Zomba councillors seal council offices


Zomba Councillors on Monday sealed offices of Director of Planning and Development and Director of Administration at the Zomba City Council.

According to information made available to this publication, the councillors claimed the two, who are in the District Executive Committee, hides project information from the councillors.

Zomba City Council
(Image credit: www.rikkyo.ne.jp)

The councillors said the conduct prompted them to suspect that the two public officers are involved in corruption.

Chairperson of the council, Chikumbutso Likandawe said the accusations made by the councillors might be true considering what the two officers do.

Likandawe said when the district council is implementing some projects, councillors are left in the dark by the two officers.

He added that this makes them feel overlooked.

He further said information on progress of the projects is not available to the councillors despite it being public information.

According to the chairperson, the sealing of the offices is to force the two authorities to explain well to them the truth of the matter.
The councillors have since threatened to take another action if the top authorities do nothing to the matter.



  1. Have the Councillors exhausted all the ways to resolve this matter. Lets hope there is no politics here. For the betterment of Zomba, better sit down and explore more ways.

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