Mutharika’s reshuffle is a mishmash of personalities with no technical experience – expert


A political expert has said Monday’s cabinet reshuffle has left the country with a lot of ministers who are not technocrats in their respective portfolios.

Mutharika announced changes to his cabinet on Monday that witnessed Peter Kumpalume being dropped as minister of health while Francis Kasaila who until yesterday was minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation now heads the ministry responsible for labour and youth in the country.

Wonderful Mkhutche

Wonderful Mkhutche: Ministers with expertise are the best way out.

Reacting on the reshuffle, political scientist Wonderful Mkhutche has faulted Mutharika for not attaching positions to individuals’ respective expertise.

“Cabinet reshuffle is not a surprising thing in Malawi. President has the power to hire and fire Ministers. But as often, the cabinet is lacking individuals who are technocrats in the portfolio they are in.

“But for the country to progress we need Ministers who understands the content in their work. Giving someone a cabinet position for other reasons apart from this is one reason we are derailing as a nation,” said Mkhutche.

Mkhutche noted that cabinet appointments in Malawi are made out of political appeasement. He however said in politics hiring and firing does not just happen out of the blue hence he believes Mutharika assessed the loyalty and performance of the individuals before making the ministerial appointments.
“It tells a story of politics going on in the ruling party as well as government,” said Mkhutche.
He added by faulting the law that allows the president to hire and fire cabinet ministers without justification arguing that Malawians are left in the dark when such cases happen.

“If there is any firing and hiring to be done, the president should provide a justification,” Mkhutche said. “But since he has no obligation to do so, we can only read it from a distance that there is a reason for the firing of Honorable Kumpalume and Honorable Ghambi.”

*Additional reporting by Victoria Milanzi



  1. Thus comes, when a Leader is dull,and visionless and old.
    Where are his advisors ? His advisors get paid for doing nothing.Let him fire all his advisors ,they are useless.Dull leader dull cabinet.If I were President Peter s advisor,I would advise him to fire,Atupele Mussa,Mwanaveka ,Msaka, Goodall Gondwe,
    Kalilani,Chiumia,Fabiano,Jappie and bring in new blood.

    • May be that would be good for change and development of Malawi but not politics.These will help DPP to remain in power.

    • Uli ndi vuto iwe, do u know wht is to be dull, professor wa mkalasi angafane ndi iwe, Thus the only way to cub corruption if u dont know, If u put an expert in his or her field one is likely to conive with his staff,,,komanso aministrial position is just apolicy issue ntchito amagwira ndi anthu ku field

    • professor wa mu kilasi 100% correct,Koma u professor oyendesa Dziko 3%.Corruption has increased under the professor Watch! 577bn dpp cashgate Forensic Report hidden under the professor Watch,UNGA reports,two years now ,Voters kept in the dark under the professors Watch, .Chasowa/Njaunju deaths ,reports swept under the carpet ,the professor just watching. The list of nonsense under the professor Watch is too long for this page.

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