NGO donates uniforms to Blantyre girls

Mandimu primary school

They are young but the girls gave a word of thanks following a donation of school uniforms by Girls Talk Initiative as one way of easing challenges that children face in Malawi.

The initiative that eyed Mandimu Primary School with uniforms to 20 girls has witnessed the young leaders that awaits tomorrow not holding their excitement.

Mandimu primary school
Girls from Mandimu primary school in donated uniforms

One of the beneficiaries Omega Kalitsiro applauded the initiative arguing the donation motivates her not to miss classes.

“I never had a uniform to put on and I was worried looking at my friends putting on beautiful uniforms, I felt not belonging among them but now I look like them, a student worthy to be called,” said young Omega.

Concurring with Omega, Eliza Mikundi also a beneficiary said the donation has pushed her to work hard at school to be a responsible citizen of the country.

Girls Talk Initiative Coordinator George Nedi said they look forward to helping many girls in need of school materials.

“That’s what has been the desire for us, to see many girls not having many problems while at school, we will continue supporting them through our partners and for those that may wish to show a giving hand gesture they are welcome to do so,” said Nedi in an interview with Malawi24.

The initiative has so far reached to girls in Blantyre rural areas with various school needs and plans are in the pipeline to have many benefiting across the country as disclosed by Nedi.


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  1. Uwuwu nde usilu…… These girls did not fall down from heaven on their own. Two adults met and consented to make them. They should bear the cost of feeding, clothing and educating their own ‘sweat’!

    This thing of giving porridge to children and then providing them with school uniforms is increasing the stupid mindset of poor people breeding like rats, because on the way somebody will shoulder a responsibility of caring their child, when it is the responsibility of the parents……. THis STUPID MINDSET is killing MALAWI.

    Anthu opanda kalikonse akungobereka ngati ali pa mpikisano!!! No wonder we are now 18 million people, and 13 million people have absolutely nothing

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