Good news from government: poverty to end in 10 years


Government has said it can pull Malawi out of the list of the world’s poorest countries within the next 10 years.

Speaking when he presented the 2017/2018 National Budget, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said government’s economic goal for the medium term and for the financial year is founded on common aspirations of Malawians that the country should move out of a group of countries that are considered to be the poorest in the world.

Goodall Gondwe: poverty will be history in 10 years

“Most economists and Malawians in general feel that a better management of the economy could pull the country out of this group and it is assumed here that this can and should be done within 10 years by doubling our economy per capita by that time,” Gondwe said.

According to Gondwe, this target is possible through shaping of policies and management of fiscal issues with an aim of registering an average growth rate of 7 percent per year.

“There will be others who will be apprehensive about this objective, and will be arguments as to why this objective is too ambitious. However, the target of a growth of 7 percent per year is an ambition that is not based on complicated mathematical economics but it has to be attained if the aspirations of Malawians are to be satisfied,” Gondwe said.

“It should be also be pointed out that this country’s potential is far from being exploited fully and that with good policies and sound economic management of the resources , the required hard work from all Malawians and institutions, there is no reason why this target cannot be reached.”

He therefore urged Members of Parliament to make sure that when they are deliberating on each vote, they should insist that policies that maintain macroeconomic stability particularly to fiscal discipline are sustained.

He also advised government leaders to spend more time on developing the country than on personal welfare.



  1. No man can end poverty or patatha zaka zikwizikwi tizakhala tililimu Olandira madalitso KWA Mulungu ndiwo azituluka pang’ono2 mu umphawiu osat tinamizidwepo apa

  2. We cannot go forward if we continue depending on just only Agriculture, big companies cannot come to Malawi because we have no buying power. Almost all rich countries depends on energy sector as their number one source of income

  3. Mwakula siyani bodza umphawi tinaupeza ndiponso tidzausiya Kulibe dziko lidzatetse makamaka Ku African kuno Ngati akulephela Maiko olemela kuthetsa umphawi. Zikukanika kutukula mizinda or matauni Escom house inapya liti Nanga ma office enawo anapya liti misika yapya ingati mmalo mothetsa tikukuza umphawiwo. Tayesani tione

  4. Never trust the Malawian Government, just work hard on your own to success, maybe in that way u can minimize umphawi wako. But if u still believe in the government, udzafa mmphawi

  5. amalawi tulo,we are suffering because of 50pipo who are missusing our money for womanising,buying they own properties.malawi MRA please stop collecting tax from pipo just go to the state house there is huge money needs pipo like you to get tax not to the poor pipo

  6. the constitution of malawi needs ammendments ,if a president fails to prosper less than 4month he should be fired because the earier the better if not then let us divided the same country should have three prime ministers one should ruling north,one central and other southern the president should be the chairman of the whole nation

  7. Ngati sindikulakwa poyamba munkati Health.for all by the year 2000. Munkatilonjeza kuti tikamadzafika nthawi yomwe munkanenayo tonse tidzakhala amoyo wabwino wathanzi ndipo osadwaladwala. Mutaona kuti tayandikira munabwera ndi VISION 2020. Pano mwayamba kupalasira patsogolo popeza tayandikira 2020. Mabungwe anakhazikitsidwa ndipo ndalama zamapologalamu zinamwazidwa ena mpaka analemelerapo. Lero mukuyika zaka zina ten kutsogolo. Kodi mumaganiza kuti anthufe ndizitsiru zanu eti? Ife tikuti mavutowa athe pompano zauchitsiru ayi tatopa kupusitsidwa

  8. This is the story ,President aliyese an Alan hula tchocho zisahlkho zikayandikila ,koma yikawavotela amanena zina,khani ya doko la Nsanje zilipati pano?Never trust Malawi leadership;

  9. What a joke! Brothers and sisters are running away from the same poverty and someone is trying to rub salt on our bleeding wounds.

