We will not let people with albinism be killed like chickens – Police

Lexten Kachama
Kachama says police will not relent to end albino attacks in Malawi.

Inspector General of Malawi Police Lexten Kachama has vowed that the law enforcers will not stay idle and watch people with albinism being killed like animals.

He made the assurance on Friday at Mitundu Trading Centre in Lilongwe during a sensitisation campaign which was organised by the Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (Apam).

Kachama said the cases of abductions and killings are increasing hence the police’s intervention is the only way to end the attacks.

“People with albinism have to enjoy human rights like any citizen in this country because everyone is a human being and it is not a crime to be a person with albinism,” he explained

Kachama however asked members of the public to work hand in hand with the security providers to end the attacks against people with albinism.

Since 2014, the abductions and killings of persons with albinism have been on the rise.

Even in 2017 when the situation was thought to have been contained, cases of rights violation against persons with albinism have continued to rise in parts of the country.



  1. Ndikuziwa kuti likupangitsa izi ndi boma Alubino akaphedwa panayenera pakhale Sharia Law kuti wakuphayo aphedwe basi mukanawona kuli zii, ku parliament ko mwangotikonso zii simukukambirana za kuphedwa kwa anthuwa, Mulungu akuona ndipo aweruza yekha

  2. Dear Police. First how are you. I am writing this because the statics of murders of our fellow brothers and sisters. I mean people with albinism. I think it time to fight this scourge with everything if need be work overtime let it be. You ara vowing and the numbers are going up. We beg you pliz bring these criminals to book and we want to see justice. Stop talk and do action. Now to my fellow Malawians let’s work side by side with police and give an information that might help to an arrests of these scavengers. Your tip off will save a life.

  3. aaaaa IG zofunika kumanamiza anako kunyumba kwako ndilit lomwe adayamba kuphedwa anthu amenewa? bt there nothing happening

  4. there is no any other simple thing other than to vowing, mr. IG you would love to be silent on the topic, the killage is being upgraded almost daily

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  6. what a fuck words is ds Mr Policeman.Mot mubwere ndi action ur coming with words. U police also ur involved mukudziwapo kanthu ana anjoka inu

  7. Look at the beautiful one, putting 2 hands together.this means begging mercy from God. So God can’t come alone to protect them but through us. Amen

  8. Sir Kachama those are words that even a 3yr old kid can say…….how many albinos have been killed so far. …..under yo watch?…….surely ………don’t jus blue print the public that no albno will b attacked as if u have instituted a gun to every minority albino…….as ya saying already albinos are getting abducted ……in south…….mutipo bwa?

  9. Mwina Ku Police Kwabadwa Albino Yomwe Akufuna Amuteteze Nanga Albino Ake Ndi Amene Tidamva Kuyambila Kalewa? Adali Kut Apolicewo? Mumawatenga Ngat Si Anthu?Ngat Ndi Choncho Mu Police Muli Albino Angat Amene Alembedwa Ntchito Ya Upolice? Kod Onse Ngosaphunzila Mumayamba Ndinu Apolice Kuwasala Albinowa Ndie Muwateteza Bwanji? Mwaona Liti?God Is Watching Over U!!!!!!!

  10. Aaaaaa You talk that to the Media, on paper, on social media but what is Happening on the Group through your Team is totally different with your Voice MR POLICE arise my case

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