PP angry with MRA

Kamlepo Kalua

The People’s Party (PP) has expressed disappointment with the way Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is operating in the country.

In its reaction to the incident whereby MRA officials invaded the house of Rumphi East legislator Kamlepo Kalua and seized two vehicles, the party has advised the tax collector to avoid being used by government.

MRA officials in the company of heavily armed Police officers went to Kalua’s house in the township of Namiwawa in Blantyre on Wednesday where they seized the vehicles which are believed to have been bought and brought in this country without Kalua paying custom.

Kalua had his property by the MRA.

PP publicity secretary Noah Chimpeni says the body should not be used to intimidate members of opposition.

“Opposition leaders should not be living in fear of being intimidated by using the MRA whose job is to collect tax not a threatening tool,” he said.

He added that Kamlepo bought and brought the cars in this country using his custom free right as a legislator.

“The suspected cars were bought by Mr Kamlepo without paying tax using his constitutional rights as legislator which says that legislators can bring two cars in this country without paying tax,” explained Chimpeni.

Meanwhile, MRA has explained why it has seized Kalua’s vehicles.

According to the body’s spokesperson Wilma Chalulu, information about one of the said vehicles is not available in the systems at directorate of road traffic hence the seizure.

“We found two vehicles; Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and a Mercedes Benz whose registration numbers are KA 896 and RU 5437 which came in this country without following Customs and Exercise Act.

“At the road traffic the Cruiser indicates that it is a Nissan Vannet and the other one is not in the system so we want to find out what really happened,” she said.

MRA has asked Malawians to stop thinking that it is being used for some reasons by some group of people.

“We do our job using the mandate which were given to us by MRA and Customs Acts. This was not only operation that we had, We also went to other people to check,” she added.

During the search for Kalua’s cars, MRA also invaded the house of his son who is popularly known as Fredokiss in the music circles but whose real name is Penjani Kalua.



  1. They must just focus on others uladi & jb but with kamlepo they r not going to win this fight these DPP guys ,what worries me is : why r these government institutions r being abused by these politicians ,bringing trump up charges to silent the opposition from speaking out about the corruption thats going in the current goverment

  2. Kodi za milandu ya Chaponda zili pati Katangale sazatha ku Malawi Mukulephera kumumanga Chaponda lero mukulimbana ndi kamlepo


  4. Munthu wakuba kapena khuluku amakonda kuyankhula zakbiri za anthu ena zake kuzibisa.Nthawi ikakwana kuti wagwida amanamizira kudwala amalenga matenda kuti anthu amumvere chisoni ndipo amaoneka ngati munthu waumulungu chifukwa choti wagwa m’mavuto.Ngati munthu ameneyi sadazembe msonkho apite ku khoti ndi ma mapepala osonyeza kuti chilungamo chidachitika.Inu anthu osauka ndiye amene akuvutika ndi misonkho pomwe anthu andalewa salipira chilichonse ndipo alipo ambiri.

  5. Nkhaniyi yavuta chifukwachot munthuyu ndiwotchuka mundale,koma sikut iwowa ndiwoyamba kupangidwa visit ndi MRA pankhan yosalipira misonkho

  6. Mr. Chimpeni please let MRA do its job. This is not political issue but it’s a warning to these people who call themselves law makers or MPs . They manufacture the law and start acting against the same.They buy expensive vehicles from other crooks and fail to declare them before custom because they are entitled to own them without paying duty.It is very shame to find these people owns luxuries without proper documentation, owning a mansion without tittle deeds,buying a luxury vehicle without customs declared docs. MRA please do your job and we believe that other MPs are doing the same.

  7. A MRA gwirani ntchito basi osayang’anira nkhope kaya ndi wa opposition njateni kaya ndiwa m’boma m’gwireni palibe ali pansi pa lamulo

  8. They are much more very important issues that the police and MRA need to address instead of wasting government resources to impound two cars!

    1. They go out confiscating Cooking oils, Frozy & more but also towing scraped vehicles from the villages, which were not cleared & what’s the fuss about these.

  9. zimene zikutikazi siku lina zizabwera kwa inu.Tisamasekere zopusa.Dzikoli ndilosilana silana siku lina lizakhara manja Mwanja mwa anthu ena ndiye muzava kuwawa.Dzikoli simunagure samalani.

  10. Kip it up MRA!! Ur doing great job ,azipani mukamphwanja lamuro usanamizira ndale,president akulamura bwino long live mr president let dogs awuwe mpaka nseru zikumunyasa akakolope nyanja,

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