Madonna announces opening date for Mercy James centre


American pop star Madonna has announced opening date for the state of the art children’s hospital, Mercy James centre for pediatric surgery and intensive care, Malawi24 has learnt.

The singer who is a foster mother to four Malawian children made the revelation on Friday. She said the facility will open its doors on 11th July, 2017.

Madonna announces Mercy (R) will have a pediatric centre under her name.

Success of the project is owed to the star’s effort through an initiative called Raising Malawi. Madonna managed to convince others to contribute towards the project as she organised entertainment events in her native country, whose proceedings went to the project.

She dedicates it to the children of Malawi, her adopted daughter Mercy James in particular, hence naming it after her. Madonna adopted Mercy in 2009.

The facility is the first and the only one of its kind in Malawi. As such it is expected to benefit Malawian children which will in turn improve their health, considering that critical surgeries will be conducted at the centre.

As a token of appreciation, the American artist recognises every hand that played a part in making the project a success.

“Thanks to everyone, doctor, company, construction foreman (the list goes on) who have dedicated time, energy and effort to making this project a success.”

Apart from adopting Malawian children, the artist’s helping hand keeps extending to other children in the country.



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