MISA condemns prison warders for beating up MBC journalists


Media Institute of Southern Africa – MISA Malawi chapter has condemned prison warders at Maula prison in Lilongwe for beating up Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) journalists as they were covering the ongoing prison warders’ strike. According to MISA, MBC reporter Patrick Dambula and cameraman Hastings Khomo were manhandled by the warders around lunch hour on Monday.

A statement issued by MISA-Malawi chapter and signed by its chairperson Teresa Ndanga says media has a right to try everything possible to gather information within Malawi and abroad and what the warders did is unacceptable.

Malawi Media Misa Chair Teleza Ndanga

Ndanga condemned the attacks

“The chapter would like to remind people that the media has a right to report within Malawi and abroad and to be accorded the fullest possible facilities for access to information. We believe that media coverage of the strike by the prison authorities is no exception,” says the statement.

Dambula told MISA Malawi that they failed to do their story as the prison warders turned against them.

“Things got worse when we approached the gate. The prison warders tried to confiscate the camera but fortunately they failed. We failed to even do any interviews for our story. Luckily enough no one was hurt,” Dambula told MISA-Malawi chapter.

MISA Malawi has since asked prison authorities to desist from attacking the media and to ensure that the warders who manhandled the journalists are brought to book. “Beating up reporters and treating them as criminals is barbaric and retrogressive.

“MISA Malawi would like to caution the general public against any form of attack on journalists in their line of duty. Journalists have a responsibility to report and inform Malawians on developments in the country. Any form of attack on journalists is an infringement on not just the media’s right to gather and report but also citizens’ rights to know,” says the statement.



  1. Well is it’s not good scenario BUT MBC is misleading the nation when reporting that confuses divide Malawi they act an professional, so u Misa chairs, President u need to caution them else they will continue being beaten and chased. malawians are tired of such kind of reporter’s

  2. Keep on beating them anthu opusa amenewa maka MBC jounalists chomwe amaziwa iwo ndikukamba zokomera boma chilungamo samachiziwa ayi azayesa ngat moyo ndiwophweka anamenyedanso pang’ono akanaonjezera pamenepo

  3. Much As I Condemn The Behaviour Of The Prison Warders But MBC has along way to go as far as balanced coverege is concerned,they should learn to report exactly how things are on the ground

  4. mind u, mbc is linked to the govt, and the same govt sends its reportes to the pple already victmized by the same govt, to find out wat was going on. dont u think this is mockery @ its highest order?

  5. Awamenya pang’ono adayenera kuti amenyedwe kwambiri professionalism ya utolankhani samayidziwa.Watsala Philip Business amenyedweso ndiye pakutI samaona amene mumaonanu mumuuze kuti asamale.Wakonza program yakuti anyoze Sidik Mia.MBC imayendetsedwa ndi misonkho yathu!!

  6. Inu a mbc mumanyamulana mimba zanu tiyetiye mumawona ngati akakugairako mphunga wa nyama kumeneko kkkk,,kungofuna kulikomesera boma basi uku anzanu akuvutika!!, akanakumenya kwambiri musazayamireso.

  7. Big up Tereza Temweka Ndanga for the condemnation…enawa ndale zawalowelera mpaka mkabudula,thats why akutsutsa zilizonse..munthu ungamumenye kaamba koti akugwira ntchito?? nde amenyamo awakwezera malipiro? kapena afanana ndi a police? kuuma mitu gwaaa..nzeru zero

  8. I encourage that they shud be beaten more often…always twisting stories in favour of the government….leaving out the real part of the story..shame on those journalist for working at MBC

  9. MBC has a very big problem, they don’t report things as they are, they twist reports to favour government all the time. In this scenario MBC would have reported that the prison workers are happy with DPP under the dynamic leadership of His excellency Prof Peter Muntharika.

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  11. The reason of being beaten is that MBC always tells people other side of the true story …. Simuwulusa nkhani zokomera anthuu koma zokomera bomaa …siiisieee man … Asweniii koma musawaphee

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