  10. Another political propaganda from mighty DPP…….By the grace of God I wish you could be granted that ten years and see who is lying here. And am not sure if you will still be alive by then,I can see that most of you,you are quickly deteriorating….. (‘ , ‘)

  11. Why dont you say about the delvopments since rulling before ? what charge did malawian’s survive ? we have nothing to say about ahead of us because no one nows abut to morrow .

  12. Why dont you say about the delvopments since rulling before ? what charge did malawian’s survive ? we have nothing to say about ahead of us because no one nows abut to morrow .

  13. kkkkkkkkkk pa ten years dpp ikhara ikuramurabe? bwanji osangonena kuti umphawi untha 2018 kuti anthu azakuvotereniso nde muziti umphawi uzantha in ten yearz kkkkkkkkk kuzirimbisa mtimakwa mtundu wanji , mzanu anakumba mtsinje wa shire amati in ten year malawi azakhara ndi dock tawonani rero angontha cement ndi ndarama pano maro aja angosanduka poswera ng’ona inuso mkutiso in ten yearz , ok ndi nthano yabwino koma mwaganiza mochedwa

  14. In my understanding corruption will never end the problem is that they are overdoing it by hitting hard to such extent that we the poor people don’t understand bcoz we try to work hard but earning so little, lets hope you have a plan

  15. Ceteris Paribas (assuming that the other countries remain where they are for ten years)…

    Personally would love to see a better Malawi, but politics and racism drags us backwards.

  16. just pull it if possible. dont talk. people are tired of having empty promises .you are busy swindling goverment taxes then expecting abetter Malawi asaa……………

  17. If wishes were horses, ha ha beggers might ride, ” if we still have these politicians by that time, forget it, even Somalia will be richer than us. It will be one of the poorest nation.

  18. As long as you don’t abandon your morals to achieve this. Remember, Sodom and Gomorrah was wealthy. In Africa they will try to make you legalise crimes against humanity such as abortion and sodomy, and use food aid and loans/funding as a weapon to force you to do it. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. Don’t end up like South Africa where they hate God and are filthy but they have money.

  19. Lets not dream of owning a Car when we can’t afford a Motorcycle. Not with the current Banks’ Loans Interest Rates & Taxes can we think or even dream in black/white of departing from poverty & I’m very certain that non of those in Government from the ruling & opposition will be there in the 10 years, 2027.

  20. That time we will be on -10th poorest country shem my malawi…HON.MINISTER how do you feel when you go for meetings, e.g. UNITED NATIONS or A U and they point at you that you are the minister of the poorest country and tomorrow you POCKETS money that was meant to help to end poverty…….shaaaaa… you are a big witch. Have no mercy….

    1. Iwowot Yawo Imangokhala tyming pa meeting paja kut aone aiwale 4ne/ laptop ndan? abe bac kudzolowela umbala das y 20% Malawians r migrating in oder coutries.

  21. Koma ten years nthawi yatalika anthu ambiri akubangulatu pano. Economy yathu sili bwino. Komanso that ten years katangale azakhala ali pa chimake. Tiyeni tingovomereza kuti zativuta basi tili mu nthawi yovuta basi. Mgaiwa ndi nyemba mmakomomu tizidya ngati tili ku boarding basi. Tisagule nguwo mwana asanabadwe apa kudalira zithu zoti sizingaxhitike. Sibwino kulonjeza apa zomwe sizingachitike ayi chonde ife kwathu ndi kukukuta mano.

  22. This is what we call pathological lie. Poverty will never end on third world countries bcoz people invested with powers fatten their pockets first before they can think of the poor man/woman in the village

  23. kkkkkkk this z a dream not come tru ……Ngati mukulephera kuthesa corruption nde mungathese umphawi? I tink u dnt kno the meaning of poverty thus y u r tokng as if u r drunk.Shutup!

