People with albinism given bicycles


UKAid and UN Women have donated bicycles to people with albinism and community policing structures in Machinga.

A total of over 32 bicycles as well as umbrellas and sunhats were given to people with albinism from Traditional Authority Chikwewo and sub-traditional Authority Mchinguza in the district.

The organisations also donated torches, 29 bicycles, reflector jackets, and whistles to 7 community policing structures with a mission of strengthening security in rural areas.

Speaking with the media, commissioner of police from Eastern Region Effie Kaitano said the items will help in revamping community policing structures hence reducing cases involving persons with albinism and general crimes in the area.

In his words, president for Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) Boniface Massa extended his gratitude to the organisations for considering people with albinism and said that this will help in their daily lives.

He also thanked the community and police for managing to reduce cases involving people with albinism.

Pauline Perry, UKAid representative, said there is a change of crimes comparing to those registered in previous years but she called for the need to step up efforts so that there should be no new cases.

Perry further asked beneficiaries to make use of the equipment for security purposes.

Cases involving people with albinism such as abduction, killing and tampering with graves in Machinga started in 2015 and from the month of January to April, Machinga Police Station registered 7 cases.

During the same year in 2016, only 4 cases were registered representing a 42 percent decrease while this year no case has been registered representing 100 percent decrease.

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