TNM and Airtel rapped for swindling customers on Internet services

It seems customers in Malawi are not happy with the two top mobile service providers in the country.

In two unrelated incidents, customers of the two companies TNM and Airtel have taken to the Facebook pages of the two companies to complain about the way the two companies are swindling their clients.


In a post on an official TNM page, a customer by the name of Teshan Mwamlowe complained that the company has started using trickery to steal from its clients. Mwamlowe said that TNM has stopped sending its customers a message to notify them that they had run out of an internet bundle.

“Kodi mwayamba liti zomangomaliza data yomwe munthu wapanga subscribe, mpaka kuyamba kumudyera the remaining airtime osamuuza? (Since when have you stopped informing people that their bundle has run out and instead you just get to using their airtime?)” asked Mwamlowe.

Mwamlowe also wondered the logic behind this new unfair practice coming at a time that the company has just hiked its internet prices.
He finished his complaint with a threat that as a TNM customer, he would seek other mobile service providers if TNM were to continue with the swindling of clients.

His opinion was echoed by other people on the post and as we came to publish, the comment had attracted over 45 likes. People in the comments section also supported the threat of leaving TNM. TNM only appeared to reply that they had seen the complaint and would act on it.

Airtel is also another thief
TNM’s partner in crimes was not however spared implying that for those threatening to leave TNM, they would not find a solace at its competitors.
Posting on the official Airtel page, a customer by the name of Sunga Kufeyani rapped the company for swindling its customers.

“Airtel you should know Jesus, how does a 4GB bundle finish within 10 days? And I didn’t even get any messages on the percentage I have used, your agents aren’t even helpful at all,” posted Kufeyani whose comments had over 65 comments as we published.

Kufeyani told the company to fix its system and stop stealing from its customers.

Airtel official page responded that Kufeyani’s phone might have other apps running in the background that were consuming the data. This was however rubbished by Kufeyani and others who said that they know their phones and know how they operate.

Airtel did not respond to the accusations that they also did not send messages to warn the people on their usage of the internet data when the bundle was nearing expiration. Instead it invited Kufeyani to visit their offices.

MACRA should intervene

Meanwhile some Malawians have asked MACRA to intervene in the swindling of clients that the two companies are involved in.



  1. Komadi ationjeza, Imagine 50mb without downloading anything within 5minutes kutha.
    Sikalenso dzanadzanali mwationjeza kobasi aitel ayi ayi tindalama tomwe tovutikirati kumabelananso choncho please do something apreciatable.

  2. Airtel programmed its system so that once the data bundles are exhausted the whole Internet services shuts down and your airtime is not affected a thing that TNM hasn’t done

  3. so true these companies are are ripping on wat dem never sow…wonder how they calculate the digits or its just coz they think Malawians are ignorant!…

  4. Mtn internet in Malawi is very slow,,,, by the time you finish downloading the porn you might have given your life to Christ.

  5. TNM ukagula bundle kuti upange download nyombo. Bundle cost K150 (30 mb). Song size 4 mb. Ukayamba downloading ikafika pa 99 akuuza network failed try again. Ukapanga press pa try again imayambiraso 1 koma ikafikaso pa 99 try again. Try again mpaka 30 mb kutha. Better airtel umatengako zinthu zingapo ngakhale nawonso ali ndo chisimu chopanga deduct ndalama mu phone nkumati makina anawonongeka…. TIKILOWETSANO MI PARLIAMENT MUKAPANDA KUSINTHA.

  6. U purchase a social bundle of 1 day, u are remaining with some airtime in your phone. Once you switch on data, oooh gosh! U remain with nothing all is gone, ur money & bundle. Why is it like this?

  7. Kodi zikutiwa ife ma customer.zain ija inali bwino ndi celtel koma uyu akuti air tel yu. Ayi wationjeza a Malawi.kaya mappers a wo ndioona akubela ma customer chonchi? Nanu a t n m. Mwanyanya ngati mwatopa nayo company yo Ine ndikugulani koma musatibele chonchi. Pomaliza mon kwa zimbava zose za airtel ndi t n m.m t l bwalo.

