Mukuru assures Malawians of secure cash transfer


Africa’s leading remittance cash transferring company, Mukuru, has assured its Malawian customers of continued security when sending and receiving money.

In an interview with this publication, the company thanked Malawians for embracing its brand and trusting it to get money to their loved ones in a secure, convenient and timely manner. They said Mukuru is quick, safe and reliable but most of all it is the easiest way to transfer money for both the sender and recipient.

Mukuru running standard money transfer.

According to Mukuru’s Marketing Manager, Mike Cook, Mukuru makes use of the latest mobile and web-based technologies to give customers the best experience possible. Cash can be sent for instant collection or directly into a bank account or mobile wallet depending on which country it is.

“We are a company that knows that every one of our customers has a story. Whether you are sending money to your loved one for school fees, hospital bills, rent or groceries; we are passionate about making that story end well.” Cook went further to say, “We just want to thank the Malawian community for embracing our brand and trusting us to get money to their loved ones in a secure, convenient and timely manner.”

To enable the collection of money Mukuru works with various partners across Africa. In Malawi, money can be collected from Opportunity Bank, NBS, Zoona, TNM Mpamba, Post Dot Net and Post Office.

Mukuru’s aim is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

“We verify with the sender all the relevant details before sending the money to make sure that the recipient in Malawi gets their funds in an easy, safe, secure and convenient manner. We make it easier to transfer money and we truly value and respect our customers. If it were not for them, there would not be Mukuru. That is why we strive to provide excellent service that is always world class! We aim to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations by genuinely understanding their needs,” added Cook.

Currently, Mukuru operates in Malawi, Botswana, DR Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom but the company is looking to expand that list in the near future.

Those in Malawi can receive money from South Africa, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Mukuru deals with the sender of funds.



  1. But those they work in post office like embangwei post office they ask you to give them money . They are asking K2000.00 then they can give you cash. If you say no they cant give you money. They say we have no cash here.

    1. The transaction is for free. You are not suppose to pay them. They have salary. Report them to police – that is stealing

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