  24. Hie Malawi
    This is Chisomo Mtayamakoko,born on 11january 1992 my home village is mbuna 1 T/A Khombedza Salina district my comment  is that Malawi one time will be a recognized country and I believe this heavily but not with DPP,MCP,PP,UDF, or any other political party or any other election term but what I believe is that God in the name ofJesus Christ knows when, where, what,who and how our suffers will end fully he is a good leader over Superior leaders those you know remember our God is unexpective leader chooser for example he choosed avey young, uncounted shelfer David in Jesse’s family’s​ among all giants who Jesse had.So God has blinded our good leader from​ unknown party for us to be served if you believe alike so type heavy word Amen!!!
    r some time to serve

  25. Kodi Aboma Bwanji? Ku Vepi Tax, Ku Msika Tax,Ku Munda Tax, Job angolemba Abale Awo, Kupusa Etii, amatipatsa Chani adziwa Bwanji Za Mtsogolo,yesu Akubwera Kudzathetsa Mavuto Anthu Before 10 Yrs.

  26. Hie Malawi
    This is Chisomo Mtayamakoko,born on 11january 1992 my home village is mbuna 1 T/A Khombedza Salina district my comment  is that Malawi one time will be recognized country and I believe this heavily but not with DPP,MCP,PP,UDF, or any other political party or any other election term

  27. That’s the government side. The politicians. How about you as an individual, what steps are you taking to improve your living standards ? The golden rule remains NO SWEET WITHOUT SWEAT.

  28. These are just political rhetorics, wait and see what will happen after the budget has been passed.
    Selective developments, selective projects in terms of regions.
    The budget can be good the onus
    Is on implementation.
    The DPP accredited zones will benefit more, ask Jeffrey was Jeffrey.


  30. hahahaha unless malawians titamavotela president ngat mmene anthu a lilongwe central constituency amapangila then that can be possible…. M.P samabwereza there!!! kafukufuku amaonetsa kt 2nd term ya any president in malawi imabhowa though this so called petulo ndi 1st term yomwe ikubhowa…

  31. Mwaonjezeranso zaka zina? Ine ndimangoti basi kwasala zitatu tiona kusintha,paja munkati vision 2020 tizakhala pa bhoo,koma ayi ndithu zaipira ine.


  33. I still remember the time I was standard 6 (grade 6)at mzimba L.E.A school,….you were saying about vision 2020…but now you are telling us to wait for another 10 years.?malawi @54.

  34. What a nonsense no country has defeated poverty in the world and no country will do it even Jesus said the poor will always be among you

  35. Mxwii munkanena za 2020 pano mwasintha angakukhulupilireni anambwa inu ndi munthu yekhayo ali ndi mutu wozungulira not me

  36. Apitala abraz anu amanena za 3yrs inu mukuti 10yrs umphawi udzatha kodi mukuona ngati amalawi akugonabe? Zakukanikani zitsiru inu chokani nyansi zanuzo mudziuza akazi anu

  37. these people in gorvmnt can not errudicate porvety.these people, their forcus is to keep on destroying wat malawians and doners are contributing

  38. 10 yrsssss zonsezooo zachaniiii kunali amzano kuno akamati engineerer nkumamvetsa..zinthu zimangosintha zokha kumadziwa kut munthu wakulu wagwira chiongolero,osati inuu kamwa zobwafukazo zipumi bibibii nkumati muthetsa umphawi mmmmmmmmm zinyengo zake zimenezi ndakayikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    1. Katangaleyo akuyambila ku church nde akakanike ANAMALIONGO amenewa, …..anthu oszikonda awa zaka 10 akuwelengetsa ma properties awo osati ife ayi nxa

  39. its 2ru,dats y we cal him profesor,bt idont think if he qaulifys 2b called dat,wat type of profesor z he wereby kutseka chanco up to agood number of months as it is? sakuzwabe ubwino wa xool? MBULI yeniyeni!!,and……

  40. Ten what???? Hahaha it’s been a long time since the government have had this dream, but nothing shows their seriousness…… If they really mean it, then they have to stop corruption and deal with everyone who is involved in this Mar practice. I am sure if they try this, they will achieve their goal…else forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. kkkkk,,,,,only to your families,,,coz az ur advancing ur false plans you are again siphoning money meant for we poor malawians,,,,stupid,,,politics without sound blue prints,,,kip on ,,,one day you will eat ur own excrete

  42. Munthu muzaka ziwiri walephela kupeleka mimba ndiye ukuti koma mutapatsidwa zaka ten mupereka mimba amagwetu, ndizoona izi?perekani mwayi kwa anthu ena inuyo ufumu wanu walephela,tidasankha molakwika

  43. Chokanipo kanamiza ana anu and your grand children, Idiots. Malawi will never develop if these politicians(madala’s) are still ruling this country. Other started politics 1968 up to now they are still there please give the chance to young ones how selfish they are?

