Malawi Govt. says Flames embarrassed the nation at Cosafa


…says the dressing was poor

Government through the ministry of sports says Football Association of Malawi (FAM) embarrassed the nation at the on going Cosafa Castle Cup in South Africa.

Henry Mussa

Mussa: The performance was embarrassing.

Minister responsible Henry Mussa told MBC that exiting the tournament without even scoring a goal and the oversized uniform the team used especially the green one turned the team into a laughing stock.

“Exiting the tournament without even scoring a goal was just too much and the oversized green uniform turned the nation into the laughing stock. We were the subject of mockery and I don’t want to be part of that, it was just too much, it degraded the nation,” Mussa told Malawi’s state broadcaster on Friday.

The Flames anchored group A with two points from three games without scoring a goal in all the matches.

They lost 2-nil to Tanzania in their opening match before playing to two goalless draws to Mauritius and Angola respectively.

Malawi arrived back into the country on Friday, with head coach Ronny Van Geneudgen impressed with his men’s performance despite failing to find the back of the net.



  1. When you overstay on a position u just do whatever u like.Do u want to tell me those idiots at Fam did not see this kit that its too big,The only solution is just to wipe out the whole Fam technical and put new blood there,What happened with that Puma Jersey?

  2. Even the big man himself doesn’t know his national team was playing in wonder the renowned speaker Prof lumumba does not include our country in his examples of bad or good governance because we stopped existing after the death of bingu.umasiye sikukhala opanda Kholo kokha Koma ngati moyo wanu ngotaidwa opanda chisamaliro,kodi mavalidwe a uniform ija nkumati Pali wina Ali ndi udindo oyang’anira even during training can you dress up like that?abale kulira wake titani

  3. Zooooonse kungokhala pooooor pooooor pooooor FAM needs overhaul other wise we better have a break for 2yrs without taking part to build a strong team. And walter nkumayamikila coach ati ali bwino mmmm ubwino wake ulipati Malawi siiiiizanva

  4. Sika wakuti umene Kukagulitsa majesi amenewa…mu store nde mukundinamiza sizingapezeke..Akutichinya kuvala ..nde tingawine sorry Chester to be embarrassed…and there’s no need to fight for that Jersey it not wealth..well done for not doing well..they let you guy’s down..fam they must respect the nation…

  5. Malawi24, could u please help by sending this message to FAM ” Fam please when u r designing jersey fr your boys plz make sure that the uniform fits them well not those big fishermen shorts and shirts we r seeing at any competition, the size of the jersey determines the player’s playing skill , huge shorts and shirts make them look aukward, plz let them to address this thing

  6. Akakhala a minister aja samatha kuvala just like cow boy ,Anyamilandu akuzwa Iwo ndi nsanje bas too much kukhomelera ,Jersey ya 1940 mpaka lero koma am aganiza bwanj?

  7. Kodi utsogoleri wa FAM ulipo panowu ukufuna ukamadzachoka pa mpando udzasiye FLAMES iri masanza itatha ngati katani? Or FAM ‘yatumidwa’ kudzera ku mpira podziwa kuti anthu ambiri amakonda mpira? Recently conduct ya FAM ikundidabwitsa..! AMalawi anzanga KINNAH PHIRI mukumudziwa? Egypt, DRC, ALGERIA, DIDIER DROGBA, AFRIKA CUP of NATIONS after 26years? I remember this other day FAM imvekele.. ”ku Malawi kulibe Coach..” Lets talk about Ernest NTAWALI.. 4 wins lost thrice & drew once.. Mapeto ake.. ”FAM sinachite renew contract yake” NZUNGU tsopano.. more than 34 days mu HOTEL( over K4million) DSTV, TNM, Galimoto yabwino, pano Nyumba ya bwino & in return RVG 7games.. 1GOAL 1win & Over Size Umbro..? ”He is delivering the best results..” says Walter Nyamilandu. FAM President are u confused or u trying to confuse us?

