balkans, Sudan, Nemar, East Timor, Columbia! When enough is enough, a decision will have to be made to secede from Malawi! Pajanso akuti as DPP policy sakufuna kuti muzikhalaso ndi maganizo oti muzalamulirapo Malawi! Y then cling to such a country!

  10. what about introducing quota system in other areas other than abolishing it.. i.e every regions vote should count as 1/3 of the final… i just love quota system.. but only with that introduced..

  11. See the world from a bigger picture. Am happy you are only in first year so more room for learning. If the 9 points you got came out of hard work, determination and dedication you are the best person to hate quota system. I think you like quota coz you think it’s restricting a certain group of people from getting into public universities. Just as no one stopped you to be where you are today neither quota will. Man you are born to conquer the world. You will work with people from all walks of life don’t put yourself in a container. You are getting education to serve the whole Malawi and the world at large, not your tribesmen only. As an intellectual have an independent mindset, free from political, tribalism, regionalism and hatred. Rationalise your thoughts Bro. Good luck.

  12. aliyese odana ndi quota system ndi wopusa komasa apite dziko lopanda quota system. koma ma udindo a m’boma ndi
    zitukuko ndye kumafuna kufananitsa maphunziro ayi.

  13. Kuvomeleza kuti quota system ndyabwino ndichimozimozi kuvomeleza kuti achewafe ndimbuli, zinazi kumaona ifenso ndife achewa koma this system isn’t good for our country. Our education quality has now become mockery coz ovina nyao ndamene akukapezeka Ku chanco kkkkkk good for south and central and Neva the country as whole

  14. This is what i expected all time along. Quota system should be abolished. Let those with interegent regardless to there districs be treated fairly. There is no need for someone with good point to miss chance of going to University while somebody who was playing day and night go to university thats unfair and bad to the Nation as we are all one. It should be abolished today

  15. To Call A Spade A Spade It Doesnt Take One To Be From The Northern Region To Understand How Ths Quota Has Retarded Our Education,,you Have Some One With 28 Points In A University Just Bcoz He/she Iz 4rm The South Where Perfomanc Iz Poor Yet Someone With 18 Points From Bolero Or Emchakachakeni Iz Staying Idle At Home Just Bcoz Friends From The Region Are Having Single Digits ?. No Let The Best Go & Those That Have Not Performed Well Be At Home,,

  16. Akusowa Chonena Nde Ndinene Pano Ndine Mtumbuka Asamabwere Ndi Nkhani Zopusa Komanso Akumwera Ndi Pakati Kumalimbikira Xool Nyau Basi Alowe Ndiyina.

    1. nyau my friend is tradition what can your tribe show to the world you embrance foreign culture thats why your tribe is full of selfishness.There at dambwe,ndagala or thezo we are taught how respect,and treat all people as equally important.Thats why u see many northeners building in central and south.

  17. nkhotakota system ya anthu a kumwera opanda nzeru kuti mwina nawo azipitako ku college komabe akafika ku college ama wa weedaso kikikik

  18. Is Aford only for the Northeners? it is always concerned for the North. That’s why it can’t rule Malawi.

  19. Is Aford only for the Northeners? it is always concerned for the North. That’s why it can’t rule Malawi.

  20. quoter system ilibwino ndipo singachoke mukutaya nthawi yanu.pano ana nsanje to chitipa akupedzekamo mma colleges amalawi half half let’s share the cake.kumangoti atumbuka ndianzeru zaziiii pomwe’s only u people from northrn region mukudana nayo quoter system yi.sizitheka nafenso nzeru tilinazo kumwera kuno ana athu macolidor aponde basi

  21. zawusilu eti. ntchito m,boma ,m,mabungwe including m,makampani. and now u want the quota system to b abolished? hahaha idont understand this tumbukas. akanakhara kuti zinthu zina mumakhara fair kwa anzanu ur demand would hv made sense. anthu amtundu wanji ongofuna zonse zikhare zanu? anthu ankhwidzi inu oyipa mtima ngati mfiti yayikazi. as iam speaking now iam at chancellor college doing my first yr end our lectures hv told us to form groups for assignments koma zomvesa cisoni kuti out of 20 groups formed atumbuka atengana okhawokha magulu awo alimo okhawokha its now why i believe that these people are so selfish. sananditenge mu campus so ifound ahouse to rent and my room mate z atumbuka koma zomvesaso cisoni kwambili kuti even kuphika he refused kuti tipange collable instead wapanga collable ndi atumbuka amzake even ma discussion aliwokha koma conseco iyeyo ndiwa 14 points ine ndiwa 9. ndye aford ikuganiza kuti ingazawine ku central ndi south ndi mbwelera zawozo? we hv to reject tumbuka selfish domination dats all!! no to tumbuka leadership no matter what!!

