Sanitation issues delay opening of Gologota market

Gologota Market

Sanitation issues like lack of toilets have delayed the official handover of Gologota market at Area 23 in Lilongwe.

In an interview with Malawi24, Lilongwe City Council (LCC) public relations officer Tamara Chafunya said the construction of the market is almost done but the handover ceremony is yet to be held due to sanitation concerns.

“The structure at the Gologota market in Area 23 was a project initiated by the Member of Parliament of the area under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) program. Therefore the main purpose for the market shade was to accommodate fish and vegetable sellers,” Chafunya told Malawi24.

Gologota Market
Gologota Market still not opening.

“However, an official handover is yet to be made to the community while the council also looks into addressing some of the concerns that were raised by the community in relation to sanitation and essential facilities which need to be provided for.”

Malawi24 caught up with a businesswoman at the market who disclosed that the old market has been operating without a toilet and dumping place.

“Plans are on to construct a temporary toilet as we are waiting for the council to construct a modern one. The old one collapsed way back,” the woman told Malawi24.

The woman further said that someone was claiming to own the dumping site and the market users quarrel with him when dumping wastes at the site.

“The market officials reported the issue to the city council and it promised to find an alternative to make businesses operating smoothly in the newly constructed market,” the business woman said.

Gologota market in Area 23 is expected to be used by more than 200 businesspeople particularly those who sell fish and vegetables.