  44. big up that is what most of the Malawians we are waiting for

  45. Thus speech being spoken inwhich thereore isn’t easy to do with poverty reduction.Lets understand that really we re poor. we accept the situation then God can change our situastion while on the other hand we re working.Never get chitted.

    1. amene akulotayo akutaya nthawi pachabe ndipo akungodzichedwetsa adzidikila ufumu wa mulungu ndiwomwe udzakwanilitse malonjezo ngati amenewa

  46. I don’t think so. First tell us that you will end corruption in Malawi, then maybe i will believe. Otherwise Malawi will remain a poorest country in the whole World forever.
    What if you are out of the government before 10 years?


  48. once upon a time there was a government that promised us that poverty wil end in 2020,under the baner “Vision 2020” & today it still remains a pipe dream,today this govt has extended that vision 10 yrs more,but wil this parasite called poverty ever ends! kudikira nkowawa!

  49. Thanks to the president and his entire cabinet for trying hard in changing the status of our country.It is not easy however your efforts begins showing fruits.We have been in economic darkness for many years, probably no hope for a better future of our own and our children.Ten years to come, would not be
    a long time for us to see our prosperity.Malawians all over the world, if at all, like good news, would not
    like to read any other article that could be better than this one. Lets continue fighting a good fight for
    all to enjoy.

  50. I hope they don’t know what they’re talking about to end poverty after 10 years so we as Malawians we must wait until 10 years? It’s just more than too much

  51. It’s Malawians hav to wake up and stand for our country,the young blood needs to carry on for a change,Atupele Muluzi and other young ones can lead the country to a better place

  52. end poverty in Malawi mmmmh may be ,but to my point of view it takes some who’s faith has fully diped in God . Lord have mercy .The poorest are in villages nkhani ngati izi kwaiwo mmmh.Lord have mercy.

  53. Thus is what all of us (Malawians) want very much. Now what plans have you put in place to pull Malawi out of poverty? I hope this is not just mere campaign

  54. As long as dpp government is BACKING CORRUPT MINIISTERS it will be a wishiful thinking….. Where will be joji in those 10 years……

  55. But the way things look is that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. So how is this gap be closed if citizens go to opposite directions? There is no equal share amongst malawians on their resoures.

  56. imposible projections.our country is well known of being a country of most corrupt leaders especially politicians.

  57. I predict more worse in 10 yrs cz on tht time will have K100 000 paper note! ! Umphawi uzakhala wafika pa inde inde…….osatheka umphawi kutha atsogoleri akumalawi kuba too mch

  58. Azingothesa umphawi wawo okha omweo ali Ku mipandowo basi,,,,amphawife tizakhalabe amphawi mpakana kale kale.Malire ake mwana wa Mulungu adzabwere Yesu basi

  59. yah mzothekadi naka boma lake iliri la dpp zipatso zake tikudziwona amene sakuona zipatso zabwino za boma la dpp angopitilatu ku chipatala cha maso akamuunike adotolo a za maso mkutheka mwina akuyamba khungu

  60. Koma bwampin sazatheka.cholinga anthu akuvotelebe mpakana 10 years.wagwa nayo.tatsekuka kale mitu ife.munthu wake si iwe otukula malawi.akubwela wina wamaso mphenya ngati nkulu wako uja.iwe dyela ndi umbombo.zakukanika nkhwele iwe.

  61. Umphawi wake uti ? Wa pulezident ndi nduna zake ? A malawitu umphawi achita kupatsidwa mudzina la democracy koma ngakhale zina ndi zina zimavuta sikuti anthu aku malawi ndi amphawi ai koma andale ndi omwe alindi umphawi mmakamaka omwe alamulira mu ulamuliro wa democracy wa

  62. How? 2019 you are out with your plans! How are you going to bankroll this? You want to buy favours from Malawians to vote you again.

