Nyasa Big Bullets beat ten man Silver Strikers

Malawi Indendepence

Diverson Mlozi scored in each half to inspire Nyasa Big Bullets to a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Silver Strikers in a friendly match that was organized as part of Malawi’s 53 years of independence celebrations at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe on Thursday afternoon.

The opening goal came in the first 20 minutes when the Bankers’ goalkeeper misjudged a Yamikani Fodya’s corner kick to allow Mlozi to put the ball into an empty net, 1-0.

Bullets enjoyed more possession in the half than the Area 47 giants who were coming from a league match against Blue Eagles on Wednesday.

Chiukepo Msowoya was handed his first start for Bullets following his arrival from Golden Arrows last month.

However, his presence was hardly seen as the Bankers marked him tightly, handing the goal scoring duties to Mlozi who was very lethal.

As the match progressed, Silver’s Green Harawa forced Rabson Chiyenda into making his first save of the match when Bullets defence was caught napping in the line of duty.

However, things got worse for the Lilongwe based side when Ghanaian defender Yunus Shariff was judged to have fouled Mlozi in the box, leaving the referee with no choice but to point straight to the spot and show the culprit a yellow card.

Sheriff was then shown another card for shouting at the referee following the penalty decision, leaving Silver with ten men on the field of play.

Msowoya was given the task to increase the lead for Bullets only to see his spot kick well saved by Blessings Kameza in goals for the Area 47 giants.

Come second half, Bullets started off brightly as Silver struggled to cope with one man down and they almost conceded with just three minutes in the half when Msowoya’s shot missed the goalmouth with an inch.

Bernard Chimaimba had his moment of brilliance when he raced through Silver’s defence only to see his low attempted cross well cleared by Chisomo Mpachika at the back for the Reserve Bank side.

The Bankers gradually eased into the encounter and started to dictate the tempo of the tie with Harawa, Thuso Paipi and Levison Maganizo pulling the strings from the midfield.

Mlozi then doubled his tally when Chimaimba’s through-ball found him unmarked inside Silvers’ half to slot past Kameza, 2-0.

The pace of the game picked up towards the end of the match with both teams intent on attacking one another’s goalframe to little avail with Harawa having come closest to reducing the arrears but his effort was well saved by Chiyenda.

Despite Bullets’ stubbornness at the back, the Bankers got their consolation goal when Bullets were caught sleeping in the line of duty, 2-1.

Silver then tried to put the match on level but Bullets stood firm to register their first win at Bingu National Stadium in more than five attempts.

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  1. Chikhamu chonse chapanikizana mpaka kulowa ndi kukhala mmipando. Ndipo ena anali akulowabe. Patapita nthawi akudikirira, akumva chilengezo; “Malingana ndi chipwirikiti chimene chaphetsa anthu, zonse za lero zalephereka.”
    Kodi chikanachitika ndi chiyani ?

  2. lidawoneka kukhala malawi…Adzabweramo anuwake..ati indipendence..Tawona ma indipendence m’ma1900 kuba basi muchoka

  3. OUR leaders are heartless, they are the ones bringing shame to the once called the warm heart of Africa,this is satanism people died on the same arena before the blood dries you put a soccer game on the same arena what ashame, fellow Malawians greave in peace God has a solution,Rip poor souls,Rip,kamuzu,in your reign for thirty years none of these things ever happened .we were being fully parked in the stadium’s from top to bottom, why now,utsogoleri wamagazi.

  4. Amalawi mwatan kod fam yalakwa chan?,b4 mpira simudaone ma player ataima kwa a minute kupereka ulemu ,kod simudaone a president akutuluka m’bwalo lija limoz nd first lady + vice president masewero asanayambike kuthamangira Ku kamuzu central hospital .? M aaas

  5. The game was played to pay the last respect to the departed spirits of our true sons and daughters who lost their lives during the stampede at the stadium.Long Live Malawi

  6. Nothing else to say about it but let keep on praying hard and harder tiyeni tiganizire wokondedwa athu amene atayamoyoyawo mizimuyawo yiutsemtendere (Ukulukulu ukhona niathorisa) mlungu waliko ndikupepesa Amen

  7. If I were the so called Yoshua,I would have cancel the scheduled game bwtn bb n silvr to show my concern over the untimely death of the kids, unfortunately I am just a simple man without any name in this cashgate country may their soul lest in pis

  8. When u celebrate the death of innocent souls by watching the matches???? U hv to know that we can postpone the game but we cannot retain the lost lives..God will PUNISH this nation. May their lest in peace.

  9. shame de problem is not FAM but DAT fake president hu called him self is causative of dis instead of cebrating our 53 years of independence we are crying of our be loved ones the match is nothing Dan life shame on u bingu u r de one my finger is pointing on u stuipidty president

  10. Everyone is pointing fingers on FAM..kodi FAM ndi yomwe inakoza za independence? Bwanji mapemphero sanathere panjira..dnt comment of the sake of comment ukanalephereka mpira mukanagenda ngati munalipira

  11. Amalawi phuma ndilowe ndilowe zinthu zawulere pakana kuluzirapo achibale,mutengerepo phunziro enanu m’makhala ndiphuma ndiphuma muzochitika zambiri kwenikweni zaurele

  12. Too sad. May their souls rest in peace. Economy yafika mpaka pa ma local club friendlies instead of international friendlies??? koma nde zavutaditu #Malawi53

  13. Mm even akaletsa mpirawo the fact that some are dead would have still remained.. We just have to weep for the loss and move forward waiting for our own Time.

    1. ulibe nzelu kapena kuti chisoni amwalilawotu ambili ndi ana omwe sakanatha kudzithandiza they died coz they wanted to watch the same game, can u feel that bro. May good God have chifundo on you

  14. Dziko lamalawi likulowa pasi basi kalekale ti mkamenya friendly much ndi ziko lina koma lelo ati ma club okhaokha shame

  15. FAM u r really disgracing the Nation.U cudnt hv allowed this match to go on.U dont have any love and respect for the nation.

    1. Komanso mwina inuyo mukanaima kugulu la anthu mkulankhula mwina zikanamveka coz it seems like muli ndi mzeru kwambiri

    2. Tinenekuti ma celebration anathera panjira itachitika ngozi imeneyi? If yes ndekuti mpira ukanalephereka, abale onse ataya moyo ause mumtendele n mulungu atonthoze anamfedwa onse..

  16. zomvetsa chisoni game iyi inafunika idakalepheleka coz ena ataya miyoyo ena avulara eesh mizimu yabale atisiya iuse muntendelere ndiena onse avulara ambuye akhudzeni nidzanja lanu lamachilitso komanso pukutani misozi yabale omwe ataya okondedwa awo amen

    1. nothing wrong silver was playing with 10 players after their defender was redcarded, thats y they r saying 10 man, i think u were not following the match is it so?

  17. That game shouldve been cancelled coz initially it was to be part of indep. Cerebrations, but after the loss of Lives of our dear cutizens, darkness fell on our motherMalawi. So wat were they cerebrating about??? Was the Match More important Than Mourning With Those Who Lost their Dear Relatives??????.

  18. Umunthu = Zero. I don’t see any difference ndi anthu amapita kukaledzera ku maliro. And you want God to bless us. This match should have been CANCELLED.

  19. Honestly this match was supposed to be cancelled considering the tragedy Malawians faced at the celebrations venue. May their souls rest in peace

    1. Amwene kampopi kunena zoona silver sinali nanu serious kkkkk nyerere tatenga 3 points tilibe problem dikira pa tnm fixture tikumana kkkkkk momwe munasangalalira ngat mwawina world cupt kkkkkkk

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