Gerald Phiri’s pet is a cheetah

Gerald Phiri Junior
Gerald Phiri Junior
That’s my cheetah.

Flames international Gerald Phiri Junior has shared with his social media fans pictures of a cheetah which he keeps as a pet.

The South African based midfielder recently posted pictures in which he is seen standing near his pet which looks all calm, on Facebook.

“Got a cheetah as a pet,” he captioned the pictures

Considering that the animal is not domesticated in Malawi, people can only get surprised. With the cheetah considered dangerous by some quarters, the soccer star may be considered to be playing Russian roulette.

However, the animal seems very much peaceful, as seen on the picture. In South Africa, most animals are kept as pets hence nothing new with the kind of pet the Platinum Stars player has.

A cheetah is arguably the world’s fastest animal. It can cover a distance of over 61 miles per hour.

82 thoughts on “Gerald Phiri’s pet is a cheetah

  1. people, this pic is so fake you would need help in order to not see this. Just look at the hue, brightness and saturation on Phiri then compare it to the cheetah. It should match if its a real pic but in this case it doesn’t come anywhere near matching. Next time, investigate an article before selling it to press. Where does he keep the pet? How did he acquire the pet? This is SA you’re talking about not Kwabudula.

  2. U have my neighbor he’s got 2 pythons as his pet.his 10 year old son is used to them and he does not cage them,they move everywhere in the house.

  3. Sakuweta guys it was all platnum stars team inapita ku game reserve just to keep players momentum nde aliyese anatenga ma pic as they like ngati momwe anapangila Gerald. ..

    1. Godfrey ,you know what ? Ferson samadziwana ndi agalu ake ,only adzilonda ndi omwe amadziwana ndi agalu ,vuto unamuchulukira unali u boss

    2. why keeping wild animals as pets…let them loose and move freely in the wilds… These pple who cage n wild animals are wrong unless its for conservation purposes…. These animals are natural hunters not to b feed by humans..

    3. You can keep whatever your heart desire as along as it has been trained n manage to keep up.. Wiz Khalifa has a cheatah too; Tyga has Tiger and Usher has Tiger. whats wrong with him?

    4. what is wrong is tht those are not pets there wild animals..really u want to talk about wiz khalifa when did he become animal conservative… wld animals don’t belong In cages let’s agree to disagree there..

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