Kamuzu Stadium to remain closed

kamuzu stadium

…FAM orders Sulom not to allocate matches at the facility

Despite Government’s assurance that Kamuzu Stadium will remain open for use by Blantyre based teams in the 2017 soccer season, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has ordered Super League of Malawi (Sulom) not to allocate matches to the venue until the issues that were raised in an assessment report are addressed.

On Monday, Sports Minister Henry Mussa reassured Nyasa Big Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers supporters that the facility will not be closed as earlier announced by the FA.

“The President has said the stadium should not be closed and that instead, we should do repairs. As for the artificial turf, we will remove it and replace it with natural grass so that within a month, matches can be played,” he was quoted by the local media.

Bullets vs Tigers
FAM wants Kamuzu Stadium closed.

However, a reliable source has confided in this publication that Sulom has been ordered not to put any matches at the facility.

The development has forced Sulom to move two matches that were scheduled to be played at the stadium to other venues.

Premier Bet Wizards were meant to play Silver Strikers on Saturday at the venue but the match has been moved to Mulanje Park Stadium, with Azam Tigers home tie against the Central Bankers being moved to Kalulu Stadium on Sunday.

According to information at hand, FAM will work hand in hand with Government in order to make sure that the maintenance of the facility commence very soon as promised by the Sports Minister.

The FA ordered for the imminent closure of the facility after a month-long inspection of stadiums in all the regions.

Out of the 14 inspected stadiums, FAM certified 12 to host matches in the upcoming season.

The development angered Bullets and Wanderers supporters who gave the association a three-day ultimatum to rescind the decision or face possible demonstrations.

However, the slated demonstrations were called off following Mussa’s remarks.

But with this latest development, it is not known whether the Blantyre based supporters will stage another demonstration or not.



  1. FAM is 100% right K stadium is in critical condition both stands as well as artificial that it can collapse any time.
    Boma likutelo coz lalephera kukwanilitsa malonjezo awo okuti limanga stadium yatsopano mu Blantyre for replacing K stadium.FAM never allow any game to take place on this death trap.If government is really loves football this is time to construct another stadium.
    Open your eyes and see what’s going on guys b4 you blame FA here.FA is trying to push our government to build another stadium.go go go FAM!!!.

  2. Just imagine that u are watching in this what you call a stadium and I call it a death trap diwa, (according to civil engineers it has outlived) then one stand hosting 2thousand people collapses and kills all people, whose fault will that?

  3. I think we have intelligent officials at FAM .If our government wants this stadium to remain open,then it should renovate it first.FAM should not be moved with the so called politicians who just want to fulfill their political agenda

  4. Now u can see that all football administratiors are not working together! Sulom is athleated to FAM, and its FAM that announce that kamuzu stadium is no longer to host any matches due to its condition,
    Then govermnt through sports minister says no kamuzu stadium will be hosting matches them FAM just go tu sulom and tell them not to vanue the stadium
    Which z which???
    Whos responsible to care the stadium between Blantyre based teams, FAM & government?
    On the other hand we could not worried with the closure of kamuzu stadium if the teams they call themselves to be big in Blantyre had their own stadiums! Our football will not improve with this things,

  5. Kodi inu muthalika mukamuverabe ngwaboza, amanama kumawa kuno madzuro usakumbukira boza lache, he is a liar, if is closed they should find alternative group to play

  6. Which is which? and taona fixture ya wk end kuti Wizard Vs silver pa Kamuzu stadium, ndiye anthu tolowela kuti?

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