Work on your solo hit first – says GD to up-and-coming artists


Well known rapper cum audio producer GD has advised up-and-coming musicians to avoid leaning on established musicians for their talent to grow.

The Daredevils member said this on Wednesday in response to award winning DJ, Joy Nathu’s tweet on some budding artists’ overreliance on big names in the industry.

GD renders advice to upcoming artists.

“Up-and-coming artist wants a quick shortcut to fame decides to use a veteran artist on his debut single, gets murdered. Back to square one,” reads Joy Nathu’s tweet.

Nathu uses the radio as a platform to promote up-and-coming local talent. As such it is arguably his place to comment on such issues, so is GD who emphasized on the need for growing artists to trust their solo energy.

“Up-and-coming artists! Stop asking for collabos, work on your solo hit first, grow as an artist first…people are dying out here…it’s a warzone out here,” said GD

True to this, some budding artists have only had their voices heard in a collaboration with a top artist, only to be suppressed then quickly sink into oblivion. Blantyre based musician, Nepman, is believed to be among the top artists used by budding ones.

Lilongwe based up-and-coming musician Weexy concurred with GD on the importance of going into collaborations having made a name from solo effort.

Weexy, currently on the search for the winning formulae, is dropping solo projects hoping to find a place in the industry. His latest work titled Deliverance can now be accessed electronically on radio, television, and internet.