Agriculture PS chased away from Parliament


Parliamentarians on Friday chased away Principal Secretary (PS) for Malawi’s ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development Erica Maganga from the a cluster meeting for lying before the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture during the maize scandal inquiry.

Maganga who was set to defend budget allocation to the ministry, was sent packing from a cluster meeting in Lilongwe.

Maize scandal
Malunga : we cannot trust her

Chairperson of the committee Chidanti Malunga said Maganga is not eligible to stand before the committee and accused her of lying under oath.

“Yes it is correct, she was sent back, we know that Parliament conducted an inquiry on the procurement of maize from Zambia and there were some people that we had to interview, since we have recommendation for her for lying we feel she is not eligible to appear before the committee,” said Malunga.

He added that the committee can no longer trust information from her mouth hence the decision to bar her from the meeting.

Maganga was one of the public officers who appeared before the committee during the probe on the maize scandal.

During the inquiry, she said her ministry’s involvement in the procurement of maize was minimal but the committee suspected her of hiding information.