30 netball players called into camp for Commonwealth qualification


Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has released a list of 30 players to go into camp this evening in readiness for Malawi Netball Queens’ Commonwealth qualification games scheduled to take place in Kampala, Uganda from 24 June to 30 June.

Mwawi Kumwenda to miss tournament

Missing on the list is Tigresses shooter Sindi Simtowe who is expectant.

However, Malawi has been dealt with a massive blow following news that star shooter Mwayi Kumwenda of Tactix and Joyce Mvula of Manchester Thunder will miss the tournament as their leagues are still in progress in their respective clubs.

Tigress’ attacker Beatrice Mpinganjira and Kukoma Diamonds defender Caroline Ngwira have been given a nod for the first time in many games as the Queens are eager to make it to the final games.

Below is the full squad list:


  1. Towera Vinkhumbo Nyirenda (Kukoma Diamonds)
  2. Wezzie Mzemba (Kukoma Diamonds)
  3. Caroline Mtukule Ngwira (Kukoma Diamonds)
  4. Grace Mwafulirwa Mhango (Tigresses)
  5. Loreen Ngwira (Tigresses)
  6. Catherine Yikangwa (Tigresses)
  7. Joana Kachilika (Thunder Queens)
  8. Beauty Basiao (Tigresses)
  9. Martha Dambo (Thunder Queens)
  10. Juliet Sambo (Blue Eagles)
  11. Brenda Lwanda (Civo)
  12. Colleta Mwalilino (Civo)



  1. Mwayi Kumwenda (Tactix)
  2. Joyce Mvula (Manchester Thunder)
  3. Jane Chimaliro (Civo)
  4. Jessie Mazengera Sanudi (Kukoma Diamonds)
  5. Alinafe Kamwala (Kukoma Diamonds)
  6. Sarudzai Gondwe (Kukoma Diamonds)
  7. Grace Chazungulira (Kukoma Diamonds)
  8. Chikumbutso Banda (Thunder Queens)
  9. Emily Jere (Thunder Queens)
  10. Ethel Ng’ambi (Prison Queens)


  1. Shira Dimba (Kukoma Diamonds)
  2. Bridget Kumwenda (Kukoma Diamonds)
  3. Enelecce Mdezo (Kukoma Diamonds)
  4. Beatrice Mpinganjira (Tigresses)
  5. Takondwa Lwazi (Blue Eagles)
  6. Thandie Galeta Saenda (Thunder Queens)
  7. Pilirani Msukwa (Thunder Queens)
  8. Rose Mkanda (Civo)




Griffin Saenda-Head Coach

Samuel Kanyenda-Assistant Coach

Junier Kazembe-Team Doctor

Jane Kachale-Team Manager

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