  8. The main problem is that the FAM President has over over stayed at FAM.
    He is more like a dictator, he does not listen to peoples views.
    Kamuzu Banda was praised by those who benifited from him.
    If l was Walter, l would shame the devil and resign.
    13yrs is too much for a mediocre FAM President who still thinks he can deliver.

  9. I’m from Zimbabwe, ( they did well, BT my worry is on goalkeeper ,nd midfielders, , 2 thy didn’t prepare mch for the BT I MYSELF I RESPECT PEOPLE OF MALAWI, NET TIME ,I HOPE THY WLL DO MCH BTTR

  10. NYAMILANDU must step down for failing to up grade football in this country as he is the president of FAM. Taking FAM for granted,he must pave way for others to rule for better results.Failing which,national wide demonstrations for all soccer lovers to be hold for nyamilandu to get out of FAM.

  11. They must eliminate FAM President koz since pamene adayambira ntchito yake pankhani yazamasewero palibe chomwe chikusinthika komano kumangokhutisa mimba yake osati kupedza solution ya masewera amiyendo .which is bushitttttty

  12. …yes it was very embarrassing indeed But I think he who is embarrassed most is President Peter Mutharika coz his failure is seen from far PLUS in football,, kkkk

  13. How someone wearing medium size nd u give him X-large kkkk koma zili kuno Nyasaland sazathekha, poor performance nd can’t speak English poor our country that’s why we are #1 poor in de world

  14. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk kod tinene kut anyamata athu kit imene ija amavala kapena kufunda? Mmmmmm thats wat happen when you are poverty striken…..poverty is nanifested in dressing, sleeping, making calls, playing football. Shaaaa! Mpaka mkhata mchiuno

  15. but for me I like the fact that the malawian coach is empowering this young generation, I still believe that if the team will keep on train more and more next time they will do well, sometimes its not always about winning, but its also about how you led the foundation of the team, for me its well done to my malawian team, failure its just an event but its not who we are! we are the champions.

  16. Flames’ performance has exposed weakness in dpp-led govt. Imagine no U17, no U20 & no U23. How can you expect players who jumped these three levels to perform in the senior team? Short cuts are fatal!

  17. the ministry should do more to empower the players n motivate them. I see that most of the players lack the fighting spirit for the nation they are our soldiers in the play field so they have to dedicate themselves to national duty. Rember they are also utilizing our taxes too..

  18. kkkkkkk english poor, dressing poor, the country itself poor,, how can u expect a poor country build agood team hahaha its impossible,,,,, charity begins at home

  19. i wonder wht the fam was thinking wen they send the team to south africa if a seniour team can dress like tht wht about the junious and if the fam can fell to dress the team wht about paying them i wounder y malawian footbal is going.pliz dont forget to wetch your brothers today as we are facing the zebras

  20. Malawi mwina 100BC ndipamene imachita bwino koma masiku ano tizingo kola nsomba munyanja basi za mpira tisiye? or ndi boloka FC yomwe itha kutiwina kkkkkk

  21. If we fail to just dress the team smartly what more about scoring goals, we have said already the whole FAM needs overhaul, otherwise you will be embarrassed for ever!


  23. Muvomerezenso kuti DPP yalephera kutukula masewera ampira nanga mpaka kukabwera osachinyako!Timvenso izi”I would like to thank His excellence Professor .,….on the failure of the Flames to score even a single goal in the on going COSAFA Cup competition in South Africa….. kkkkkkkk ok!
    This is typical of African Ministers who can hardly respond to questions without heaping unwarranted praises on their bosses.Choncho wokakamira ndiye kuti bwana wanga alephera

  24. Anyway, I think that was a true reflection/picture of how most people are dressing like in nation. We must not pretend to be among elites when we are practically least commoners!

  25. You wait things to go wrong then you start preaching nonsense, Dressing ngati matumba azigayo za mchini . anzanu tikawona player watchena ung’ono ung’ono even timakondwabe chifukwa timadzuwakuti akuchokera kudziko lofewa , siizizi mwationetsa ku North west loyal Bafukeng last week.

