We have not blamed stadium officials over stampede – Police

Bingu Stadium

Police have downplayed reports that they blamed stadium officials for the Independence Day stampede at Bingu National Stadium through their preliminary findings on the tragedy.

The sentiments follow local media reports that disclosed that police put the blame on stadium officials over the tragedy that witnessed dozens of soccer lovers being injured and eight people being killed.

James Kadadzera
James Kadadzera speaks out on the stampede.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, National Police spokesperson James Kadadzela said they are not blaming the officials at Bingu stadium over the stampede.

“On the stadium stampede investigations, let me put the record clear. Preliminary Police findings are not faulting any individual or institution to have caused the stampede. The preliminary findings show that the main cause was the delay in opening of the stadium gates.

“However the inquiries put in place will come up with substantial findings leading to the cause of the stampede. Am saying this because other media houses are reporting that the police are faulting stadium officials,” said Kadadzela.

Meanwhile a commission of inquiry appointed by President Peter Mutharika is to give a report on what caused the stampede.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has applauded the appointment of the commission of inquiry arguing it is to end finger pointing over the accident.



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