    1. Mr mbeya he say Goverment not political party. May be we will change our leadership but goverment is still there. In this point we are not metion any party only goverment is involved.

    2. za ziii zamkutu kutu zeni zeni adzidikila ufumu weni weni wakumwamba osati olamulidwa ndi munthu wokhala ndi moyo masiku awiri wamwalira

    3. Mind you African politics moves together political party + Government of the day is the same machinery! You heard politicians in their political rallies telling people that they will build a, b ,c yet its the government which is responsible for all these structures.

  63. We all desire a poverty free state, and we as malawians can. The first step is to minimise corruption practises. Second step divesfy the economy. Thirdly empower people to be enterprenuers and lastly………… Love you Mother Malawi!

    1. yah wf God anythn z possible kma nat malawi amwene…… the same bible likunena “usabe” yet ma leaders a2 akumabela anthu osauka so u expect God kutidalitsa? never!!!! tikupanga perish man coz ov kuba kwa ma leaderz a2

  64. Zaka zonse akhalazi zachepabe? Kkkkkkk! Azakhala ataba zambiritu! Ten years tyms 123millions tyms number of them plus plus!

    1. ROADS
      m 1 road from chitipa to nsanje,lake show and many other popula roads.
      kamuzu acadamy,all teachers traing colleges,kamuzu college of nursing,bunda,college of medicine,chancho,natural resources,domas,polly,mzuni,mzuzu gover national secondary shools every district.just mention for few.
      district hospitals each and every district and health centres every community.
      kamuza stadium,civo,mzuzu among others.
      ziyamikani anyani inu.
      zonzi he managed in 30 years but azungu ankavutitsanso.kambuku wamunthu iwe.

    2. ending corruption does not require a government to stay for 50 yrs and mind yu if yu can give dpp such chance in 10 yrs to come malawi can be fuul od thieves

    3. ROADS
      m 1 road from chitipa to nsanje,lake show and many other popula roads.
      kamuzu acadamy,all teachers traing colleges,kamuzu college of nursing,bunda,college of medicine,chancho,natural resources,domas,polly,mzuni,mzuzu gover national secondary shools every district.just mention for few.
      district hospitals each and every district and health centres every community.
      kamuza stadium,civo,mzuzu among others.
      ziyamikani anyani inu.
      zonzi he managed in 30 years but azungu ankavutitsanso.kambuku wamunthu iwe.

  65. Its too late for them to promise malawians out of mis promise hahahaha 10 years to come no ways with ur leadership then it will more wais than this unless younger ones should come in opposition and focus much in agriculture industry giving loans to the small holder farmers and bring the farm inputs to a reasonable prices

  66. That is just campaign in the Parliament so that people should keep o voting for you up to that time, you unlistening people

  67. This Is A Problems Of Malawian Politicians, They Started Campeaning Us,if U now Failing To Aresting Those Who Affected By Coruption Issues Now Your Said Thise Nasity Things Like That Shame On U

    1. Amwene muzivomeleza osamakakamiza chinthu, m’mene english yanu ikumvekera bola mukanangolemba chichewa chathu chomwechi, sikuhater koma it’s a fact kut mwangokakamiza

    2. Brother Dont West Your Time To Saying A Things Like That, So Mind Ur Buznes Please.Because You Dont Know What You Saying So Give Respect To Your Self Pls.

    3. Hahahaha otate yamlembani chidyedyila (chiyao) basi tele yapa… vizunguvi sivathu ivi hahahaha… chichewa @ its best lol

  68. Ten years ndiye kuti AMP lonjezo la two years alemphera? Ten years ndiye kuti ovotafe takhutilisidwa ndi ulamuliro wasakhowu ndi kuzuzanaku, keeping on dreaming

  69. Angofuna kumangolamulirabe… if they are failing to end corruption in their own cabinet… how about ending poverty in Malawi? What a joke…

  70. May b if they can be criours in farming sector, but not nothing will change poor will be poor and rich will be richer

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