  26. if u are poor, u will always blaming your children for the troubles they’ll cause & the shame they’ll bring to the family.
    so dont blame these players bcoz it is all your fault.
    instead of finding a solutions to the problem, u are busy acusing them.
    mulibe ndimanyazi!!

  27. English poor , dressing poor, playing poor zonse poor zoona ndie bona liziononga ndalama nkumawapasa akanganya amenewa? Ndalama amangomwera mowa ma brai nkati akuluakulu amenewa

  28. ndaonela nawo game ya Angola koma Pali player wina anachinga ngat apisila but still luks big koma abale amasankha ndani ma Jersey onenepa…. atali kabudula Wamkulu mmmmmm Malawi China chilichonse tizakhala mbuyo zoona???

  29. yayaya nkhani ya m’pila yomwe achimwe tu,nasenso tili kuyembezela atu zambia pomwe azakhala ali kugwebana ndi anyamata zebras of botswana.

  30. Nyamilandu utsogoleri wake ukupanga zithu as if akuendesa family yake. Thy r jct enrich themselves y? Lets impeach hm aaaaaa akusokonexa mbiri ya mpira. M’malo mot tizipita pasogolo tikubwerera pambuyo y

  31. Kkkk kma guys dressing poor, English poor….something needs to b done lyk serious makabudula mpaka Zingwe, interview wina akuyankhula zake wnaxo zake English itachema

  32. Mpira ndi masewera ndiye tisamadandaule tikaluza, sinapitire kukatenga cup koma kuti tikaonetse ma player ena kuti nawo amatha mpira mwina akhoza kuwagula kuti akhale ndi tsogolo lowala nawonso.

  33. Stupid government not only dressing but also our athletes doesn’t get paid enough, from far view they look unphysically fit, what can expect from hungry players, every body contact our players goes down and loses the ball, our politicians are rapping these boys and all these players don’t have future after being used this government, every tournament the very government fails to budget always boma ndalama lilibe mpaka Bushiri athandize, pay athletes well to perform at their best level, you idiots

    • so u mean government didn’t do enough ?,if ur answer is yes then explain batter. it just seems that u are just attacking watever government is doing weather is good nor bad popeza ndinu a PP basi chikhale chifukwa yamikirani pomwe zina zikuyenda bwino pomwe inu ma comment anu onse ndikunyoza basi aaaaa mutima umeneo siutithandiza amalawi. brain kasakula and u bro ur the same u bitter ppl just cz ur party lost kasakula is busy campaigning for MCP on hot current programme. accept defea support the government of the day

    • malawian are nt stupid they watching u guys ur comments always shows whr u belongs just fcus on rebuilding ur party going to 2019 elections

    • That’s nonsense then who to blame??? Its not about politicians or which government always say boma ndalama lilbe??? Did we mentioned MCP or DPP, that’s personal attack learn to debate

    • If you can add political dialogue here players under MCP were healthier, had good body shape fit enough to compete, the likes of Rueben Malora,Jack chamangwana, kina Phiri,
      Under Bakili players were enjoying every day life, had healthy body, most of them were speaking good English, the likes of Jones Nkhazi, Maupo , Mponda,Mwase, Bob or Albert, and more all these players are working, have huge body’s and happily living, almost players were from government secondary schools.
      Mention players under DPP in almost 14 years, Kamwendo is ignorant and will die poor, Stainly sanudi, Simplex thala just to mention few, all these boys playing in Mozambique because life is hard under current government,

    • Let me use strong word here Hancock ndiwe Chitsiru kwambiri. You have small brain like Snake. Poor performance and poor dressing by National team have nothing do do with government. Iwe ngati ndimakate akumvuta ufanawo amenewo.Ask the legendary Kina Phiri and his fellow players that time,they played well and even won games just to shake hands with Kamuzu.No money was involved.You have made very serious allegation and you must apologize to government for that nonsenses.Our government makes sacrifice to make sure that Football be given attention it deserves koma iwe uli mphono biiii kumanyoza boma mbudzi! On part of dressing, we should blame FAM for dressing our players so poorly. The uniforms are very cheap and oversized. At least to make things better they would have taken these useless uniforms to tailors for some alterations to fit the players.