  8. I think some are ignorant here when u buy a 4GB bundlle it doesnt mean u will have it the whole week it depends on how u use it

  9. They are stupid why doing this when they know that poor people are struggling to get the money for buying it as one way of saving their little they have

  10. Dongles once connected (internet)to PC whether you use internet or not the bundles deplete as a matter of other applications running on background especially windows 7 and above the same to smart phones worse if your phone is windows mobile

  11. I can finish 4gb within an hour if my connection is good because I download stuff and my phone apps get updates. If that happens, I don’t get mad at Airtel, I just buy another bundle if I must or just stay offline, no drama

  12. Amalawi tinazolowela kulira pa Facebook…Koma JOHN KAPITO akaitanitsa mademo pankhani zoti zikutipweteka ngati izi, sitimapitako….ndiye kumakhala kumutukwana/kumusambwaza/kumunyoza/kumukumba Kapito ndi azinzake. Kupusa kwathu sikungapose apa…Pano nayeso Kapito anafika pokutopelani! TNM ndi Airtel akungokumwelani masuku pamutu chifukwa chakumbwambwana/kupusa kwanu! Tulo kwambiri Amalawi..

  13. I had a very bad experience with an Airtel dongle 4Gb bundle disappearing without being used and went to their Airtel 4 times until I gave up and throw the dongle in the bin ….we are being screwed left right and centre

  14. Mmmmmm ayi ndimadabwa ine kutumiza kumuzi ndalama koma akaku flasher ati iwenso uimbe ine kuwafunsa amayi anga akuti inetu kuti ndikupatseni moni ndi 1000 kwacha airtel pamene kunoko tikugula 5rand mtn kuwapatsa moni anthu bwino bwino ma bundle a mtn two weeks alipo 15rands ma social midia onse kugwiritsa ntchito koma na malawi mmmmmmm its too much fotsek

  15. Things will not change unless some people come at macra and are willing to allow for more competition in the mobile network business.these two monopolies do whatever they wish because they don’t have good competitors.even Access doesn’t have coverage away from major towns.we need one to two more mobile giants.that is if Macra people are shuffled and new management does not get any funny Ideas

    1. I really agree with your point brother. Having few network in the whole country its a very big problem. Thus why they can offer poor services cz they know that no more competition. Here in SA we have so many network with R12 you can get Data bandles for the whole month. Using Internet Whatsap and everything that need bandles with no more problems. But I wonder why Malawi got few network.

  16. ” a company too big enough to give you every service u want is as strong enough to rob you every thing u have”….the case study of Airtel and TNM……

  17. Dont blame TNM & Airtel,blame your own ignorance and lack of education on how to use a Smart phone.This thing called a Smart phone was designed in a way that it can operate so many functions at once most of which functions out of your sight,this is what is called Background Data.What it means is that for example you are on facebook while your Background Data is On it means every application in your phone is consuming your MB’s without your knowledge, that is why when you are on Facebook you keep on receiving notifications from various Apps such as Whatsapp,Instagram,Youtube,Gmail and others.So the solution is for you to go to your settings,then disable Background Data and you will notice an improvement in the time your MB’s last,it is even more helpful to disable a specific App,in my view Google App Store is the main MB consuming App due to its Auto update feature,so just go to Settings, then select All settings,then Data,then choose a specific App and disable its Background Data.But to TNM and Airtel i could just ask them to make the cost of MB’s affordable because some of us are huge consummers of MB’s,for my case on a good day i can use up to 700 MB’s in just a few hours.

    1. The problem of having few network in a country. They can offer services the way they can cz they know that you can’t go to any network except those ones.

    2. May we are ignorant as you put it but from where I stand all that you have explained above is in place and am sure the Macra pple understand the problem too. Thus why they fought the spy machine battle. I may not buy the other side of the macra story but zomwe tiludandaulaxi ndi zenizeni. You’ll understand when you star buying bundles and experience it first hand.

    3. Well explained dude,people need to be careful with these so-called smartphones.These fons consume data like nobody’s business,so its advisable to put mobile data off when not using the fon to avoid data wastage

  18. Ndemaona ngat vuto limeneli ndikukumana nalo ndine ndekha. Ine pano ndimanjoya net ndikakhala Ku Mozambique they are fair with there services

  19. Iremember when foreign companies, Vodafone and MTN wanted to come in ..both airtel and tnm went to Macra boses with a bag it just ended there.

  20. I also totally agree to this as airtel says one network and roam international but charges hefty sum on the same network as in airtel india. Inspite of airtel being their own service provider with the main branch being in India.
    Please don’t exploit the customers. Give them the services what they deserve. We pay huge money .

  21. I had same complaint few days ago only being told problem is my 4n.But how come immediately I switched to another network consumption was stabilized?

