Mutharika wants Malawians to live peacefully

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has urged people in the country to live in peace and harmony despite having different religious beliefs so that Malawi should make strides in development.

Mutharika made the remarks in Mangochi on Saturday during the Priesthood Silver Jubilee celebration of Blantyre Archdiocese Bishop Thomas Msusa.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika wants a peaceful Malawi.

Mutharika told the gathering that differences in religious beliefs must not be a factor of dividing Malawians because it is only through peaceful co-existence that people in the country can move forward as a nation.

“Whether you are a Catholic, a Hindu, a Muslim or a Pentecostal, you need to strive at promoting love, peace and harmony which can take the country to prosperity,” Mutharika said.

The Malawi leader said order brings peace and unity, noting that the life of Archbishop Msusa is a symbol of love and orderliness in times of hopelessness.

“The life of Bishop Msusa should challenge all of us to love God and attempt to bring peace and unity among our friends so that we continue to live in harmony,” he said.

The president then urged Malawians to embrace the three development pillars of patriotism, integrity and hardwork because the country’s destiny lies in the hands of people who are productive.

He appealed to the clergy to pray for the country’s leadership to fulfil its development agenda pointing out that government is taking the necessary steps to bring development through various initiatives.

On accidents, Mutharika said the situation is worrisome and added that he has set up a committee to find out the cause.

“I have instituted a joint committee of the transport and police sectors to establish and find solutions to the rising cases of road accidents, most of which, I believe are a result of overspeeding and drunk driving,” he said.

In his remarks, Bishop Msusa commended government for promoting freedom of worship and he called on religious leaders to dwell much on preaching the word of God instead of wasting time castigating other churches.



  1. Which peace he need? How can people live in peace with full of poverty and weak economy? Does this man understand the meaning of peace or maybe he just want to open his beautiful mouth so that the insects can enter inside him?


  3. Boma likonze njira zabwino zoti a Malawi asamavutikee kupeza chithandizo cha moyo wawo watsiku ndi tsikuu .
    Komanso kuseka njira zomwe zimapangisa kuti anthu am’boma aziba ndalama ndikumayika muzikwama mmanyumbamuu.

  4. Kkkkkkkk musatisekese mapwiya,peace????? While you are oppressing vendors??? Mavenda angokhalira kuthamanga in town with their small businesses in their hands,asilikali anu amangowamenya mkuwalanda katundu mmmm ndiye mwati mtendere?????

  5. How z that suppose to mean? Malawi will never be a peaceful country for the fact that you ate the one who is creating more problems in this country.And yet you begging for peace, how do you expect people to follow you? PAPA you run out of words you can’t ask people to start cleaning outside while inside remain unclean.

  6. MR wat kind of peace ar u talking abt? malawi is already peaceful instead of taking these corrupt men to court 4 charges

  7. Muthalika has nothing to say,,shame to him a failer he’s bringing Malawi down then expecting the nation to live peacefully,,,how

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  9. I totally agree if president, what is our symbol ? No matter what religion we follow lets share love.GOD is love. Our country it’s God loving place.know our beautiful culture. Don’t loosen the line. Lets walk together in love

  10. Very important message. Malawi is not doing well in love sharing with our neighbours because of love of money. Malawi lost Christian virtues because of lust for power and wealth. This why we see people hunting for albino community, people looking for human body parts, theft, embezzlement, witchcraft, corruption, internal political squabbles and fighting……..hence peace lost into prison and graveyard. Surely it is never too late to change and turn around. Each one of us must go deep into our bedrooms to clean our hearts. God will listen. He knows all our secrets and what we do in private. Matt 6:6.

  11. How can peace prevail if pple are not comfortable in terms of economy, freedom of speech, access to better human necessities like water, housing, electricity, better road infrastructure etc.

  12. What kind of peace, as long as DPP is in Government ,Malawi shall never experience real peace. Anthuwa ngakupha,Njaunju,Chasowa,Mbendera ndi ….. Alikuti.

    1. Mwaiwara kale..amalawi…udf matafale……mcp nde …..eeeeeeeeh….gadama…. Sangala…mongotchula ochepa chabe. nd na iwara….awa ndkut pp…bingu mbelwa anapha ndiwowo…… Dpp for ever………

  13. I agree with the president, Malawi is a peaceful nation the warm heart of Africa, we resolve our problems peacefully, let the DPP cadets keep that in mind

  14. mr president,u knw that malawians live in peace except aftr u came on power,we saw big change,so i suggest that u shuld atleast try 2 hear our cries,c what can happen,we o lv u n malawi.

  15. Pamene ena amakhala a kulakhula za MCP kuti khaza mukuyiwala zikuoneka panozi Ife ama 90’s stiziwa khaza za MCP tikuwona zainu za DPPPamene ena amakhala a kulakhula za MCP kuti khaza mukuyiwala zikuoneka panozi Ife ama 90’s stiziwa khaza za MCP tikuwona zainu za DPP ndi ana mukuti cadent

    1. kkkkkkk…..vuto anthu mumadana ndi chilungamo, pena kumayamikira munthu akapanga zabwino osati kungotsutsa zilizonse simuzatukuka

  16. ayambe kaye kuramurira bwino ndipamene azinena zimenezo tikufuna azipanga zachirungamo boma rake rachurusa ziphuphu ,mirandu yambiri akungoyipondereza basi ,tikufuna chirungamo pankhani ya chimanga ya chaponda ,anapha njaunjo ,chasowa ,chirungamo chake chipezeke osati azitiphimba mmaso ayi

  17. He should ask first her stupid notorious spokes lady Glesseder Jeffrey on her stupid violence speech against innocent Malawian

  18. malawi is peaceful country ,mumapangisa ndinu andale mukawonongawonanga kenako muziti i want malawi to be so so kena…….kenako azakhala malawi otanikaya, andalenu asamamuputa malawi paja ndimalawi amato sikulina azakutethani

  19. a commendable message from the head of state….,but one word to him…..let he first of whole discipline his party loyalists who have loud mouths of spitting hate and criminal speeches subject to cause breach of peace, public and nation order.,….. ooh yes I min his cadets and closest aides who have a “Joseph Goebbels and Emperor Nero style of living”………if peace is to bestowed let’s practice good moral values ……nd that will work……accordingly

  20. How can Malawi be peaceful when the whole Secretary general tells cadates to stone those with opposing views,what if they too retreat,term the mouth of your secretary general bwana

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