    • Daison J Mbewe I have no energy to waste on you here, those told you that handshakes were enough to play for the national team lied to you, all those generation of Kina Phiri living large out here, I can not apologize to idiots like you, the very same government imati ndalama alibe ndiye FAM ndalama yopeleka kwama players or yogula Jersey zabwino zichoka kuti, do not run your responsibilities. Sindimatukwana zilekwa ngati iwe I reserve the respect, kangati mwati ndalama za mpira mulibe , even mpaka lero ma players Quens our national team are not paid but almost two years now,

    • if u say government it mean rulling party i mean in ur comments n u proved it in ur second comments .the point u just hate Dpp n nothings ll change that FAM inathesa flames boma linalowelerapo komaso fifa kuyesesa kuti flames ichite bwino mpaka kutenga foreign coach .mukanapanga blame FAM ndikanavetsetsako

    • #Benson Phiri though I don’t get you, were do FAM get money, the minster of sports is from which party???? Ndikuuze mwana zanga wapakasitu, ine sindidana ndichipani chilichotse I do support the party chomwe asakha muthu yomwe I believe is the best among all candidate, even DPP I can vote for it, kuvotera chipani ndikuika dziko pamoto ayise, you don’t know anything about sports you’re a politician

    • fam iliso ndi ma sponsor ndibungweso liziyimila palokha paokha ndichithandizo frm boma potukula masewero. komadi ini siwamasewero koma wandale kkkkkkk i lk that point

    • hope nw u ll go for MCP kkkkk kusapota DDP iwe mmmm ngakhale atasankha chimuthu banda wakwathu kukhala pulesident siungamuvotelebe kkkk

    • Chimuthu ngwakumpoto DPP inamenyetsa mwala anthu wakumpoto sazalamulatso dzikoli, kodi sudziwa????? At the moment sindizavotera Kaye UDF or DPP mpaka atasakha muthu oyimira wadera lapakati or Kumpoto Malawi has free regions, komaso zipani za DPP and UDF atapeleka mwayi kwa mabanja ena osati kumangosakhana mumabanja awiriwo if they can change those policies then I will vote for them

    • I warn you Hanock or whatever name you may call yourself. I sense something is wrong in your head.We are commenting about the recent poor performance of our national team why bring your lame politics in here? If you have concerns regarding government here is not forum for you to fart your useless arguments. Go to appropriate authorities for assistance. Comment issue as it is,don’t mix with your hatred motive.

    • hanock is a good politician n he s good whn comes to oppose what dpp government is doing either good or bad kkk. i wish if he cn go n stand as mp for PP in khotakota north

    • A Benson Phiri umphawi wavutawu ukuphuzitseniso kuyang’ana ndi kusintha mzeru school is not only in a classroom if you were in a group of president advisor,can you reason better to change things that you know are not in good direction?are you happy with levels of of efforts that the government is doing not only in sports but in general?Gwero LA mavuto or ulemerelo ndi boma.kuvomera kudzudzulidwa nkuzichita mosintha zimakomerako ochuluka.i am not your judge but Your comments are sided to a pathetic, patriotic and from a parasite of poverty.Takulani inu kuphyetsana mtima bwanji kodi

  34. The saying goes, “dressing was poor” thats a word we hear from gvt, mother of every activity in the country. I wonder if they (gvt) didn’t know about the kit their boys were/are to use at such tournaments. Blame is on you gvt, don’t blame anyone.

  35. Everything was just an Embarrassment there.Our football is going nowhere to be honnest. Fam need a new presdent. How long does it takes to buld a team coz for the past 10 years all we hear is bulding a team.

  36. it doesnt end thr,the playing was poor,dressing was poor and never the less the english was appalling.istill believe kina Phiri was the best coach fr malawi adzimenya chichewa