  22. Ukangopanga bundle b4 u.evr insert ur fb password u have used 90% kkkk nanji nanji ulowe instagram hahaha bindle 100% pwahahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahhahahhahhhahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahhhahahhahahahahahah

  23. Yes akuba amenewa moti kukadakhala company zina za ma mobile phones tikadapanga switch kwinako izi zanyanya kuba ha

  24. Ku Malawi ma bord kuchuluka opanda tchito MBS zaziiii airtel kumba maunits kumbeledwa daily pa mozambique pompa amakuza data yanu ili on zimitsani koma siku Malawi

  25. You make a call frm Nsanje-Mzimba, they send u a text to buy international bundle for cheaper calls to Mzimba.

  26. Ineso makape amenewa andibwezera osandiwuza kuti bandle nda user ma % angati kumangondidyera ma units mpaka 1000 kufusa balance ndangopeza 00 chosecho 60 MB tsiku osatha be carefully

  27. They need to do something! You recharge but even without making a call you find that you have no credit,this is day robbery!The service is next to poor! Yet we r charged exorbintantly TNM organise your house!

  28. Even the users have to regulate their usage. It not guaranteed that when you buy a month bundle it has to last for a month. Otherwise everyone can use the way they want and claim here that the bundles are not lasting long.
    Not on their side but as a Malawian, my experience about my own society is that we do not want to take responsibility. Everything that goes wrong, a Malawian thinks there must be somebody responsible for that.
    In general, the ‘why’ question is generally far away from us.

    1. kumbari ya bundle ine sindimaona vuto.koma airtime ndiyomwe amandibera.anthu ena amakomedwa pa fb kuona ma vidéos,munthu wagura 30mb koma ukufuna uone ma videos

    2. I personally think, if I were these TNM and Airtel guys I would serious put much consideration into the calls issue.
      And I am very sceptical if the arguments here are factual.
      In terms of calls we are are very much clear of costs of a call per minute and a hand set keep record of each call. Hence, I find it weird that of all the arguments here, there is none with tangible evidence. All are claims.
      Zikakhala za ma bundles amwayi ndi fon za makonozi they keep records.

      Komano I think the two companies should take the responsibility of making things clear to their customers (which ever way they can) coz apa presentation ya nkhani is not in their favour.

    3. Thats why somebody used the word ‘ignorance’.Nobody shld buy a 30 day bundle and expect it to last 30 days while they are on the fon all day.Thats insane

  29. I remember MACRA once had a project to install, machine that can regulate charges from these mobile operators to their customers, but with political reasons zinakanika. Because others suggested that it was spy machine. I don’t know if machine has been installed. Ma guys owonjeza awa

  30. Ukamayimba akuti ndalama zako zatha kumakuza kuti Fulani ma units kapena kongolani chonsecho mu phone uli ndi ma units

  31. Airtel how do u caunt 24hr? does 12am is where 24hrs start? u must fix u’re bundles.On Tnm when u borrow k50 u deduct k5 thanks okay as a fee.but when u recharge k50 u deduct all why mmm thieves

  32. I wonder why the government is just sitting phwi without doing anything. In other countries,the state is responsible for protecting its citizens.Koma pa Malawi, aliyense amazionera yekha boma ntchito koma kutolera misonkho ndi kumagawana.

  33. Ndipo nde worse. Kubweleka 500 Ku airtel just one call, the next call akuti ma units siokwana yet I just talk for less than one minute. Kwasala tingolowera ku MTL shuwa

    1. someone send me k2000.. after finishing enjoying reading the notification text..when I want to make a call only to be greeted by am sorry please recharge or like waaat??

    2. Ine NDE sikale but last wk kubwereka 500 I make one call while still on sofa the next call akuti mulibe ma units. Mxii disgusting

    3. Kubwereka artel credit umangobesa ndalama ukamabweza,ngongole yake imakhala in -ve,u can’t even call the other line or kupangira bundle,this line ndiyaumve heavy…..kmasoaguys atitola kubwere ena MTN ndi ena

    1. I fill like at a certain stage Tili ana kaya Ku primary amatiphunzitsa kuba but we didn’t even knew it, now zikuwonekela it’s in this us

  34. Its very embarrasing. You buy a 7 days internet bundle you find that it ends on 3rd or forth day. I have had this experience on airtel network all all my recent bundles that I have been lurchasing. A 24 hr bundle finishes within 30 minutes. This is bad

    1. Anthu ambiri pamenepa samanvetsetsa , amatanthauza kuti mtolo supitilira tsiku lakuti ngati sungaumalize mwansanga malinga ndi mmene ukugwiritsira ntchito .

    2. ndakhala ndukugwiritsa ntchito ma bundle omweo mbuyomu the same things that i was dking using the same kund of bundle that lasted me full period today lasts me three days on similar usage. Its not like I’m just talking from the blues but I have the basis. I know what I ‘m saying. Its not fair.

    3. Worse Still Umagula Bundle Only 2 Find That No Internet Koma Same Place Calling Zikutheka And Situation Remains So Till The Bundle Expires.

  35. I’m 100% agreeing with what people are saying.
    These companies are educated thieves.

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