Kaliwo’s plans will fail – MCP


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has claimed that Gustave Kaliwo’s plans to oust party president Lazarus Chakwera will not materialise.

Kaliwo who is general secretary for MCP is leading a faction that is calling for an emergency convention with the main aim of eliminating the leadership of Chakwera.

Lazarus Chakwera

Gustave Kaliwo: Accused of wishing to oust Chakwera.

On Saturday last week, Kaliwo told members of the press in the commercial city of Blantyre that the constitution of the party gives him power to call for a convention adding that the convention will be held in July.

But in his remarks, deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka reminded Malawians what happened last year when some district party chairpersons took MCP to court calling for convention and he claimed that now it has been revealed that they were being sponsored.

“[Last year] some district chairmen took the party to the court, now from political angle we do understand that these people weren’t acting alone,” said Mkaka.

He then warned Kaliwo that his plans will not succeed.

“So to talk about the specific call for convention that was made on Saturday it is not coming as a new story, we know that some people have been behind the district chairmen. So just like the court case failed these too will fail,” he said.

Meanwhile, the party has said it is doing everything possible to resolve the in-house fighting though previous resolutions that they made have yielded no results.

“As a party we always believe in contact and dialogue however we have tried to dialogue with these people and so far we have not succeeded but this does not mean that we failed to resolve the problem. We will deal with it, we will resolve it in the due course,” Mkaka concluded.

Stability is failing to return to the main opposition party since some officials were expelled from the party some months ago.



  1. Who is a party and who is not ? Who is more powerful between Secretary General and his deputy ? Hon Mkaka speaks as if the MCP is him and Mr Kaliwo is stranger.

  2. munthuyo titha kumukonda koma chipanicho ndiye ayi. I remember ine ndinkachita kimenyedwa munsika kuti ndikagule matemba mayi anga atandituma anvekere akufuna card langwazi koma mtengo wake 50t basi

  3. osalimbana ndi nankafumbwe wamkuluyo bwanji? amene waononanga chimanga ku malawi mukulimbana ndizopanda pake zoti munthu wa kumudzi sizingamthandize ayi akutume ukalimbane ndi big weevil ukuoneka kuti ndiwe ojijirika

  4. Kaliwo is not MCP and we dont mind what the constitution is saying as to holds the power to call for a convention. He can quit mcp if he is not happy with Chakwera. We love Chakwera.

  5. akaliwo ndarama zomwe mwadyazo zachepa zomwe mkufuna mupange zakura mmene ariri chakwera mkakambe zamanyi zanuzo eeee poti even peter akuziwa kuti 2014 chakwera anawina masakho nde akapanda kumugwedeza 2019 azapanga manyazi nde inu mwasezatu nthumba ramisomari ndikuuzeni mcp 2019 boma

  6. MCP Guluz Bwana kaliwo please don’t kill your own party , what do you mean if you say u want to change the leadership , Bwana kaliwo if u have been given something but pple from other side they are of personal beneficial not national let’s work together to change things in Malawi not in MCP, Please bwana Kaliwo those are using u now but they will not remember u in paradise ask my fellow notherner who was once second in comand of our country are they still supporting him he/ she has been dumped like a used CD so If u are not careful u will end in that way. Remember bwana Kaliwo I’m a politician but adviser