PAC loses Muslim support

Dinala Chabulika

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has said that Public Affairs Committee (PAC) as a religious grouping should be handling matters of the country in a prophetic way and appreciating some of the achievements made by government.

The remarks have been made by MAM spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika in an interview with taxpayer funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

In his speech, Chabulika accused PAC of losing track on how to handle things by just focusing on the negative things of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government.

Dinala Chabulika
Sheikh Chabulika says PAC has lost track.

“PAC should be like prophets who were sent by God to serve His servants. When saying anything they must be like bridge by linking the government to people not just attacking government,” Chabulika said.

“What PAC said that DPP led government has failed is wrong because you don’t come up with a conclusive statement. The role of PAC is to advise government on what government is doing good and where things are going wrong. That is the role of PAC,” Chabulika added.

He further said that the DPP led government should be given a chance to complete its mission and that no one can say that it has failed since it has just governed the country for about three years.

“DPP government is doing a great job in the country. Recently the country was hit by hunger but government worked tirelessly to see such people having food. No one has died from hunger as how President Peter Mutharika assured Malawians,” said Chabulika.

“If PAC choose not to thank government for that, they have a problem. They would have hailed government for constructing roads, Bingu National stadium among others. We have to appreciate that government has helped to supply maize to the hunger stricken people,” he added.

Recently, PAC said Mutharika and his government have failed to run the country.

PAC in a statement said that the DPP administration has failed to perform and its leadership has demonstrated indecisiveness on critical matters like failing to tackle social economic and political issues since it got elected into power in 2014.

“After a careful examination on the incidents of corruption, we note that DPP administration has been greatly characterized by corrupt practices, financial indiscipline and selective justice,” reads part of the statement.



  1. I gues Chabulika wants to be the spokesperson for PAC. In other words he is saying that their representative to PAC is a fool who can hardly descern right from wrong. A Chabulika usilamu woterowo siwabwino. Inu zoona kuti mukutiwuza kuti zinthu Mmalawi zili bwino? Kodi ndinu wotani?

  2. Iwe Chabulika don’t take Malawians for granted. People out there are suffering. Why are u talking this nonsense?

  3. Sheikh Chabulika was just making his views, not from the Muslim community because he didn’t even a single day consult the Muslim community, ask the Muslim community they feel about the PAC’s sentiments. He is not my spokesperson either spokesperson for the Muslim community. He is among the greedy person we have in this country. During Joyce Bamda administration, he was the same person going around the country propagating the ideologies of the then PP. Today he is also there doing the same. Should we say he doesn’t see any wrong doing of these administrations?? What if I say he is a puppet of each and every ruling party……

  4. What do you expect from this foolish Muslim he is on Dpp payroll so what can he say about the poor people. He is very stupid .

  5. It hasn’t come as a surprise. It’s all about divide and rule. Poverty has taken it’s toll. People will do anything for survival and this is just one of those things.

  6. Shameless devil, Judas scarliot @ its best! Easter means nothing to him!

  7. Mr chabulika or whatever name you have, dont waste our time reading such rubbish from your mouth. if you have been palm oiled just vanish and condense somewhere to enjoy your loot.
    Galu opanda mchira iwe mxiii

  8. What are you saying Chabulika what is PAC made up of. Is it not composed of Muslim Assosiation of Malawi as one of the members. It’s only you who don’t see what everyone else is seeing. Even a blind man can see that they have failed.

  9. If Moslem Association is not happy with what PAC has done let them pull out of PAC. They have their members in PAC (trusted men of their faith)..Why did they not oppose and stop the approach PAC has used. Who is Moslem Association fooling. Where are your members who sit on PAC ? Why they did not appear on tv to declare that they disagree with what PAC said and produce recordings of PAC meetings in question to justfy their position. Please note this. In todays Malawi if you are seen on MBC castigating your brother. It means you are dining with your brother’s enemy. There is no free lunch on MBC.

  10. Chabulika sakudziwa ndani kuti ukudya nawo zaboma zakuba. Wayankhula zopanda nzeru anthu akuzunzika mudziko muno chifukwa cha kulephera kwa Peter ndi anzake. Ngati simudziwa akukanthani Mulungu nonse ndipo mudzazindikira chowonadi madzi alimkhosi. Dont support thieves mwamva a Chabulika

  11. Is Sheikh Chabulika speaking in his personal capacity or on behalf of all moslems? Where are the roads that DPP under Peter has built? Bingu Stadium was mainly done by PP, DPP had wanted it to go to Ndata, it was Joyce Banda who chose where it is. What did Muhammad do to prove he was sent by God, which prophet is he talking about—————- wapatsidwa ndalama uyu——————–very corrupt————usesless

  12. Stupid chabulika what are you talking about??You are one of the stupid men that we have in this country.can’t you see how people are suffering in this country?why should PAC dwell on talking the good things that the government is doing when the bad things outweigh the good things you are talking about.nsilamu wopusa iwe,akupatsa ndalama basi you are talking the way thats not MAM stand,its you as an individual who is talking nonsense.Sheikh wopusa iwe,may Allah pump sense into your chicken head.

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