Video alert: Ankita Lokhande by Lil Vince and Texam

Lil Vince

Lilongwe based duo of Lil Vince and Texam have extended their Ankita Lokhande storytelling to visual having recently released a video for the song.

The piece of art which appreciates a woman’s beauty was released in audio, a few months ago. Artists behind it felt continuing telling the story in a different form hence producing the visual.

Produced and directed by the award winning video wizard, Sukez of HD Plus Creations, the work exposes the other part of life through the lens of Indian culture. However it partially bears local values so as to keep Malawians connected.

Lil Vince
Texam (L) Lil Vince (R) flying the Ankita Lohande flag.

Lil Vince talked more about the visuals for the song in an interview with Malawi24 yesterday.

“The video is a simple and a normal Malawian music video. It was shot in daylight here in Lilongwe by Sukez. The whole song in general talks about the famous and beautiful actress from India Ankita Lokhande well known by the series, Sacred Ties.

“So in the video the models wore some Indian outfits as a way of appreciating the culture of the actress,” he said.

Living in an era where identity matters in art, high appreciation of foreign culture in this video comes into question. While some feel like it is too foreign, others share the artists’ argument that use of Chichewa language is as good as keeping in touch with Malawian culture.

On a positive note the woman sang about, Ankita Lokhande, had an ear of the song in her native India. She tweeted about it then went on to link with Vince on social networks.