Varsity students urged to be innovative

University of Livingstonia

University students in the country have been urged to be innovative in order to be successful after graduation.

The call was made during a dinner for final year students at University of Livingstonia, Ekwendeni Campus.

In her remarks, Member of Parliament for Mzimba North East Olipa Muyaba said university students must be creating new ideas or things.

According to Muyaba, students are supposed to start thinking outside the box on how to make it when seeking jobs and engaging in entrepreneurial activities to create jobs for others in the country.

University of Livingstonia
Students at University of Livingstonia get drilled.

“My advice to you is that you have to be innovative because there is competition when hunting jobs so there is need for graduates to think outside the box on how to survive in the industry. It is not also about waiting to be employed but you can also use the skills that you have been equipped with to start business and create jobs for others,” she urged the students.

Speaking at the same function, Students Union President Light Thandizo Phiri thanked the students for their cooperation during their duration of study at the university and urged them to take part in the country’s development.

“You will be remembered in the books of history as part of the pioneers of this campus and we all accept that soon, you will form part of the early graduates in the faculty of social sciences under UNILIA.” Phiri said.

“You have gone through refinement process for four years and UNILIA is certain to have fulfilled its purpose of producing leaders that shall serve to the glory of God. Next, it is your full time responsibility to work towards development of our country Malawi through hard work, renouncing corruption, integrity and a clear demonstration of the polite standards that our lovely university has imparted in you,” he added.

The union president further urged the students to be agents of change wherever they will go and engage in entrepreneurial activities to be self-reliant.

“You are the next agents of change that UNILIA will deploy into the market where job competition is stiff and unemployment is rampant. Do not be selective on picking jobs. Reminisce that the beginning is constantly hard but joy comes in the morning,” Light said.

“However, unemployment is digestible. Do not wait for an employer but harness the skills and knowledge you have acquired plus the zeal that Christ gives us to exploit all the opportunities that comes your way. You will shame unemployment by starting your own enterprises and you shall employ many others in the long run, it begins with you.”



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