I will be selecting players on merit – RVG

Ronny Van Geneugden

Flames coach Ronny Van Geneugden has assured Malawians that he will be selecting players based on what they can contribute to the team.

The expatriate coach said this on Tuesday at Multichoice offices in Namiwawa in the commercial city of Blantyre where Multichoice Malawi donated a DStv Explora to him.

Ronny Van Geneugden
Ronny Van Geneugden: Am taking my time.

He said when it comes to selecting players for the national team, he will not be considering which team the player plays.

Van Geneugden said will be going for best players only who could help the national team do better.

“I was satisfied with several players over the Madagascar games and I only need to build up from there and it’s my ambition to create a strong squad.

“For me I don’t care whether one is playing in Mozambique, South Africa, big local teams or even the small team, I consider every Malawian because the best team must be all players from Malawi and not considering which team one plays for,” said Van Geneugden.

Answering a question on his experience during the days he has been in the country as Flames coach, Van Geneugden said he has seen stability in the national team but he noted that it needs to be polished up.

According to the Flames coach, Malawi has some experienced players who could help the team if properly used.

The coach, who is eyeing a win in the coming match against Comoros, added that he will be attending various football matches and training sessions countrywide to establish which other players can play for the national team.



  1. the best way coach can do is to go in remote areas & pick good players than thinking of supper league only or they should be a mecanism of selecting best from each district .pliz we are tired of losing.

  2. Mwina achina Pilirani Zonda angamenyeko National Team eeeeeee ma Coach aku Malawi kukhomelera ana okutha mpira.

  3. Try that one.maybe we can hv r that confidence back to go n watch matches.but as long as u r a malawi natianal team coach.expect Nyamilandu to interfere with ur work.Even in futball here we apply quarter system so that those n thyolo aswell can play.

  4. RVG, selecting is not an issue, the issue is where do you select from. Most players who have names in clubs found their way there bcoz of some connections. The talented and best players are in remote areas where you can not be allowed to go.

  5. Tell him that in our motherland, when other tribes or groups are weak, we try to introduce quota system so as to share the national cake

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  7. that can be nyc coz tatopa ndikuloweza team dairy selection,#kamwendo #chimango #mlimbika #lanjesi#muhone Aaa ena kulibe chibwana ayi do something tikudikira new names

  8. This is just the othee way if saying that Malawi players are dunderheads who needs to be walking around in diapers. Last time I checked this thing said malawi players are talented. And that was 10 days or so ago. I need to know what happened to their being talented.

  9. Ukati anali coach wamahule ukuthandauza chani?.Amalawi kuyankhula kwamanyi muzasiya liti?.Iyeyu wayamba liti ntchito?.Pachilungamo coachyi maplayer sakuwaziwa,awaziwa bwino pakatha miyezi ingapo.Tiyeni tidikire kuche kaye osafulumira kuyankhula manyi.

    1. iwe wayankhula chilungamo ndithu charles,wabwera liti kochiyu??mpatseni nthawi asankhe yekha ma players not zakale zomwezo,ngati akalewo angakhelemo fine bola ikhale selection yake!

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