Speak the truth with charity, Malawi journalists told


A Roman Catholic Bishop from Karonga diocese has urged journalists in Malawi to uncover the truth for the country to develop.

Speaking during the annual general meeting Catholic journalists had in Salima district on Saturday, Bishop Martin Mtumbuka urged the participants to strive for truthfulness of issues in the country.

Mtumbuka: speak the truth

“If something is wrong it’s wrong, even if we try to cover up, people still know that this is wrong, speak the truth with charity, meaning you want to build something that is better,” said Mtumbuka.

He further advised journalists in the country to always “cherish” their personal life with God and share their gifts with others.

He however added that journalists must also bear “professionalism” while discharging their duties as communicators in Malawi.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Journalists under the tag of Association of Catholic Journalists (ACJ) has ushered in a new executive committee that will be in office for a period of one year.

Established in 2009, ACJ helps the Catholic Church in Malawi in evangelization of the holy gospel in the country.



  1. Ook,i support the bishop komano after speaking the truth then what next?…..in islam we are told that GOD does not change condition of people until people start to change them selves,it was easy for GOD to split the sea but he told MOSES to use the stick coz he must also play his part coz otherwise it wil all be the same…its just for heads up

  2. This politic will never let your truth comes out…..money..money…money..only…money is the truth…which can be seen……the police also help them…..they have many ways to lie…

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