    1. ndiophangira atumbuka ndipo pano zilibwino mma college mukupedzeka mwana from nsanje to chitipa 100% supporting quoter system.iyaaa kumangoti atumbuka ndianzeru pomwe amangolowetsana mma college mu.isathe quoter

    2. and more over mumatengedwa ma college not bcoz of nzeru but kukonderana kwanuko. ambili ndikuwaponderera kuno fotsek

    3. Asova ambwenu mbwenu amenewa ndiye achewa akaberekana amakadya pakhomo pako go to hell quoter system is here to stay .yesesani preside akhale ntumbuka mwina zingatheke

    4. tumbuka we r employing a chewa a yao ambiri mu ma estate a fodya kuno ku rumphi mzimba ambiri ndizoti xool sanayilawe thats why boma lanu likuyesesa kuikako nkhotakota system kuti mwina muphunzire komaso mukafika ku college ama ku weedani

    5. Prove to the world that the 9 points you got isn’t just a product of intelligence without wisdom. On the quota system I think you should be the best person to fight against it if you really got the 9 points with all the dedication, determination and hard work coz you know the whole cost of what it takes to get good grades at MSCE. It is better you learn to stand up as an intellectual without having your mind being corrupted with tribalism, nepotism and regionalism. You are an intellectual, you are getting education to serve Malawi as a country and the whole world not only your tribesmen. With those strong hateful feelings against a tribe you are not doing good to your work and career that you are developing. From what I see you love quota just because you think it will restrict a certain group of people getting into public universities not necessarily that it is good.
      As a nation, I think we are breeding a very dangerous breed of countrymen full of hate, nepotism, tribalism and regionalism. Let us teach love to our kids, show them a bigger picture of life. Every life is born on earth to conquer the world and serve mankind from anywhere on the face of the earth. On grouping of tribesmen, I think you haven’t just travelled, simple, language is what puts people into groups. If you go to the north you will find yaos, chewas, in groups not that they hate tumbukas but they have a lot in common and language is one of them. Am happy you are only in first year by the time you graduate you will have a bigger picture of what life is all about. Good luck.

    6. Mr Mzak, quota system has nothing to do with the insinuations you are making. Tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, in short all the -isms you may suggest but rather equitable access to the limited space of high education, all people selected have to meet the required criteria for the same but because we want just a few out of many deserving students then quota is the best method in that regard, ndi zadziko lonse izi and thinking kuti anayika kulanga northerners its very unfortunate. As long as our university space is small as it is now, then quota is here to stay.

    7. For all northeners, u can see how much hatred has been and will always be perpetrated against you! The only solution to this is to fight for federalism where each state is controlled by a governor like in RSA, USA etc failing which fight for full secession from Malawi to form one own! Wars have been fought because of racial discrimination world wide! Remember the Balkans, Sudan, Nemar, East Timor, Columbia! When enough is enough, a decision will have to be made to secede from Malawi! Pajanso akuti as DPP policy sakufuna kuti muzikhalaso ndi maganizo oti muzalamulirapo Malawi! Y then cling to such a country!

    8. Dickson Muzunga am not sure if you understood me. I am not against quota system neither am I for it. But anyway you’re entitled to your opinion. I am only give out a bigger picture of life. People go to school to serve the world. Read properly you will understand Bro.

    9. History will tell you that even during the colonial era, when the British Administration called Northern Region, the Dead North, the Scottish Missionaries successfully introduced western education @ the then Prestigious Overtoun Institution, @ Livingstonia. The region became the most advanced in education in the whole of Central Africa ( Zambia, Malawi & Zimbabwe). Thus the disparities that exist in our education system doesn’t emanate from favouritism among northerners but rather differences in missionary education. I rest my case.

    10. Thus quotas are not the best solutions to our education system. Let’s invest in our primary education the Rwandan Way, our country will prosper. Remember even our Lord Jesus Christ pointed out that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Let’s get united coz divided we fall.

    11. Ma frnd me i do’nt belong to tumbukas but i just want u to help me thinkng of how painful those who scored good points seeing others wt poor grades being sellected to colleges would feel.tthats what happens wt dis systeem so i wonder why u r backing such environment kapena sumaivesesa bwinobwino quota .the isue is hard workers deserve to be considered first than mbuli .koma vuto lomwe ndaliona ndiwe u r politicising this isue which is not good

    12. those of central and south they qualify too since they scored required grades but the problem z during selection akwithu amasankhana okhawokha as we already know kuti most high positions in govt and its boards ur the dominants that makes the majority of northerners to get selected injustly.

    13. Apart from all regions the northeners are the only concerned people with quota can some one tell me why? how many students are found in the northern region as compared to the central or south? we know your doings and your undoings you shall cry because your secrets are being revealed with this idea how can you rule the country? iwalani you think northeners are so special. aliyense akalimbane kwao apa not kuba malo amunthu wina ku central munkatelo inu anthu oipa kumakhala ngati anzeru mukukokela kwanu.kkkkkkk MZUZU CORRIDOR

  22. kunakakhala kuti kulibe quota system bwenzi pano prophet Shepherd Bushiri ali Graduate from Chancellor College majoring in Linguistics

  23. but tell aford to remove word MPOTO coz i dnt thnk there the ones only go for university….ziiiii from other regions iz bcoz ov word Mpoto….kusonyeza kudzikonda….i vote for quota…Not Mpoto

  24. Mr next President try to get same thing else that will benefit people of malawi

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