Govt working to reduce maternal deaths

Malawi health

The Malawi Government says it is trying its best to make sure that maternal and infant mortality rates are totally reduced in the country by encouraging women to deliver at the hospital.

Maternal deaths being reduced. (File)

Since 2010, maternal death rate has decreased from 674 to 439 per 100,000 live births but the ministry of health says the number is still worrisome.

Principal Reproductive Health officer in the ministry of health Nancy Masache said childbirths could be safer if all mothers delivered their babies at the hospital.

Chisale said the ministry is making sure that hospitals have ambulances so that mothers have a better way of going to the hospital to deliver their babies.

“If all mothers delivered at the hospital it will be a wonderful move as the mother and the child would be in a good condition after delivery. As a ministry we are making sure that we ease transport problems in various hospitals,” said Chisale.

She added that the ministry is also trying to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates by making sure that women know the importance of delivering at the hospital.