Purple C arouses party mood in Good Life

The reggae dancehall starlet Purple C on Sunday let out his latest product which is named The Good Life on the theme of fun.

The banger incites enjoyment that goes along partying, a sign of good life. Within its fresh days it has already won hearts of many party goers such that they have turned into fortune tellers, having labelled it Malawi’s next party anthem.

The good life has been treated to a warm reception on the local market with thousands of people trading their data bundles to have it on their gadgets. Message in the song is seemingly a dosage for boredom which promises proliferation in the number of downloads.

“Lero Kuvuta lelori, sipping on shooter, Midori,” sounds part of the song.

Purple is targeting all fun loving people irrespective of financial status. The mention of cheap alcohol, Shooter and Midori, attests to the fact that it’s not all about those who can afford a bottle of champagne.

The positive feedback from the receiving end has by others been alluded to the song’s ability to address party needs of people with different financial footings.

In its six days of existence, The Good Life has recorded over 20,000 downloads, a development that has energised the artist behind it to begin video warm ups for the potential party anthem, as described by others.

With The Good Life promising to be a hit, Purple C has the following hit songs under his name; Hot like the sun, Not at all, Heart, Extraordinary, and Day ones.